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Open your online project in Asian countries by enlisting the support of Rosloto experts. We are well aware of the local players’ preferences. Moreover, our employees know all the intricacies of conducting a gambling business in this region
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The Benefits of Working in the Asian Market
Good Economic Results
Start working in one of the most profitable and economically developed regions of the world and gain access to a solvent audience from Asian countries with our help
Broad Public Interest
Achieve success in the shortest possible time due to the increased interest of users from Asia in gambling activities and following innovative online gaming trends
Technological Progress
Benefit from the rapid development of the latest technologies in Asian countries. Keep up with the times by offering your clients advanced live, VR, and AR entertainments
Trouble-Free Licensing
Obtain permission to provide gambling services in Asia and other parts of the planet from a reliable jurisdiction, choosing the optimal tax conditions for your project
Relevant Entertainments
Get access to a database of online slot machines, card games, betting solutions, live poker tournaments, and other entertainments that are in great demand among Asian gamers
Crypto Gaming Solutions
Evaluate the benefits of working with one of the most popular payment methods in this region. Provide simple, fast, secure and commission-free payments to your customers
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The gambling market in Asia amazes analysts and casino operators with its rapid pace of development. Besides such famous directions as Japan and China, many other Asian countries have become incredibly promising today. Let us take a look at the main advantages of starting a gambling business in Asia.

Online gambling business in Asia: launch

Order a turnkey casino from Rosloto to speed up and simplify the process of launching your gaming establishment in the versatile gambling market in APAC.

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Key Strengths of the Gambling Market in Asia

These features are the main reasons that inspire businessmen to start a casino in Asia. Check them out in more detail.

Solvent Audience

The economies of some Asian countries are evolving and stabilising nowadays. The statistics of recent years confirm the fact that the standard of living in such states as Malaysia, India, and Vietnam has increased significantly. People can afford to spend large sums on entertainments today.

Besides, such countries as Japan and Singapore consistently show the highest rates of economic development. Residents of these states have rather high incomes.

The average clients of gambling establishments here are employees of large corporations with good salaries.

Real money games are a favourite pastime for these users because they can relax and have fun after a busy day at the office.

Peculiarities of the National Culture

Citizens of Japan, India, Singapore, Vietnam, and Malaysia consider games of chance as a part of their national culture. The gambling business in Asia originated in ancient times. The first lotteries and betting activities took place right on the city streets.

Later, emperors and kings began to organise draws at the official level and open national gaming establishments.

Interesting fact, one of the most popular lotteries, keno, was invented in China. Moreover, it helped replenish the state treasury during difficult war times and even finance the construction of the Great Wall of China.

Since then, the games of chance have become an integral part of the Asian tradition. It is noteworthy that such modern entertainment as Pachinko (Japan) has already become legendary. It is considered an important part of the country's modern history.

Interest of People in Advanced Technologies

The gambling business in Asia and around the world is evolving thanks to the advanced opportunities of the technological field. Asians are always following the development of this area. Moreover, they create new trends.

People from this region cannot imagine their lives without various gadgets. Therefore, they are big fans of the online gambling business in Asia. Gamers try their hand at such cutting-edged entertainments as live games, AR, and VR solutions.

Urbanisation of the Population

The gambling market in Asia is focused on the residents of metropolitan areas. They have the highest incomes and are the biggest gambling enthusiasts. The largest cities in Japan, Singapore, and India are constantly developing.

People from metropolises are constantly busy with work and their everyday worries. They do not have enough free time to visit real gambling establishments. That is why they are oriented on the internet gambling market in Asia.

Innovative Payment Tools

The start of an online gambling project in Asia can be maximally simplified due to the great popularity of innovative payment methods.

Citizens of such advanced countries as Singapore and Japan have long been using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in various spheres of their lives.

Developing states are following their successful neighbours. They are beginning to integrate crypto technologies into various industries. Opening a bitcoin casino is a great way to start an online gambling business in Asia.

Using Bitcoin as a primary or additional payment method will bring you lots of benefits:

  • no commission payments;
  • high speed of transactions;
  • secure financial operations;
  • the anonymity of users.

Where Is Gambling Legal in Asia?

Gambling business in Asia: local laws

Is gambling legal in Asia? Speaking of the land-based sector, players and gaming establishment owners often face various restrictions related to the peculiarities of Asian gambling laws:


The local gamers are allowed to precipitate in sports betting activities, lotteries, and play traditional slot machines. Operators must have appropriate licences issued by Japanese regular authorities


Two official casinos are operating here. In addition, the lottery and betting business operates under the control of monopolistic companies in this state


Gambling activities and betting business in the Asian country are allowed only in some resort regions


For many years, land-based casinos and gambling clubs were available only to foreigners.

However, the government is considering the issue of legalising the gambling business very seriously today


There are several casinos in Malaysia. They are aimed exclusively at tourists

As for online projects, casino law in Asia does not control their activities very strictly. The main restrictions associated with this field apply to entrepreneurs who have obtained Asian casino licences issued in the above countries.

Companies working under such permits are subject to fairly high taxes. Besides, some states prohibit opening virtual gaming portals at all.

Obtaining an offshore gambling licence is one of the easiest ways to start a casino in Asia without violating gambling law in Asia 2020 

Working under such a permit involves moderate deductions. Moreover, operators have the opportunity to choose the optimal tax conditions for their projects.

At the same time, the process of obtaining a licence in offshore jurisdictions is incredibly simple. A minimum package of documents is required. Thanks to this benefit, entrepreneurs can launch Asian gambling websites in the shortest possible time.

Online casinos are much more popular than land-based casinos in the Asian market. The demand for this format is caused due to the following factors:

  • round-the-clock access to various entertainments;
  • wide audience coverage;
  • the opportunity to place small bets;
  • high security of financial transactions;
  • gaming software from the best brands;
  • simple and fast registration process;
  • bonuses and promotions.

Opening Casinos in Asia: The Most Beneficial Methods

There are several effective ways to open a gambling business in Asia. Familiarise yourself with them:

  1. Independent control over the process. This method of launching Asian gambling portals is ideal for experienced entrepreneurs. They have established contacts with reliable suppliers of casino software in Asia, programmers, web designers, marketers, and other specialists.
  2. The purchase of a franchise. This option is more suitable for beginners. The process of opening a gambling website in Asia will be controlled by a parent firm to the full. The mother company will provide the services of its specialists and decent casino software in Asia. A significant drawback of this method is in the impossibility of choosing the design, gaming content, logo, and other elements of the website by the operator.
  3. The launch of a turnkey casino in Asia. This way is equally beneficial for experienced businessmen and newcomers. This working format does not contradict casino law in Asia. All processes are carried out by highly qualified specialists following the instructions of the casino owner. The operator has the right to participate in design development, selection of gaming solutions, and other important stages.

How to Purchase a Good Turnkey Casino in Asia?

Turnkey casino in Asia: how to purchase

A huge number of companies offer the development of turnkey casinos in Asia. However, the process of selecting a gaming service provider must be well-thought-out. You should not buy a casino in Asia for too low a price.

Such tempting offers can be fraught with the low quality of casino software in Asia. In addition, inexpensive websites may have inconspicuous designs and a lot of flaws. A turnkey casino business from world-renowned brands is a perfect way out.

Partner only with companies having extensive experience in the Asian region and around the world. Employees of such firms know all the intricacies of opening a gambling portal in Asia. 

At the same time, they cooperate with the best manufacturers of casino software in Asia. The purchase of an entertainment website from a reliable intermediary is the guarantee of your future project’s financial success.

Buying a turnkey casino in Asia can bring you the following benefits:

  • assistance in obtaining a permit according to Asian gambling laws;
  • high-quality services of programmers and web designers;
  • help in promoting your project (affiliate programs, work with social media, etc.)

The Main Things about Launching Entertainment Projects in Asia

Buying a casino in Asia is a great chance to start a successful business and get decent profits. This region is characterised by the following benefits:

  • gambling law in Asia 2020 does not prohibit the activities of international projects;
  • residents of Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and India have a positive attitude towards gambling activities;
  • mobile gaming is the most profitable direction in this market;
  • turnkey development of entertainment websites can help operators save their time and receive high-quality gaming portals.

If you want to open a legal online betting website in Asia or launch your own casino, contact Rosloto.

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Our company has been working in the gambling industry for 9+ years. We have won the trust of many clients from Asian countries.

Our partners are reputable producers of gaming content (Amatic, Microgaming, EGT, Playtech, Superomatic, etc.). To buy a casino in Asian countries and find out more about the opportunities for cooperation with our team, please, leave a request to our manager.

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