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Global Slots: Profitable Online Casino Gaming System

Global Slots: Profitable Online Casino Gaming System

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Global Slots is a unique gaming system that demonstrates a high level of reliability, a large set of gambling applications and a pleasant, user-friendly interface. The casino platform has the carefully well-designed administrative and financial structure.

The software supports more than 150 types of real money gambling activities (blackjack roulette, slot machines, a variety of card games, etc.)  from the world’s most popular providers. Over the years of the company’s work, Global Slots casino software has been installed on 742 platforms. It is necessary to understand why the owners of gambling sites prefer this producer.

Global Slots casino software

Further in the article: the range of offers and advantages of cooperation with the brand, nuances of quality software integration and the opening of a gambling club with the Global Slots software.

You can always buy gambling software with a set of related components in Rosloto. If you are not sure about the right choice, then order a professional consultation or download a free trial version of the Globalslots system. We offer to your attention a wide range of online gambling integration solutions and an excellent opportunity to buy a casino with a full set of tools to attract and retain the audience.

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Advantages of Global Slots Software

Cooperation with Global Slots discovers a number of advantages for the owners of gambling sites. The casino software provider is a renowned market representative. Dozens of successful cooperation instances show the high performance of its slot machines, card games, and other entertainment.

The main merits of making a choice in favour of Global Slots games:

Easy Installation

The process of software integration of solutions takes place without much effort on the part of the resource owner. Almost all processes are automated, besides, the customer can always use the services of technical support.

Globalslots utilises the API integration system. This allows installing any casino gaming content available within the assortment without trouble and in a short period.

Collection of Games

The company’s portfolio includes more than 150 online gambling solutions from the world’s largest providers, including Igrosoft, Novomatic Deluxe, Gaminator, Mega Jack and others. Both the latest market news and time-tested old “hits” are available. 

Each of the offers pleases with unique, absolutely unpredictable mathematics. Gamblers can play online on any modern casino platform that is compatible with Globalslots programming support.

Security and Protection

The system has built-in reliable security systems against hacker attacks and inspections by law enforcement agencies. Globalslots has ensured that no illegal disturbances can interrupt players’ card games or interaction with virtual slot machines.

The gambling software developers have provided a set of the following options:

  • “panic button” (instant transfer of game devices to another mode);
  • working without a cashier (use of self-service terminals);
  • operation without a hard drive (all current information is removed from the terminal after power is turned off);
  • data storage on servers of foreign offshore companies.

So, when a punter wants to check his good luck with content from Globalslots, he can have no worries about security.

Cross-Platform Support

The developer of casino software ensures full compatibility with any operating system, plus the ability to run game solutions from mobile devices. This allows punters to play online regardless of whether they access the interface from a PC or a smartphone.

Global Slots Deluxe even offers the possibility to save progress on the same account across different platforms. This way, the online gambling experience becomes even more convenient for participation.

The System Updating

The Globalslots system is automatically updated with each new connection of gambling equipment to the power supply and the Internet.

Global Slots gaming platform

Administration and internal settings

Besides blackjack roulette, different slots, tabletops, and bonus games to them, the gambling software vendor also offers a wide range of managerial and analytical functionality.

The presence of a multi-structure administrative system gives operators access to the following options:

  • formation of the optimal percentage of return (from 50 to 99%);
  • setting up multi-level jackpots;
  • setting up bonus systems, promotions and incentive programs for customers;
  • regulation of denomination;
  • connect console devices to control gameplay;
  • reporting on the work of establishment;
  • the choice of the optimal system of reception/payment of funds (the use of the cash register and cashier services, automatic banknote exchange, connection to the ATM and much more);
  • remote access managing a network of gaming halls;
  • control of access to systems of hired personnel administration.

Global Slots System Settings

The casino gaming platform is configured by adjusting the system file attached to the software installation folder. Depending on the specific parameters, it prescribes the specified values.

Global Slots gaming platform for online casinos

In total, the gaming platform offers 25 variations of settings, among which are:

  • VM — game mode correction. The settings include the following elements: normal format, disable jackpots, change currency, disable the option to enter the game of chance.
  • LoadGames — display in the lobby a set of content described in the settings.
  • EnableBonus — setting up the bonus return of a part of the funds lost by the user.
  • LobbyInterface — a visual change of the lobby interface.
  • MouseCursor — option to display the mouse cursor on the game screen.
  • Language — language change.

The customisation of settings according to the preferences of the audience allow gambling enthusiasts to play online comfortably and return for more.

Personalization of Global Slots Software

Global Slots software pleases with a large set of internal settings, among them a special place is given to personalization options. By connecting the system, the operator can make individual adjustments in accordance with the following parameters:

  • language support (English, Portuguese and German);
  • installation the software on a Linux platform;
  • internal control of the percentage of payments (from 50%);
  • regulation of the jackpots number in the establishment;
  • setting up game token values (from 0.001 to 4);
  • rename the entertainment terminal;
  • setting up loyalty systems with the ability to pay bonuses within 24 hours after the game session.

The recent expansion of operation made it possible to open a branch on the hottest continent — Global Slots South Africa. Deep customisation of the system quickly allowed local punters to test their good luck in real money play.

System Requirements

One of the advantages of the Global Slots product is low hardware requirements and the ability to integrate software components into any operating system.

Recommended device requirements



CPU speed

1 GHz

Amount of RAM

512 MB

Free hard disk space

2,5 GB

Operating system

Linux, Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8, 10

Amount of graphics memory

256 MB

Modem speed

From 512 kbit/s

Minimum screen resolution


Payment Transactions in the Global Slots System

To control the income of the establishment, operators are offered a number of options for setting up deposits and payment services.

Global Slots provides 5 options for transactions:

  1. GPM. Players are given a set of codes, in exchange for money.
  2. The interaction with the cashier terminals.
  3. Bank terminal using the user’s personal PIN code.
  4. Replenishment/payment of funds through the cash register connected to the operator’s computer.
  5. Payment terminal.

Such an extensive variety concerns all branches, including Global Slots South Africa. Alongside numerous bonus games, local punters appreciate the selection of payment methods compatible with the company’s content.

How to Open a Gaming Hall with Global Slots?

When opening a gambling establishment for the first time, novice operators often choose the most difficult and long way — an independent development. At the same time, attempts to save on testing and manual configuration of equipment often lead to a significant loss of quality of services.

Global Slots offers a profitable alternative — a program of cooperation with customers, based on the allocation of a certain percentage of revenue for the use of the system (8-12%). This allows operators to offer real money activities in just a few weeks after agreeing on cooperation.

Stages Entailed in Setting Up a Gambling Project GlobalSlots

Turnkey solutions are often very helpful for novice market participants who do not want to work alone, hoping for good luck. Globalslots offers extensive assistance for established entrepreneurs and novice operators.

The process of launching your own gambling platform with Global Slots software is as follows:

  • Legal and technical preparation of the project. Before applying to the company, the operator must rent the place, purchase a set of facilities, connect the access point to the network and hire staff, etc.
  • Applying to Global Slots. It can be done via different methods. You can find relevant Global Slots contact details on the official website.
  • Providing the company’s managers with the following information: the name of the gambling resource, the physical address of the representative, contact details for sending a reply letter.
  • The response letter will contain a link to the game portal, logins and passwords for those concerned (resource owner, administrator and operator of the project).
  • After clarifying the nuances and connecting the service, the entrepreneur gets access to the software. The selection contains standard blackjack roulette themed offers, as well as entertainment more relevant to the target operational area. You need to download the software to your computer and then perform a full system update.
  • The set of software should be stored on a removable media for a number of settings at each workplace of the gaming hall.

Professionals at Globalslots will help you configure everything from the user interface to bonus games. Such proficient customer support shows how caring the developer is towards the clients.

Why Do Owners of Gambling Clubs Choose Global Slots?

The selection of a reliable content provider depends on numerous nuances. Global Slots games are so popular because they consider the majority if not all of them. The company understands the principles of market integrity and keeps up with niche standards.

Working with the Global Slots system gives entrepreneurs the following advantages:

  • conducting business on a legal basis;
  • availability of a permanent client base;
  • high-quality support and service of the company with long-term experience;
  • possibility to order individual services (Global Slots offers turnkey online casino development);
  • a large number of work settings;
  • high level of customer service;
  • detailed reporting on the activities of the establishment;
  • a well-designed system of data protection;
  • a wide range of gaming solutions and constant updating of the catalogue.

If you want to purchase components from Globalslots, you can resort to an aggregator Rosloto. Our company offers individual integration solutions as well as ready-made development based on the system from Globalslots. Efficient and mutually beneficial cooperation is guaranteed.


Global Slots casino platform is a high-quality software that takes a worthy position in the global gambling market. The connection of the game club takes place in the shortest possible time and allowing essentially to save money at the initial stage of work. The operator receives the ready-made product with a full set of components for effective market entry.

For purchasing platform, it is sufficient to contact the managers Rosloto. We will advise on the products that interest you and offer a unique opportunity to test the software. Download the free trial version of the game system and see for yourself the quality and functionality of the offered software.

We work 24/7: accept applications, give a piece of advice, assist in the selection of the latest solutions.

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Fraudsters can use contacts that look like ours to scam customers. Therefore, we ask you to enter only the addresses that are indicated on our official website.

Be careful! Our team is not responsible for the activities of persons using similar contact details.

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