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How to Use Social Networks to Promote Casinos: a Complete Guide


Millions of people use instant messengers every day, and entrepreneurs can benefit from this. Experts of the Rosloto company will tell you how to promote an iGaming startup using SMM tools, collect a client base, and establish contact with consumers.

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About the Concept

Casino marketing: general info

It means the use of instant chat apps as channels for promoting casino brands. This method helps increase the audience and digital traffic, as well as make companies famous and recognisable in the market.

SMM is the easiest and most effective way for operators to reach their customers, even with restrictions on gambling advertising in many countries. More than half of the population (about 3.9 billion people) choose to use instant messengers every day and spend at least 2 or 3 hours on them.

The presence of gambling establishments on social networks is not a luxury but an urgent need in a highly competitive market. The most popular platforms are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, although each of them puts forward its conditions and rules for casino promotion.

Benefits of SMM for iGaming Startups

Let us consider the main advantages of such a tool:

  1. Rapid growth of Internet traffic. If entertainment portals can be found in instant messengers, they can provide good visibility. Millions of people use social media for at least 2 hours a day. They are looking for high-quality digital content that will help them have fun after a hard day at work. This is why SMM marketing is so effective.
  2. Extensive audience coverage. Potential customers can be found based on various demographic characteristics. For example, on Facebook, the average age of users is from 30 to 45. TikTok is aimed at the younger generation. The platform can quickly attract a huge number of millennials, but it is important to set the necessary limits to protect minors.
  3. Regular interaction with the audience. SMM is the best way to communicate with players. iGaming companies are already located where users spend their free time. It is much easier to talk to them and receive feedback. Operators can analyse reviews, likes, reposts, comments, and other metrics. All of them show the interest of clients and help build an effective retention strategy.
  4. Creation of a community. Targeted interaction with subscribers, as well as timely responses to their problems and requests, make it easier to attract a loyal audience. On platforms with strict advertising regulations (like Facebook), it is possible to launch social casinos. Such products will interest many players due to the presence of various competitions, tournaments, quests, surveys, and ratings.
  5. Increased awareness. The presence in messengers has a positive effect on the image and recognition of iGaming projects. It is important for entrepreneurs to be part of popular social platforms to remain in demand in the market.

Distinctive Features of This Type of Advertising

In many countries (France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and others), the promotion of gambling portals is regulated more strictly than usual, and in some (like Georgia) it is completely prohibited.

The rules for iGaming portals’ marketing are quite vague, but violation of the law may still result in administrative or criminal liability. Therefore, the development of effective advertising campaigns requires more time and industry experience.

Operators must not create the impression that betting may be a source of income. Therefore, any information about quick earnings or big prizes is considered misconduct. Specialists are trying to bend the rules, talking about an exciting user experience, high odds, and comfortable gameplay.

Features of using SMM tools for digital casinos:

  1. Mandatory segmentation by age. In most jurisdictions, business owners can attract clients over 18 years old, but there are also those regions where the limit is set at 21. It is important to consider this when organising advertising campaigns.
  2. Severe competition. To capture the audience’s interest, it is necessary to be creative when developing ad templates.
  3. Increased cost of promotion. The CPC in the gambling niche is higher than in any other sector. The price is affected by many factors, such as regulatory restrictions and much more.
  4. Rapid changes in rules. This type of advertising is transforming rapidly. We are talking about new technologies, promotion nuances, and legal requirements. To receive stable solvent traffic, operators must be aware of all modifications.

What Platforms Are Suitable for the Promotion of iGaming Brands

Social networks for casinos: key features

Each social network has its marketing rules for platforms that offer entertainment for money.


It is the world's largest community, with a billion audience. Most users are from Europe and North America. The population and government of these countries have a favourable attitude towards gambling. The industry there is legalised but still under strict control.

A key advantage of Facebook is the creation of local interest groups with different numbers of subscribers in which it is possible to:

  • promote products and services;
  • to share experience;
  • exchange messages;
  • participate in competitions, sweepstakes, and surveys;
  • leave comments;
  • posts photos and videos, etc.

The resource has strict promotion rules. It monitors various groups to prevent spam and the spread of unwanted materials about online casinos. Operators need to be very careful when placing content on this network.

Facebook is a perfect platform for launching a social gambling website. Here, users can play their favourite entertainment (slots, roulette, poker, and blackjack), share their experiences with friends, and participate in themed competitions.

Most solutions support multiplayer mode, which brings together participants from different countries and contributes to the community’s growth.

The key difference between a social casino is the absence of financial risks. To place bets, customers use virtual currency, so they do not receive real income if they win. For this reason, Facebook has a good attitude towards such gambling establishments, allows them to work, and does not block ads.

Entertainment of this type is considered one of the most profitable. The income of entrepreneurs is generated based on a pay-to-win or freemium model. Most of the solutions are provided without cost.

Players spend money on:

  • execution of subscriptions;
  • purchase of in-game tools;
  • gaining access to bonus rounds.

The audience can also switch to the mobile and desktop versions and launch reels for real money.


This is a source of stable and solvent traffic. Suitable public pages increase click-through rates, the number of transitions, and conversion on the website.

The platform has a gambling-friendly policy. The requirements here are not as strict as in Facebook, which allows marketers to use a wide range of SMM tools. Images remain the major advertising creatives. The entire work of the portal is built on them.

On Instagram, it is possible to:

  • publish charts with winners of tournaments, sweepstakes, and quests;
  • post videos with new slots, table entertainment, and casual games;
  • communicate with clients through surveys and comments.

The social network is extremely popular among millennials (the target audience of digital casinos).


Here, in addition to direct messaging, chats and channels can be created. The platform is perfect for promoting iGaming startups since it allows operators to legally attract new customers and interact with regular ones.

The benefits of advertising through Telegram also include the ability to purchase Internet traffic on other public pages.

The marketing speed depends on the budget and the right choice of available options. Entrepreneurs have the right to work with both private masters and influencers (bloggers, professional players, high rollers, and industry experts). By buying one high-quality post, a casino will receive an influx of a new solvent audience.

Businessmen can also independently develop their chats. Many operators create information channels, but most often, they open full-fledged Telegram gambling projects.

The platform is presented in the form of a special bot where users can:

  • communicate with a virtual assistant;
  • undergo registration and verification;
  • make an initial deposit;
  • launch reels in their favourite slot;
  • cash out prizes;
  • learn about new games and promotions.

Telegram casinos are distinguished by their wide functionality, which is almost like traditional resources with slot machines and card entertainment. In the exclusive chat, it is also possible to place sponsored posts, conduct surveys, announce the launch of branded tournaments, and much more.

Advertising in Popular Instant Messengers

Online casinos in messengers: advantages

Let us consider the most common promotion methods.


It involves the creation of ads aimed at a specific group of clients who spend time on social networks. Most often, operators segment players by location, age, interests, and gaming habits.

In this case, the main information sources are:

  • data entered during the registration of users and verified by the administration of the messenger;
  • digital footprint (history of views, clicks, and queries in the search bar of a social network).

The main advantage of the method via messengers is the maximum return. Money is spent only on targeted impressions, which increases the audience’s involvement and ROI.

Advertising in Thematic Groups

iGaming brands can place sponsored posts in special web communities. As a result, they are visible to all gamblers who read the news feed. Many of them then go to the website, register, and make an initial deposit. Even the views themselves increase the company’s recognition and the confidence of customers.

Entrepreneurs need to collaborate with communities that match their niche and target audience. For the casino sector, this is the theme of luxury and wealth, as well as beautiful holidays, travel, expensive cars, and beautiful accessories.

Cooperation With Influencers

These are bloggers, athletes, professional gamblers, and others. Their activities may intersect with entertainment for money. Such people can have an impact on the opinions of their followers, inspire their trust in casino brands, and unobtrusively promote betting.

KPIs on Social Networks

KPI for casinos: the main nuances

Marketing through messengers requires careful monitoring. Business owners cannot do without key performance indicators. They demonstrate the intermediate and final results of an organised campaign, help to quickly evaluate the chosen strategy, and make the necessary adjustments.

KPIs in the SMM field:

  1. Average engagement rate. It shows the ratio of the number of users’ reactions to the total number of channel or chat subscribers. The metric can be calculated both for one post and all publications during the reporting period.
  2. Amplification rate. The distribution coefficient shows how often players repost from the advertising page of an iGaming startup. The higher this parameter, the more the audience is involved in the theme of casinos and bets.
  3. Post outreach. It means the percentage of users who saw the publication. The metric can be calculated both as a whole and in the context of subscribers of a page on a social network.
  4. Conversion rate. This indicator shows what percentage of gamblers moved from viewing to taking a targeted action. It includes going to an iGaming site, installing a mobile sportsbook application, registering, and making deposits.
  5. Click-through rate. It shows the popularity of a post, an advertising banner, a channel, or a community.

Operators can independently track KPIs or use additional paid products. Good analytics are provided by Pepper Ninja, Amplifr, SMM Planner, etc. Professional software should be integrated with the online casino’s CRM to see the full and dynamic results of the promotion.

It is also possible to evaluate the results of SMM advertising in the messengers themselves. For example, Facebook has a Statistics tab, which allows entrepreneurs to track Likes, Reach, Page Views, User Actions, and other parameters.

The Main Things about SMM in the Gambling Niche

Social media marketing is a set of tools for the effective promotion of digital resources that offer entertainment for money.

  • The advantages of SMM advertising include a huge audience reach, rapid growth of traffic, and regular interaction with customers. The presence in popular instant messengers contributes to the growth of iGaming brand recognition and the creation of a big community.
  • Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram are the most popular platforms for casino marketing. Each network has its promotional rules based on internal policies and regulatory requirements.
  • Effective advertising methods include targeting, placement of publications in several groups, and collaboration with opinion leaders. The results can be tracked using KPI metrics.

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Updated 15.03.2024
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