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A GreenMoney Payment System

A GreenMoney Payment System

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Do your clients complain that your website has no so many ways to deposit funds? Or maybe you want to expand the audience by connecting a new payment operator? We have great news for you: you can cope with your tasks with the help of the GreenMoney payment system.

GreenMoney payment system

GreenMoney is a unique service that has been a leader in the American payment solutions market during the past ten years. That is why we are sure that it will help you to improve the reliability of the gambling website in the eyes of your customers and attract new players, including those who live in other countries.

Specialists from Rosloto will help you to install the GreenMoney gateway. We are also ready to offer you other payment solutions for sale that have gained a good reputation in the online gambling market. Just contact us, and we will solve any technical problem within a matter of hours.

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What is the GreenMoney Payment System?

Unlike other payment services, GreenMoney has its own unique method of processing payments, which is based on E-Check. It is an innovative method that provides a high level of security and reduces the processing time of each transaction to a few seconds.

E-Check (or electronic check) is a format of the transfer of funds, in which the data of a recipient is not specified directly. This was the reason for its popularity with people who created online gambling establishments.

The GreenMoney works in the following way: a payee (in our case, a client of the online casino) makes out a check for a certain amount of money. The data of the electronic check is transferred to the casino, which withdraws money and credits it to its account.

That is, both clients and the casino do not show their real contact information. It is very important for those countries where there are several restrictions to the operation of gambling clubs on the Internet or even a ban on the transfer of funds to online casinos, as in Russia, for example.

The GreenMoney Gateway: Advantages

GreenMoney payment gateway advantages

GreenMoney has a number of advantages that differentiate this service among similar ones, leaving them far behind. Let us take a closer look at them so that you can make a well-argued decision on the installation of this module on your website.

Advantages of GreenMoney

  1. The transfer of funds takes twenty-four hours since it was sent, that is, it mostly happens on the same day, unlike other E-Check services that can transfer funds up to five or six days.
  2. Online stores install GreenMoney on their websites very actively. Over time, it has led to the development of the service adaptability. Today, GreenMoney can be installed on almost any administrative panel and used on sites of any complexity.
  3. The system allows you to make out an invoice by E-mail. This greatly simplifies communication with customers and allows them to transfer money in a very easy and convenient way.
  4. The service guarantees the security of all payments: clients can enter their data via the secure GreenMoney API gateway.
  5. Low fees for transactions.
  6. An ability to accept electronic checks on an on-going basis.
  7. There is a function that allows the connection to the system through the GreenMoney API.

Among the disadvantages, we name the fact that the service is focused on the US market. Therefore, it is better to connect it if you intend to work in the international field.

How to Connect the GreenMoney Payment System?

GreenMoney is one of the best payment systems in its segment, and if you have in plans to expand your audience, enter new markets, and develop your online gambling establishment ― you will definitely need to install this module.

You can do it with the help of Rosloto. We are a contractor of GreenMoney and can install, test, and debug the online casino software that is needed for E-Check.

GreenMoney payment system connection

Besides, specialists from Rosloto provide customers with access to the latest gambling software, slots from the world’s leading manufacturers, and security systems that correspond to the current level of technological development. With our online casino software, you will always be at the top among other Internet casinos.

Are you thinking about the creation of a gambling club? Rosloto will help you to develop a turnkey casino, obtain a license to carry on a legal activity and take care of the customer support.

Make your business successful by writing to us right now.

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