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Learn more is a young Lithuanian brand, which became operational in 2011. Already in 2012, the corporation launched the first unique solution — Lucky 7 lottery. Since then, the main goal of was the development and continuous improvement of the series of games with live dealers.

The whole point of this provider is a unique betting software that allows betting not on sports competitions, but on the outcome of the gaming session between the participant and the dealer. The presence of this feature allows users to make good money even during the calm period between the important events of the sports world.

Gambling provider

We call your attention to a detailed overview of the brand benefits, a description of the fine distinctions of software and a list of Betgames gaming solutions.

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General Information on

One of the main features of the is the set of unique content that even a flagship in the gaming industry like Microgaming and NetEnt are not able to offer. The game portfolio of the brand includes both traditional desktop entertainment and original products developed on the basis of lottery draws.

The content offered by is a perfect merge of online sportsbook wagering and live casino sessions with a few unique distinctions:

Special attributes

Bookmakers’ sites

Gambling with live dealers

Nonstop betting activity



Wagering odds from 1.01 to 2,000



Ground retail orders



Smart and nice hosts



Premium subscriptions available


Combinations of coefficients



Another feature is the company’s flexible policy: at there is no indicative selectivity in the search for new markets. The brand actively cooperates with gambling sites in European countries, in Africa, South America and Asia.

At the same time, the company offers its products exclusively for the B2B audience with an official gambling license. The brand works by the permission of Curacao and the UK. The quality of the products is confirmed by international certificates.

Today more than 200 employees and about 60 charming dealer-girls work in Betgames. The first live studio for game broadcasts was founded in Vilnius (Lithuania). Now the network of studios has significantly expanded: the broadcast points are located on the Isle of Man, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Estonia, the United States and Australia. Altogether, the company’s services are used by customers from 40 countries.

The quality of the operating system and successful promotion on the market are reflected in numerous awards of For example, in 2017, the developer received a prize as the “Best multi-channel provider” at the SBC Awards ceremony, and in the ranking of the most promising technological projects in Central Europe, the brand took the 13th position (as stated by Deloitte).

Advantages of software Software Products

All gaming products presented by Betgames are based on user interaction with a live dealer. Software solutions of this brand are developed in such a way to combine popular lottery draws, demanded casino games and the traditional betting system.

Key Features of Betgames Platform

Developers of presented a unique project of the highest quality, characterized by the following parameters: gaming platform overview

Evaluation criterion



Continuous gameplay


A broadcast is conducted in non-stop mode. The user is able to simultaneously monitor the outcome of several solutions

Level of risk


The winnings are calculated depending on the level chosen by the player. The minimum reward is 10% of the deposit, and the maximum can be 2 thousand times higher than the initial rate

Back office


The administrative system of the platform includes such parameters as control over the profit amount, reporting tools, uninterrupted communication channels with the technical service and much more

API integration


Easy interaction with most existing platforms on the market

Promotion channels

  • Stationary device

  • Mobile gadget

To install the software on mobile devices, the user should download a special browser add-in Instant Play, adjust the sound settings and choose the quality of visual design (standard or high definition)

Live Chat


Chat supports the function of communicating with the dealer and other users at the table



Broadcasts and messages to the support team are available in several languages (you can select the language settings in the appropriate tab on the control panel)


+ products interact with the most popular and recognizable payment services. Besides, the company’s portfolio has an internal financial instrument, called “Single wallet”

The Advantages of Software brand live games are available at any time and from anywhere in the world.

The products have the following features:

  • round-the-clock entertainment with no days off the whole year;
  • cloud-based operating scheme for internet environment and retail;
  • fixed-odd wagering opportunities;
  • an individual approach to the platform design for every customer;
  • simple and clear navigation;
  • large selection of individual settings;
  • the availability of chat to communicate with the stickman and other users;
  • online and mobile broadcast formats;
  • the presence of Multi Table option (simultaneous launch of several solutions);
  • different formats of entertainment: there are lottery draws and table-top games (cards, dices).

Betgames Gaming Content

We bring to your attention creative innovative gaming for online casino gaming from

Lucky 5

Under the name “Lucky five” is hidden a long-known lottery “5 of 36”. The developer has improved the classic version, offering players an order of magnitude more winning options. In total, the 95 betting options are available.

For instance, a player can bet on an even/odd number, a drop of the ball with a certain value, the total number of dropped numbers, two or more balls with specific numbers.

Gaming functionality pleases with its simplicity: one edition — one session. The draws are broadcast at intervals of 4 minutes. During the start, the user watches an empty drum, which is loaded with a set of game elements (coloured balls with numbers). Five vantage points are chosen on a random basis.

Lucky 6

Also known as 6 out of 60, the game features 40 distinct gaming results. Three different zones are available for players’ selection based on the digits from 0 to 9. The average hourly capacity holds at 15 games per hour. introduces here plenty of possible odds, ranging from 1.07 to 90.

Notable gaming properties:

  • balls numbers can repeat;
  • different combinations increase the winning value;
  • wagering on totals, colours, oddity, and digits is available.

Lucky 7

This is another version of the lottery, in which a set of balls consists of 42 units, and the prize numbers are considered to be 7 random numbers at once.

The gameplay is very similar to the above one, but has a number of interesting features:

  • balls only of two colours are used in the drum: black and yellow;
  • bets are placed on the sum of the dropped numbers;
  • bet on the number of balls of the same colour is also available;
  • deposit of presence/absence of a certain number is possible;
  • there is a bet on an even/odd number;
  • the break between runs is a little more than 4 minutes.

Speedy 7

An extremely quick betting game where players have to forecast the colour of the upcoming card. In order to increase the number of outcomes, introduced 7 blitz rounds in a row with a possibility to stop at any time. In case a bettor hits 4 consecutive guesses, a special bonus system is activated.

The fast pace of the gaming process and constant interaction with a croupier make the user experience appealing to the majority of players. A full-screen opportunity and extremely low latency benefit gameplay and help retain the clients.

Bet on Poker

The rules are based on the principle of Texas Hold'em. Also, the player is given the opportunity to bet on the victory of a certain hand (or several) and the win of the selected combination.

Six hands are involved in poker and the cards are dealt two elements clockwise. After the deal, the five common denominations that are used for the formation of winning combinations, are opened on the table.

Bets are accepted for several rounds:

  • before the dealing;
  • after all the cards are dealt;
  • after opening the flop;
  • after the turn.

The coefficients change after each action, plus there is an opportunity to make an unlimited number of bets on all outcomes.

Bet on Baccarat

The rules are identical to the classic baccarat game. In the hand the deck without jokers (52 cards) is used, the participants receive two denominations. The goal is to collect nine elements or the sum as close to this value as possible.

All sheets are equipped with a special bar code, and during the session, 12 dealers can be replaced as it is spelt out in the rules — a mandatory change of dealer every 20-30 minutes.

War of Bets

This is one of the fastest and easiest games, which involves only two rivals: a gamer and a dealer. Each of them receives a card in turn, and the winner is the one who gets the card with higher value. If the same denominations are dropped, the round ends in a draw.

Players are invited the 32 bets version simultaneously, among which are:

  • bet on the value of the dealer’s/player’s card;
  • bet on the suit;
  • deposit on denomination colour;
  • bet on the victory of a certain party;
  • bet on the draw.

War of Bets is easily mastered by gamers even with the minimal gaming experience. Another feature is the ability to make deposits in two stages (the first time before the cards dealing, the second — after determination of the value).

6+ Poker

The alternative to a regular Hold`em uses a smaller deck and a few rules adjustments. Continuous entertainment allows connecting to the game at any time and receiving a complete experience.

The peculiarities of 6+ Poker include:

  • a 36-card deck without numbers below 5;
  • jackpot-winning draws enhance player absorption;
  • full-house combination ranks lower than a flush;
  • a straight loses to three of a kind.

A dealer and players gather combos from a total of 7 cards and compare the results. The traditional poker process with adjusted rules appeals to a lot of players.

Wheel of Fortune

It is the upgraded original analogue of roulette. The rules are elementary: the dealer spins the wheel (counterclockwise rotation), it makes at least three full turns and stops at a certain element.

Users can choose from 20 betting options, including:

  • odd/even;
  • specific figure;
  • the colour of the sector;
  • the range of numbers.

Dice Duel

Dice games do not differ from classic craps. Circulations are broadcast fairly quickly (with small breaks for betting). During the session, two dices are used and two prize combinations are available.

30 wagering outcomes are possible in the game. The odds range from 1.14 to 30. The game is super easy to understand, so new players quickly get into the process. Full-screen mode suggestions involve enhanced user experience and better interaction.

Rock Paper Scissors

A recognisable game is used to bring wagering content closer to new clients. Simple and common rules are combined perfectly well with just a few possible outcomes.

The enjoyable entertainment features:

  • 90 gaming sessions every hour;
  • low-latency during live broadcasts;
  • competitive odds (from 0.35 to 2.5).

The gaming process is implemented extremely convenient for players. A few seconds for a choice are enough to match the dealer’s selection and compare the results.

The Main Things about Inventive Entertainment

You have decided to open your own betting shop or online casino and want to surprise the audience with new solutions? — the ideal choice to significantly increase traffic and overall session time.

  • Branded content from includes popular card games, roulette, blackjack, and Fortune’s Wheel with the option of additional bets on the outcomes of sessions. In total, 95 wager options are available to gamers, including odd/even bets, bets on the total amount of the dropped elements, etc.
  • The list the Betgames gambling platform’s advantages include continuous gameplay, multilingualism, multicurrency support, loyal limit policy, colourful design with a practical lobby, as well as a live chat.
  • The projects can be promoted through two key channels: stationary devices and mobile gadgets. A special browser extension Instant Play is provided for smartphone owners.

To connect the software it is enough to contact the managers of Rosloto. We guarantee the minimum cost of your time and effort and offer the following peculiarities:

  • A set of gaming products is integrated by means of a unique API protocol.
  • An additional advantage of cooperation is the ability to pre-test the system by downloading a free demo version of the software.
  • Low-latency broadcasts are available due to reliable hosting.
  • Different subscription levels allow players to bet on multi draws in a form of a unified wager.
  • Convenient widgets for separate games save a lot of time for players who might be interested in them.

In Rosloto you can order the products of the world’s leading developers and a full range of services to launch and promote an exclusive gambling project.

Discover the world of profitable and promising gambling business even today!

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