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The Rosloto company offers services for the creation and promotion of the Malta licensed casinos. This is a packaged product with the license issued by one of the best tax jurisdictions in the world.

With us, you will purchase a ready-made Malta casino, which does not require additional modifications and investment. We will tell you why it is like this further in this article.

Malta online casino license

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Features of the Legal Environment

The island state of Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea and is part of the EU. Until 1948, a country was a colony of the British Empire and only at the end of the Second World War, it became independent.

Today, it is a territory with a population of about 380 thousand residents, a good climate, and a stable geopolitical situation. Together, all of these aspects make Malta attractive in terms of business and investment.

Legal provisions of the Malta Gambling Ordinance came into force in 2000 when the country was one of the first in Europe to grant gambling licenses. The legislation has suffered minor changes in 2004 when the state became a full member of the EU. Now, all issues related to Malta licensed casinos are handled by a specially authorized body ― Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

A few more facts about the connection between Malta and the gambling business:

  • The jurisdiction accepts about 10% of the total number of online casinos in the world.
  • Gambling operations amount to 12% of the country's total GDP, according to Times Malta.
  • More than 300 operators and 30 thousand international specialists (IT, consulting, financial support) work in this niche.

Advantages of Obtaining a Malta Licensed Online Casino

Malta-licensed online casino

The advantages of launching an online casino with a Malta gambling license include:

  1. Entrance to the European market. Malta licensed casinos operate legally throughout the EU, including the UK.
  2. All types of gambling are allowed. The combination of worlds “Malta + gambling business” is a story not only about casino Malta but also about betting, organization of poker tournaments, and sales of lottery tickets on the Web.
  3. Loyal taxes. There are no VAT and some other fees, and business owners need to pay only the annual tax on sales.
  4. State aid. The legislation is protected from changes for the next 10 years. The authorities call Malta licensed online casino one of the priority sectors of the economy and actively promote the growth of this segment.
  5. High-quality related services. Electronic commerce, IT sphere, and financial and legal outsourcing are actively developed.
  6. The possibility of obtaining a residence permit. By investing money in the economy of the state, businessmen can obtain a residence permit. This is great news for anyone who is tired of the bitter cold.
  7. Unblemished reputation. A casino Malta license is a definite achievement for the brand since it will be able to enhance its prestige and respect of partners. Holders of Malta gambling establishments can easily open commercial accounts in any banking institution and quickly connect their virtual platform to the process.

Legal Provisions of the Malta Gambling Ordinance

The MGA organization grants 4 main types of work permits on the island of Malta (for casinos and other types of iGaming). This approach helped it to offer favourable operating conditions not only to companies that are directly involved in gambling but also those brands, which provide several related services. First of all, this is a software development business, as well as marketing and financial companies.

Class 1

This category includes permits for online casino operators, lottery ticket offices, organisers of bingo tournaments, and the developers of random number generators.

Class 2

It means licensing of bookmakers, including those who provide intermediary services (a resale of lines and coefficients to third parties) and operate as franchisors.

Class 3

These are licenses for the exchange rates business, as well as for the organisers of poker tournaments and other online gambling events and advertisers.

Class 4

The category includes permits for the developers of poker and betting software, software for online casinos, and other gaming sites.

How to Obtain a License for Gambling Activity?

Obtain a gambling license in Malta

The procedure of filing an application, its processing, and pronouncement of a decision on average takes from 4 to 6 months. Timing can be reduced if you work with experienced intermediaries, and, inversely, increase if the first application was incomplete.

The package of documents sent to the MGA should contain verifiable information on the legitimacy of the business, its financial state, as well as all shareholders and investors of the company.

It is also necessary to send a detailed business plan for the next 3 years, copies of the signed contracts with suppliers of the game content, software, and equipment for casinos (servers, modems, and memory modules).

The applicant should meet the following requirements:

  1. The minimum authorised capital should reach 40 thousand euros.
  2. It is necessary to open separate company accounts (a transaction account and an account for payment from players).
  3. Access to all the company’s data.

After the whole package of documents is checked, and the application is verified on the island of Malta, a casino can obtain a permit for 5 years.

The Financial Aspect

The creation of a gambling club with an online casino Malta license is a rather expensive process:

  • the cost of a permit ― 25 thousand euros;
  • the cost of the application processing ― 2.3 thousand euros;
  • the extension of a permit ― 1,500 euros for each next year.

Moreover, the entire gambling business is subject to tax. There are no such exorbitant prices as in Europe or America but some payments will have to be made.

Permission class

The range of taxable rates,%

The minimal annual fee, in thousands of euros

The maximal annual fee, in thousands of euros
















Thus, Malta casino jurisdiction uses floating tax rates. The ranking depends on the annual turnover of the enterprise minus all operating expenses. This approach has allowed the jurisdiction to minimise costs (the higher is the annual profit, the lower is the rate).

Where to Buy a Malta Online Casino?

It is possible to order a gambling project with the online casino Malta license at Rosloto. This is a highly profitable business that will allow you to start getting good profit immediately after the launch of a gaming site.

We implement packaged solutions with all the settings and related services. The ready-made online casino will be equipped with a large selection of games, high-quality software, and built-in payment modules. We also suggest that you order individual components, for example, dynamic online slots.

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Updated 30.06.2023
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