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Betting Software Dench: Lucrative Offers for Start-Ups

Betting Software Dench: Lucrative Offers for Start-Ups

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Dench eGaming Solutions is a Bulgarian company. It is known as a supplier of premium program products for the gambling market in the B2B segment. The multifunctional software for betting shops Dench allows operators to launch promising business projects from scratch and take the leading position in the sportsbook market in a short time.

Dench betting software: lucrative offers

To buy the betting software from Dench Solutions and consider other products for the iGaming industry, please contact Rosloto specialists.

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Brief Overview of the Developer

The familiarisation with the characteristics and technical capabilities of the software, as well as information about the manufacturer, will help you get an objective idea of ​​the brand's products.

Check out the key information about the company:

  • The firm was founded in 2015. The headquarters is located in Sofia.
  • The CEO is Dobromir Mitev. He is an entrepreneur with solid experience in creating effective iGaming solutions.
  • The team consists of 14 professionals. They are deeply versed in information technology, business intelligence, marketing, e-commerce, etc.
  • The developer supplies the Dench betting software compatible with regulated markets. It has licences in several jurisdictions — Bulgaria, Great Britain, and Malta.
  • The company is one of the few software vendors with an ISO 27001 certificate. The document confirms the highest level of security.
  • The firm's products are 100% compliant with responsible gaming guidelines and requirements.

Software for Bookmakers from Dench: The Main Platform

Dench software for betting shops: platform

Dench Core is the central product of the provider's portfolio. This is a powerful next-generation feature-packed gaming platform. Its application allows operators to optimise routine procedures and significantly increase the profitability of businesses.

To form high-quality content, the developer has entered into agreements with reputable partners:

  • two major participants in the betting market;
  • more than 15 suppliers of casino products and live studios;
  • premium poker network.

Thanks to this cooperation, the software for bookmakers Dench provides access to a wide range of entertainment solutions:

  • over 20,000 sports events monthly;
  • bets on eSports events;
  • European and Asian premium live casinos;
  • gaming section with over 1,000 slot machines;
  • first-class poker products.

In addition to its powerful gaming potential, the platform includes many useful features. They allow operators to manage business processes easily.

Let us take a look at the opportunities offered by the betting software from Dench Solutions:

Single wallet and multicurrency tools

The seamless wallet provides a comfortable, uninterrupted gaming experience for users in all content sections. It also allows operators to track the financial transactions of gamers easily.

Multicurrency instruments make it possible to enter any market in the world. Players can choose local currencies regardless of their geolocation.

The software supports even the rarest currencies

Convenient back-office navigation

Back-office is a place where all data about content, bonuses, users, and payments is collected and structured.

Sophisticated navigation lets an operator move through sections and receive comprehensive information about the actions of gamers and other reporting data with minimal effort

Wide range of payment methods

To ensure maximum coverage of players, the software provides instant access to payment services of numerous suppliers, including Wirecard, EasyPaymentGateway, SafeCharge, and PaySafe.

A payment gateway is a well-thought-out tool with the function of monitoring and transparent transaction tracking. Payments addressed to an operator can be received in various currencies from around the world

Multi-brand management

The gaming and betting software Dench allows entrepreneurs to manage business processes comfortably within a single technological infrastructure.

An operator can create new brands and, if desired, combine, or promote them independently

Responsible gaming

The developer is aware of the importance of protecting players. Therefore, the software complies with the principles of responsible and fair gambling to the full.

The features provided by the Responsible Gaming module meet the requirements of all regulated markets. They imply many useful functions, including:

  • self-exclusion option;
  • bet and loss financial limits;
  • session timeouts;
  • deposit restrictions

Content management

The provider took care of efficient content management within the platform. Dench’s betting software includes advanced tools for performing various tasks.

An operator can create and edit new pages and banners, plan their publication, and perform SEO optimisation of each page.

The publication of images takes minimum time thanks to the integrated media manager. It automatically optimises pictures following the latest web standards

Effective Solution for Communication with Clients

Here is another program product from the manufacturer called Giselle V2 CRM & Automation. It will be indispensable for controlling communications with the audience and automating sales. This software for bookmakers from Dench allows entrepreneurs to evaluate the actions of players in real-time. The tool converts the results of the analysis into more than 200 key performance indicators.

An operator gets a deep understanding of the average bet size, gross gaming income, turnover, and many other characteristics. Thanks to the use of these indicators, it is easy to create an informative database of players, highlight interesting segments and target groups.

The presence of such a base allows operators to use the bonus campaign automation functions. They are built into the bookmaker software. Besides, entrepreneurs can selectively address profitable offers to customers.

To ensure full-fledged communication with consumers, including synchronising bonus campaigns with audience alerts, the developer has provided many convenient communication channels:

  • e-mail;
  • SMS notifications;
  • a chat on a site;
  • pop-up push messages, etc.

High-Quality Front-End Development from the Provider

To let the platform perfectly cope with the assigned functions and attract players, it is necessary to take care of the product’s convenience for the end-user. It includes easy launch from any device, high performance, and original design. The interface should be intuitive, functional, and responsive.

The provider offers the creation of a progressive PWA application based on the Dench Core platform. Let us consider the advantages of this solution:

  1. Convenience. PWA technology transforms a site into an application. It can be opened on the main screen of a smartphone directly from the browser. An app will work flawlessly even in autonomous mode.
  2. The speed ​​of work. Thanks to the web components used in an application, pictures, videos, and animation files are loaded within 1 second. An operator's clients can view all available media information in real-time, without crashes or freezes.
  3. Cross-platform work. About 80% of players launch the software for bookmakers from Dench using smartphones and tablets. The developer's application perfectly adapts to the screen sizes of mobile devices. PWA works equally well with Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems. It can also be installed on a PC or laptop.
  4. Functional engine. An operator receives convenient tools for managing a site. It allows adding and editing the content, creating advertising banners, setting up mailing lists, and interacting with customers in live mode.
  5. Original interface. The objectors of template static designs can create a unique page style with the use of animation effects. The more convenient and attractive the interface, the easier it is to engage the audience. As a result, users play and bet on sporting events more willingly.

Comprehensive Package of the Branded White Label Software

Dench software for bookmakers: White Label format

It is possible to buy the software for betting shops from Dench in White Label format. This interaction model involves the provision of an extensive package of program solutions and related services:

  1. Gaming platform. A customer gets full access to the back office within 72 hours.
  2. Giselle V2. An operator is provided with an extensive package of tools for creating advertising offers aimed at attracting and retaining the audience.
  3. Website creation. The provider practices individual development. It ensures as many useful settings as possible following the personal requests of a customer.
  4. Entertainment library. A buyer receives a full set of content — the software for bookmakers from Dench, slots, table, and live games.
  5. Financial module. The manufacturer provides an extensive range of payment services. Players can deposit and withdraw money using credit and debit cards, digital wallets, online bank transfers, vouchers, etc. More than 50 international payment methods are supported by the system.
  6. Licensing. A customer receives a ready-to-launch business without the need to invest additional time and money in obtaining a permit.

The Main Things about the Branded Products

The software developments from Dench Solutions are a good choice for bookmakers and casino operators, including potential entrepreneurs, who want to enter regulated gambling markets quickly, launch projects from scratch or scale their businesses.

  • The provider produces and distributes iGaming solutions. They are compatible with regulated markets. The products comply with the principles of responsible gambling. The software is ISO 27001 certified for the highest level of protection.
  • The central product in the vendor’s portfolio is the gaming platform. It ensures the smooth operation of a gambling site and provides access to a broad assortment of entertainment solutions, including bets on sports and eSports events, live casino products, slots, and table games.
  • A seamless payment gateway ensures access to 50 international services for financial transactions in various currencies, including the rarest ones.
  • Powerful back office provides operators with comprehensive data on all actions of gamers, traffic dynamics, and flow of funds.
  • Giselle V2 CRM & Automation is an ideal tool for monitoring and analysing customer communications. It implies access to more than 200 performance indicators. The instrument lets operators segment their audiences.

You can order the connection of premium software from this and other developers by turning to the Rosloto studio.

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Updated 10.02.2023
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