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Reasons to Launch an Online Casino in Portugal
Emerging Market
Enter the Portuguese online casino environment — a vast territory with significant growth potential and a substantial player base
Cultural Relevance
Align your casino offerings with the local ecosystem to integrate traditional Portuguese elements that resonate with the audience
Government Support
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Tourist Appeal
Portugal’s popularity as a travelling destination attracts an international user base and expands the audience to boost revenue
Local Talent Pool
Leverage the skilled workforce in Portugal to develop and maintain your online casino portal with high-quality amusement
Southwestern Hub
Position your online casino in Portugal as a gateway to the local market and work towards enticing players from Spain, Italy, etc
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This article, prepared by the Rosloto team, provides a comprehensive overview of the gambling business in Portugal. Today, this is one of the most prospective countries in Europe with its constantly growing iGaming sector. Let us focus on market analysis, regulatory environment, potential customer profile, popular content, and prospects of this EU state.

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Current Business Landscape in the Country

Casino business in Portugal: market specifics

According to the local regulator SRIJ, the market revenue surpassed €100 million in 2021, with consistent year-on-year growth. The domestic industry is expected to continue its expansion in the coming years.

Consider the key figures and facts indicating the rapid development of the gambling business in Portugal:

  • The gross gaming revenue reached €127.3 million in 2020, up from €78.9 million in 2019. The increase rate is 61%.
  • The local industry features a mix of domestic and global operators. Notable international players include 888 Holdings, Bet365, and PokerStars.
  • Slots are the most popular type of casino software in Portugal. Gaming machines cover approximately 60% of the field share.

Portugal Gambling Laws

The legal framework for the iGaming sector in this country was established in 2015, with key regulations including:

  1. Licensing. Following Portugal gambling laws, entrepreneurs must obtain a permit from the SRIJ. It is issued for 3 years. The document’s validity can be extended.
  2. Taxation. Project owners are subject to a 16% contribution on GGR. Players are charged at a rate of 25% on their prizes.
  3. Promotion restrictions. Portugal gambling laws imply limits on advertising to minors and vulnerable consumer groups.

The regulatory framework places a strong emphasis on client protection. Operators should implement various tools and methods to ensure the well-being of their customers.

Enterprisers have to provide their customers with:

  • the ability to set deposit, bet, and loss limits;
  • the option to self-exclude from gaming activities for a specified period;
  • comprehensive information on possible risks, etc.

Potential Client Profile

The player base in this state is diverse. It covers a broad range of age groups. The most active one is between 25 and 34. Gender distribution in the gambling business in Portugal is relatively balanced.

The local punters are increasingly embracing mobile titles, reflecting the global trend. The convenience of on-the-go gaming has led to the rise of cross-platform casino software in Portugal.

The financial status of consumers varies widely. The flexibility of betting limits makes gambling software in Portugal accessible to different audiences.

Sought-After Types of Amusement Titles

Online casino in Portugal: popular content

Let us consider the most popular entertainment options:

  1. Slots. This type of casino software in Portugal holds a leading position. Machines come in various themes, from classic fruit games to modern options with actual graphics and features.
  2. Keno and bingo. These options are in demand among punters who appreciate a relaxed and social gambling experience. Such solutions offer the chance to win smaller prizes with less risk.
  3. Scratch cards. This is a fun and instant way to try luck. Many players enjoy the simplicity of this format of gambling software in Portugal.
  4. Baccarat. The local clients engage in both traditional and modern variants of this game. Punto Banco is especially appreciated in this state.

The Advertising of Entertainment Projects in the Region

Let us consider the rules of gambling site promotion in this country:

  1. Deliberate gaming messaging. Information on helplines or support services for combating addiction should be included in ads.
  2. The restrictions on timing. Promo materials cannot be shown on sites that predominantly target minors during certain hours — morning or early afternoon.
  3. The prohibition of celebrity endorsements. The use of well-known figures in advertising is not allowed to reduce the potential influence on vulnerable individuals.
  4. Clear and legible language. The correct message tone ensures that consumers fully comprehend the terms and conditions of any offers or promotions.

Advanced Software Development Technologies in the Region

Here are some cutting-edge methods implemented in the content creation process:

  1. Blockchain. Crypto solutions have gained traction in the gambling field due to their ability to provide transparency and security. Entrepreneurs open casino in Portugal with built-in encryption tools to ensure provable results and safe transactions.
  2. Artificial intelligence. AI is used in many aspects of software development. This technology is employed for player behaviour analysis, scam detection, etc.
  3. Live streaming. Operators buy casino in Portugal with real dealer titles to immerse clients into an authentic world of land-based establishments. It can be achieved through high-definition cameras and professional studios.
  4. RNGs. Advanced randomising algorithms are integral to ensuring fair gameplay. They apply complex mathematical equations and encryption techniques to provide honest results.
  5. Cloud computing method. It has streamlined the development and operation of amusement sites. It enables seamless scalability and cost-effectiveness by reducing the need for physical infrastructure.
  6. Biometric authentication. Investors launch casino in Portugal with effective security tools to enhance protection and simplify the login process for customers.

The Strengths of Implementing a Turnkey Casino in Portugal

Portuguese online casino: a turnkey business

Let us consider the advantages of this convenient business start format:

  1. Reduced development costs. When ordering ready-made solutions, entrepreneurs avoid the expenses associated with hiring content creators, designers, and testing teams.
  2. On-going technical support. The realisation of a turnkey casino in Portugal does not require in-depth knowledge to get started. Many providers offer professional assistance, training and maintenance to operators.
  3. Comprehensive content library. Ready-made projects typically come with a pre-built gambling platform. It includes slots, table games, and live dealer options. Such a diverse catalogue attracts players with different preferences.
  4. Licensing assistance. Firms that help operators open casino in Portugal offer support in obtaining the necessary permits in short terms.
  5. Customisation instruments. Project owners can choose the desired style and make adjustments to the design of their sites to create a unique and appealing look.

The Prospects of the Gambling Business in Portugal

The industry's future is promising, as the market is poised for sustained growth. It is driven by such factors as increasing mobile penetration, the development of more sophisticated gaming platforms, and partnerships with foreign operators. A compound annual growth rate (CAGR) will reach approximately 7-9% over the next few years.

Operators will more actively launch casino in Portugal with VR and blockchain solutions. The integration of these relevant technologies will change the sphere’s future dramatically.

Discover which other tendencies are going to progress in this country:

  1. Mobile casino prevalence. Entrepreneurs will continue to buy online casino in Portugal focused on smartphones. This format will be popular not only among young users. More older customers will also be involved due to the convenience of this offering.
  2. Regulatory developments. The local legislative framework is dynamic. The laws will adapt to emerging technologies and evolving client protection requirements.
  3. Real dealer software. Operators will more actively buy online casino in Portugal with live croupier solutions. The quality of video broadcasts and fair play tools will improve considerably over the next few years.
  4. Deliberate gambling. Content creators and project owners will pay more attention to conscious gaming practices. Automated hints on sites and self-restraint methods will help prevent ludomania.

The Main Things about the Gambling Segment in the Region

The iGaming area in this state is experiencing remarkable growth. The market is poised for a promising future. Opening a turnkey casino in Portugal offers numerous benefits, from reduced development costs to licensing assistance.

Here are the crucial tendencies of the field:

  • mobile content dominance;
  • evolving juridical base;
  • focus on conscious gaming practices.

Learn more about promising entertainment markets and effective business implementation strategies by visiting the Rosloto site. Contact us to order a turnkey casino in Portugal and other prospective countries.

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