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Casino Fraud Protection Bet IT Best

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The considered vendor has achieved success in producing multiple-task programs for the casino and betting industry. The brand's offers can be used as a standalone product and in conjunction with virtual games or a bookmaker's line.

Casino fraud protection from the Bet IT Best provider

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Interesting Specifics of the Programs

The firm was founded in 2013. It is currently based in Munich (Germany). Besides, the supplier has several offices in Aachen, Frankfurt am Main (Germany), and San Gwann (Malta).

The brand produces:

  • sportsbook programs (the largest aggregator of news feeds from the world of sports and broker of event lines for B2B providers in Europe);
  • entertainment content (virtual games);
  • multi-vector casino defence software.

The developer's activities are approved by the Maltese Gaming Commission (MGA). This advantage ensures smooth business development in the international legal field. Besides, the vendor is licensed in Germany.

Original ID Verification for Casinos Bet IT Best

The work of the defence programs is based on multifactorial authentication of guests and users of a virtual platform. The service detects hidden associations, combats reward abuse, prevents the leak of data and its transfer to external parties.

Bet IT Best’s casino security software collects and arranges information about a player during his or her initial registration and each subsequent visit to a site.

The programs interact with three types of records:

Private data

This group includes a user's first and last name, date of birth, credit card information, home address, e-mail, and other contacts.

The authentication tools collect information using cookies at the time of registration. At each next entry, the service compares the new and original data to check a gambler as accurately as possible.

Besides, the files can be used to prevent gaming addiction and restrict access to sites for minors. The vendor is a permanent member of the non-profit organisation GamCare (its aims are combating ludomania and supporting the principles of fair play)

Geolocation details

This category includes the original IP address, country of access, previously visited sites, software failures, browsers, OS, and other individual Wi-Fi settings.

Bet IT Best’s ID verification for casino sites analyses geolocation for accurate identification of devices. It is often used in the second stage of multi-layered validation

Analytical information

The main focus here is on the number and nature of visits. Cookies allow the system to recognise, count visitors, and see how gamers navigate the site, play, and place bets.

These tools help business owners to improve the operation of gambling sites and find the hidden associations of gamblers. Moreover, the program set prevents money laundering and bonus fraud

Emphasis on Advanced Technologies

Bet IT Best casino security: advanced technologies

Besides cookies, the defence system uses numerous cutting-edge IT tools:

  1. SSL encryption. The software supports the SSL version of crypto 128-bit encryption. Information is transmitted over secure channels, making it impossible to intercept or unauthorised access to restricted data. Bet IT Best’s casino security instruments are approved by GeoTrust, the leading certification authority in Europe.
  2. Modern firewalls. The supplier uses two types of firewalls — tools for a customer's basic software (the source code of a site) and server equipment (dedicated hosting for storing backups of functionally important files and systems). The brand’s servers are located in Malta. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs have the right to use their hosting or cloud storages.
  3. Artificial intelligence. It is possible to integrate the biometric face recognition system. The service scans a visitor's face during the registration and compares new data with the original information each time he or she enters a resource. AI is used in machine learning to detect behavioural anomalies and atypical internet traffic instantly.

Other Attractive Features

The list of indisputable advantages of the vendor’s product line includes:

  1. Multi-platform work. Bet IT Best’s casino fraud protection programs are available for Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone operating systems. At the same time, the supplier constantly updates the software, focusing on new versions of operating systems. Downloadable applications for mobile devices are presented on the vendor's official site, App Store, or Google Play.
  2. Smooth installation. It is possible to integrate the authentication toolkit by applying flexible API techniques. The defence software does not change the functionality and architecture of the back code. Moreover, the program components supplement it thanks to effective safety mechanisms.
  3. Convenient user menu. An entrepreneur gets access to versatile back-end features with a laconic interface and lots of useful settings. Good site navigation helps operators to respond to changes quickly, generate various reports (financial, statistical, and operational ones), use complex filters and other settings.
  4. Flexible architecture. Bet IT Best’s casino protection software works considering the specifics of the local legislation.

Additional Offerings

The producer releases several interesting sportsbook products.

The firm proposes:

  1. Unique event lines. The vendor generates unique sets of odds for such disciplines as soccer, handball, hockey, basketball, and baseball. The brand specialises in handicaps, double coefficients, direct and express bets. The event line includes many unique offers.
  2. Aggregator of sports news. The supplier collects and classifies sports news feeds from over 5 thousand German and English-language sources. Bookmaker sites’ guests and clients receive only the most recent, relevant, and useful information, including insider data, interviews with functionaries, and detailed statistics.
  3. LiveScore. The firm paid special attention to live bets with broadcasts of the most significant events.

Operators can connect Bet IT Best’s verification for casino portals along with the vendor’s bookmaker line. The programs will enhance and broaden the capabilities of a gambling platform and attract the target audience.

The Main Thing about the Safety System

Bet IT Best safety software: key notions

The renowned German developer is the leader in the iGaming field. The company produces betting solutions, entertainment content, and safety programs.

  • Security instruments are based on a multifactorial check of visitors and devices during each visit. To achieve this goal, the manufacturer applies several types of cookies. They allow operators to determine personality, geolocation, behavioural preferences, and other individual characteristics accurately.
  • The supplier uses AI and SSL encryption mechanisms. Durable firewalls provide 100% perimeter protection. It is possible to store the software on the brand’s servers located in Malta.
  • The program set is marked by high flexibility, simplified installation procedure, a cross-platform environment, and a user-friendly menu. The software can be adapted to the needs of each operator thanks to a wide range of settings and multi-layered filters.

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