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CP-Money Casino Payment System

CP-Money Casino Payment System

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In land-based gambling halls and casinos, the money issue is solved very easy: if there is cash, then there is a game. But for online projects, this situation is a bit complicated. People come for gambling entertainment and are willing to pay, but they all have different currencies. Gamers from many countries play on one resource, which means that the operator needs to solve the problems of conversion, language settings and interaction with banking systems.

The absolutely right thing to do in this situation is to plug a high-quality payment processor. In this case, CP-Money is a great choice. This is a modern, reliable and fast system that allows to safely pay accounts on the Internet. It affords important benefits to the owners of the gambling business.

CP-Money payment system

Today, CP-Money is used by thousands of gamblers and hundreds of online casinos around the world. Let us see why this payment operator took to their liking and whether you should plug the system on your website.

In order to obtain detailed information, you may turn to the Rosloto company. Contact the managers to ask a question or place an order for the program purchase. We work around the clock and are ready to help you in solving any problems with the gambling project.

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The Main Characteristics of the CP-Money Payment System

The main purpose of the CP-Money system is to carry out payment transactions on the Internet. Its functionality allows paying for a huge number of services, goods and accommodations in a few clicks. Most often, the service is used to make payments for:

  • residential Internet;
  • mobile operators’ services;
  • cable TV;
  • gambling entertainment.

It is noteworthy that initially, the developers did not plan to create a service for the gambling market. But the product succeeded and was of such high-quality that casino owners preferred the integration of the payment module on their websites, thus attracting new customers.

After carrying out any payment transaction, the user is issued an electronic check confirming the success of the process. It is convenient and safe. In case of any disputes with the payee (no matter who will make a claim — online casino or the player), the sender will be able to confirm the transaction and to return the money, if it is necessary.

Advantages of Using CP-Money in Gambling Business

CP-Money allows conducting business easily and pleasantly, without being distracted by reports of delays in payments, incorrectly specified amounts of transfers, etc. The owners of gambling projects, who have already integrated the system into their websites, claim that it is extremely simple and convenient for daily use. The same is said by experts in the field of gambling development.

Main reasons to plug CP-Money

Difficulties in solving financial issues often cause stress. CP-Money prevents such problems and preserves the health of businessmen who use this service to make payments. An important benefit: the system pays off in a few weeks after integration into the site functionality.

CP-Money Casino Payment System: Convenience and Multicurrency

Another advantage of the CP-Money system is multicurrency. The casino can accept transfers for any amount from any country in the world. Currencies are converted at competitive rates. This opportunity incredibly expands the geography of the operation.

Not so long ago, operators could provide gambling services only to their fellow citizens or residents of the country where the casino is located. And today it is possible to work almost with all continents! At the same time, CP-Money supports different language versions, so the operator does not have to worry about how players will cope with the translation.

Personal and Banking Data Security Issues

Another upside of CP-Money that should be mentioned: in the field of gambling, great importance is paid to the security of personal and banking data and the safety of funds. The developers of this system guarantee confidentiality, speed and reliability of financial transactions.

All data is transmitted through reliable servers so that all transactions remain protected from disclosure, viruses, system failures, and other potential problems.

What Else Does the User Get?

CP-Money properties


Quick installation

Installation of CP-Money takes very little time, it can be done in 5-10 minutes and immediately begin the operation


The program is very easy to use

Transaction confirmation

The electronic check is issued automatically

Customer service

CP-Money operator offers various loyalty programs for regular users: bonuses, promotions, discounts, drawings


The program is fully compatible with iOS, Windows, Linux operating systems


Each financial transaction is recorded and archived

Data security

Information about the transaction is securely stored in a safe database

How Does the CP-Money Casino Payment System Operate?

When a gambler gets to the casino website, he must sign in to be able to play for real money. The player needs this CP-Money payment system to quickly and safely transfer funds to his account. Also, with the help of this operator, you can get your winnings, bonuses and prizes.

To start working with this system, it must be installed on the player’s computer or mobile device. He must download the client version himself. Usually, the administration of an online casino is enough to leave the necessary instructions in the section with information on how to make transfers in the easiest way.

Players appreciate this approach because they do not have to use an unknown program or a third-party site. They certainly know what software is installed on their computer and how to transfer funds. The lack of worry about transactions allows visitors to have a good time and to enjoy the gameplay.

How to Order and Install this Payment Module?

CP-Money integration: how to plug the system into an online casino

CP-Money is a profitable and convenient payment system that can be successfully used in online casinos. It suits perfectly for any financial transactions over the Internet.

This operator will become a real gift that keeps on giving for the owners of the gambling business because it simplifies the transactions for the players. It is possible to order CP-Money system in the Rosloto company. We sell only certified software for land-based and web casinos, so here you will find only qualitative software with the latest updates.

The Rosloto personal manager will work with you. He/she will help you to choose slots for updating the gaming range, a payment processor and programs for collecting analytics on the site, that were created specifically for online gambling.

Here you can buy a casino or rent it for a period of 10 days to check how profitable this project will be and whether you like the gambling business.

Just turn to us to find out more information and we will help you to implement your wildest dreams!

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