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The African continent has become amazingly attractive to local and foreign investors in recent years. Various spheres of the economy began to develop rather actively in this region.

The online gaming business deserves special attention here. The decision to open a gambling establishment in Africa can bring worthy profits and recognition of a wide audience for the future businessman.

Gambling business in Africa: essential nuances

Launch an African gambling project with the reliable support of Rosloto. Follow our tips to make opening your business as simple and fast as possible.

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The Gambling Market in Africa: Attractive Features of the Local Industry

Why are operators exploring the specifics of the gambling business in Africa very carefully today? According to statistics, the level of economic development of this region increased by 3.7% in 2019.

Despite the difficult conditions of 2020, some industries have managed to demonstrate good results again. Moreover, the closure of land-based entertainment establishments has allowed the representatives of the gambling market in Africa to generate decent revenues in the past year.

A cardinal change in the gambling business in Africa started in 2018. The advent of high-speed mobile Internet (4G) has contributed to the popularisation of online entertainments.

Modern internet technologies let businessmen introduce the most daring ideas and experiment with different formats in the gambling market in Africa today.

The most popular entertainments among African players are as follows:

  • sports betting;
  • online poker;
  • bingo;
  • lotteries.

The Legalisation of Entertainment Projects

African gambling laws for casinos

Is gambling legal in Africa? Talking about the peculiarities of African gambling laws, it is worth noting that each country has its own legislation governing the land-based and online industries.

Sports betting is the most demanded entertainment service here. That is why operators working in this area of the gambling business in Africa have lots of privileges prescribed by the gambling law in Africa 2021.

A large number of betshops are located in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and other states. Besides, African gambling laws permit virtual betting in some countries.

When speaking about the opportunity to start a casino in Africa, it should be noted that development in this direction is possible with the presence of an offshore licence.

However, the government of many countries is making confident steps towards the legalisation of online entertainments. For example, the South African authorities have allowed the activities of land-based establishments. At the same time, the legitimisation of online real money games is expected shortly.

To start online gambling project in Africa, contact the representatives of offshore jurisdictions (the Isle of Man, Kahnawake, Malta, etc.).

The decision to obtain an international permit will help you obtain the required document at a favourable price. Moreover, you will be able to choose the desired tax conditions and rates yourself. Nevertheless, remember that you need to prepare a comprehensive package of documents to receive an African casino licence. This process can be quite lengthy and complex. To understand the legal nuances and avoid mistakes, seek professional help.

Important Stages of Building a Gaming Business

What tasks should a novice operator perform besides licensing his or her project?

These steps play a critical role too:

Analysis of the gambling market in Africa

Explore the local entertainment industry before launching an African gambling establishment.

Find out which trends are sought-after in South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, and other countries

Search for suppliers of casino software in Africa

To start a casino in Africa, you need to partner with the best gaming content producers having extensive experience in this region.

Pay your attention to such brands as Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, Betsoft, etc.

Game project promotion

Use effective marketing techniques to make your brand recognisable among a broad range of potential gamblers.

Prefer such methods as social media promotion, mail-out, bonus programs, cooperation with affiliates, etc.

The Most Effective Ways to Open Entertainment Projects

There are several efficient methods of starting online gambling businesses in Africa that are often used by both beginners and skilled entrepreneurs.

Let us take a closer look at them:

  1. Independent organisation of the process. This option is popular among experienced operators. When applying this approach, a businessman must control every stage of his or her project’s development. In addition, the operator will have to resolve all organisational issues independently.
  2. Parent company support. Cooperation under a franchise or White Label agreement guarantees reliable assistance from a mother brand. In the meantime, the owner of the future online casino loses the right of choice. He or she must use the design, gambling content and partner base provided by the franchisor.
  3. The creation of a turnkey casino in Africa. Despite the participation of a professional team in the preparation of a project for the launch, this variant is radically different from the previous one. The operator can select the desired partners and suppliers of casino software in Africa independently. Besides, the entrepreneur can make adjustments to any stage performed by specialists.

Buying Turnkey Casinos in Africa: Searching for the Right Variant

Turnkey casino in Africa: how to buy

The purchase of a turnkey casino in Africa is a rather responsible task because the future owner of an entertainment website will have to pay a considerable amount for this product.

At the same time, opening a gambling portal in Africa based on this method is much cheaper than starting a gambling business in Africa on your own.

To buy a casino in Africa on the most favourable terms, you should pay attention to the following characteristics of a potential mediator:

  1. Work on the African continent. Choose brands with enough experience in the domestic market. As a rule, such firms are well aware of all the intricacies of conducting a gambling business in Africa. Moreover, they understand all the needs of local consumers.
  2. A positive image of the company. Avoid potential partnerships with organisations having a questionable reputation. Study the information about the brand of your interest in the media and read customer reviews before making a deal.
  3. Legal cooperation. Make sure that the company offering the development of a turnkey casino in Africa has the necessary permits and certificates allowing it to conduct legal online betting activities in Africa.

The Main Things about Running iGaming Businesses in the Region

Opening a gambling establishment in Africa is a great chance to start a lucrative business in a promising and fast-growing region.

The level of competition in the local market is not very high today. Therefore, hurry up to occupy your niche in the African gaming industry.

Working in African countries has the following benefits:

  • rapid economic growth;
  • loyal casino law in Africa;
  • the lack of strict control by regulatory bodies;
  • high profitability of online projects;
  • wide target audience (62 countries);
  • simple start of a business using turnkey services;
  • large selection of casino software providers in Africa.

If you wish to buy a casino in Africa, leave a request to Rosloto managers. Our consultants will help you understand all the intricacies of the gambling law in Africa 2021.

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In addition, we offer professional assistance in licensing, selecting casino software in Africa, promoting finished projects, etc. The Rosloto team will help you build a successful business that will meet the casino law in Africa.

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