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Trade Box: Selling of Software for the Stock Exchange System on the Gambling Market

Trade Box: Selling of Software for the Stock Exchange System on the Gambling Market

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The stock exchange gaming system is a relatively new product on the gambling market. Due to the unique features, the Trade Box software is included in the stock-exchange types and is designed for the trading of binary options.

In fact, Trade Box is an interactive financial instrument for trading assets. Users can bet on a variety of events: from quotes for gold reserves to weather conditions for tomorrow. Read more about the subtle differences of the system, the benefits of the product and the conditions for partners further in the review.

Trade Box trading platform

To connect the Trade Box system, it is enough to leave a request to Rosloto managers. We provide comprehensive consultation and offer to test the product by downloading a free demo version of the gaming site.

We have a full line of products and services for entering the gambling market: you can order ready-made solutions, update the content on existing resources and buy a casino developed in accordance with the exclusive sketches.

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How Does the Trade Box Operate?

By purchasing a Trade Box, the operator receives not a “raw” set of software, but a completely finished product with a high level of profitability and a simple service system.

Trade Box system advantages

The main principle of the platform is binary options trading with a minimum time frame. The results of transactions are determined almost instantly and depend on a lot of contributing factors, such as the exchange rate, the number of purchased assets, the rating of the seller company and much more.

At the same time, trading is not regulated by separate legislative provisions. Binary options trading is a legal alternative to classic slot machines.

Legislative Regulation of the Sector

The platform for binary options trading works on a completely legal basis (you can find the license number on the official website of the system).

The legitimacy of the Trade Box is indicated by the following factors:

  • binary options basically do not have a random number or event generator (it has been documented: there is a corresponding certificate);
  • events are published on the basis of information from publicly available sources;
  • the result of the bet is published at the time of the contract execution (trading is carried out in full accordance with the exchange options);
  • each transaction must be registered (a unique passport of the made bet is displayed on the user’s screen);
  • all graphic images used for the game are marked with encrypted codes specified in the contract, so, not a single random element appears on the gaming field.

The Nuances of the Trade Box Connection

By becoming a partner of Trade Box, the operator receives qualified assistance in solving any business issues. The company is ready to offer consulting services, assistance in the preparation of all associated documentation and the procedure for connecting the platform.

To start working with Trade Box, you have to fulfil the following conditions:

  • purchase of the appropriate equipment (monoblocs, terminal machinery, computer devices);
  • formal establishment of legal recognition.

The stock-exchange gaming system involves the participation of two legal entities (LLC or SE), the first acts as the lessor of the equipment, and the second assumes obligations for technical maintenance and mutual settlements with users.

The system requirements for the Trade Box platform integration
Major components Traits
The operating system for land-based locations Windows 7, OC Linux
Processor Intel Atom D410 and higher
Amount of RAM From 2 GB
Video card capacity From 256 MB
Display Diagonal from 17 inches (dimension 1280x1024)

The Trade Box Platform Setting

Like the vast majority of similar systems, Trade Box binary options broadcast the entire information and technical part from remote servers. This strategy allows saving on the purchase of equipment for the hall and significantly boost the productivity of the site.

Trade Box binary options

Trade Box terminals can be equipped with various systems for transactions: banknote holders and currency dispensers.

The platform supports:

1. Bill acceptors:

  • CashCode SM;
  • CashCode Bill-to-Bill model;
  • devices of NV9, NV200 series.

2. Devices for cash transactions:

  • Puloon LCDM 1000/2000;
  • the NV200 + smart payout series devices.

For a piece of advice on the nuances of setting up the Trade Box system, the reference may be made to Rosloto specialists. Our staff will solve all technical issues, help with testing and initial launch of the platform.

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Benefits of the Trade Box Stock-Exchange System

One of the main characteristics of the Trade Box platform — the process of making transactions is designed as a game in a traditional online slot. Users of the service do not have to switch to multi-level graphics, to distract from the process to the huge number of windows and tabs that are typical for standard exchanges.

Among the advantages of Trade Box can be highlighted the following:

  • high frequency of changing quotations (record time of the bet formation and the speed of displaying results allow to significantly increase the time of a game session);
  • simple and easy integration (it takes about half an hour to install software in the game parlour);
  • a simplified system of transactions (all you need to start the game is to choose the best time for betting);
  • convenient management system (all terminal operation is automated: the user needs minimal effort to play);
  • high winning percentage;
  • guarantee of security (all technical and information resources of Trade Box are located on remote servers with multi-level protection);
  • minimum financial costs for software maintenance;
  • a wide range of monitoring tools (automatic reporting of all processes in the system);
  • minimum repayment period without any risks.

A further merit of Trade Box is the original system of bonuses and incentives. Customers of the service are awarded virtual money, and the final bonus cannot be cashed — this “gift” is available only for animation.

The operator sets the criteria for crediting bonuses independently (from the minimum bet to the amount of incentive).

Why Trade Box Is Considered as Profitable?

By connecting to the Trade Box system, the operator of the gambling site receives such guarantees:

  • legitimate operation;
  • legal support;
  • operational technical support 24/7;
  • the possibility of remote terminals configuration;
  • a wide variety of payment types and the fastest possible transactions in any amount;
  • minimum system requirements to the facility;
  • customizable bonus system;
  • easy and simple navigation;
  • a fine set of analytical tools.


Trade Box is an innovative solution that allows to radically change the usual gambling industry. Now binary options trading has turned into an exciting and colourful game with high chances for a big cash prize.

Trade Box offers a unique set of products and guarantees a first-rate quality level of service. Ascertain the merits of this choice with Rosloto. We offer to download a demo version of the site at no costs and personally test the software. Be sure that Trade Box will become an original and practical addition to standard gambling projects.

To connect the system, just contact our managers. We are ready to integrate software products into existing platforms or develop an exclusive start-up of any type.

Start your own gambling business with Rosloto even today!

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Updated 10.02.2023
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