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Rosloto offers a wide range of services related to the opening of gambling projects in the Alderney jurisdiction. This promising territory is characterised by loyal taxation and a simplified procedure for registering a gambling business.

You can buy a ready-made Alderney casino with a license, game content, and well-thought-out software from us.

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Features of the Legal Field

Alderney gaming license: legal features

The Isle belongs to the Channel Islands archipelago. It has its own government and corporate regulatory framework.

The territory is located 12 km to mainland France and 100 km to the south coast of the United Kingdom. Regardless, the island is not part of the EU, which means it can offer more favourable conditions for cooperation than the European Union (low taxes, complex licensing).

The Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) is the authorized body responsible for issuing Alderney gambling permits.

The work of the regulator is based on the gambling industry act (1999). The organization is an independent structure. Very often, it collaborates with law enforcement agencies to improve the reliability and security of the iGaming field in the country.

Alderney Gaming License: Its Advantages

Working in this legal field has the following benefits:

  • Loyal tax policy. There are no VAT, dividend tax, and corporate contribution. Companies pay income tax based on the results of the reporting period (for one year). In some cases, the company may receive tax holidays, and then a zero interest rate is applied to net profit.
  • Alderney casino prestigiousness. Firms working with this permission increase the importance and recognition of their brands among both their users and business partners.
  • Developed IT infrastructure. Telecommunication networks operate in wideband, and the entire territory is covered by the high-quality 4G Internet. Professional consulting and marketing services are available for businessmen. Moreover, it is possible to buy or rent gambling software and equipment.
  • State support. The legislation is protected from any changes in the coming years. Thanks to this, investors can plan long-term investments in the gambling industry.
  • Simple administering. The applicant can obtain permission for several types of iGaming activities and reduce his or her current costs significantly.

Types of Licensing

There are two versions of Alderney gaming license:



Cost, £, thousand


This Alderney license is issued for companies planning to provide services to gamblers

from 35


This is permission for companies involved in the purchase/sale of gambling equipment, betting, poker, and casino software

from 17

B2C licensing allows getting integrated permission for several types of online gambling. Foreign companies that want to expand the range of offers without long legal red tape use this service rather actively.

Alderney gaming license is characterised by the loyal price. In the case of the renewal of the permission, new documents will cost about £35-70 thousand (for B2B representatives), but the final cost will depend on many factors.

How to Get the Permission 

Gambling business in Alderney: how to get the permission

It is quite easy to obtain an Alderney gaming license. All interactions with AGCC can be divided into two stages.

The Company Registration and Initial Application Review

If you decide to conduct gambling activities in the territory of Alderney, you must register a company in this jurisdiction.

Then, all the work should be carried out according to this scheme:

  1. Submission of the application for licensing.
  2. Preparation of supporting documentation (you need to confirm the registration, legitimacy, and the financial state of the company).
  3. Sending an application for getting individual certificates.
  4. £10 thousand registration deposit payment.
  5. Interview with the AGCC commission (you need to provide a detailed business plan, information about the founders and main financial partners).

After completing all of these procedures, the applicant must pay the remaining amount of the license fee.

The Analysis of the Applicant’s Activities

AGCC evaluates the company's compliance with the legal rules of the jurisdiction.

The commission checks and approves the application according to several points:

  1. Market capitalization status (SNT).
  2. The presence of technical equipment and software. All servers and necessary equipment should be located on the island. The analysis of contracts concluded with software providers, developers of games, and online slot machines is carried out on this stage. The hosting rental agreements are checked too.
  3. The presence of an internal control system (ICS). Such parameters of the Alderney gambling platform as the protection of financial assets of customers, optimization of business risks, and the possibility of emergency recovery of the resource are subject to assessment. The bank accounts of the company must be divided. One account should be used for storing assets for the operating activities of the entity, and the second one must contain a guaranteed prize pool.

Passing all the procedures may take from 3 to 6 months. Alderney gaming license is issued for one year with the possibility of subsequent renewal.

Where to Buy a License

Start an online casino in Alderney

Alderney offers vast opportunities for gambling. There are almost no taxes. The territory has a clear regulatory framework and provides active support from the authorities. For this reason, over 1,000 companies from different countries are licensed in Alderney. Moreover, their number is continuously increasing. 

You can become part of this profitable and promising business niche using the Rosloto services. We propose ready-to-launch online casinos with a full package of modern gambling products to our customers.

You can buy original gaming content, well-thought-out software, and get comprehensive support from us. Such cooperation will speed up the process of creating a gambling project significantly and bring your business to an entirely new level.

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Clara Hazel
Author: Clara Hazel
iGaming business expert
Updated 30.06.2023
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