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Reasons to Launch an Online Casino in Argentina
Low Taxes
Run a legal online gambling business in Argentina with no extra expenses thanks to loyal gaming legislation and reasonable tax rates
Fast Licensing
Get a local gaming permit or apply for an offshore licence quickly and easily with the help of experienced professionals from Rosloto
Many Consumers
The Argentinian audience consists of millions of promising potential customers — attract and retain these high-income clients
Substantial Earnings
Receive decent revenues in the first months of working in this country due to the high demand for online entertainment services
Good Payment Tools
Integrate high-quality money transfer software to create a positive business image and increase your target audience in Argentina
Attractive Content
Offer your customers relevant, interesting, and exciting games from well-known manufacturers to gain their trust and respect
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Nowadays, international and local companies should keep up with the digital trend to have a stable influx of customers. The participants of the gambling business in Argentina could not stay away from this movement.

Online casino in Argentina: where to buy

If you are not currently evolving in the sphere of iGaming technologies, Rosloto has prepared a decent proposition for you. Our company provides expert support for opening digital casinos in Argentina. Continue reading and find the peculiarities of the prosperous working zone.

Order solid informational and practical aid from the pioneer aggregator in the sector.

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How Argentina’s iGambling Laws Bring Discipline to the Industry

One of the key country’s features is its huge territory, divided into provinces. According to Argentina’s iGambling laws, each of these zones can maintain the working process of the entertainment separately. While some provinces already have coordinated virtual amusement, others are discussing the prospects for this direction.

By the end of 2020, the situation with the Coronavirus led to resolving numerous issues with the lawfulness of the virtual gambling business in Argentina. As mentioned by multiple adepts of the sphere, such an approach will support a lot of budget questions in the future and create new occupational opportunities.

Main distinctive features of the current iGaming status of the state:

Provincial approval

As of the beginning of 2021, 9 districts decided to offer official licensing services to operators and lawful entertainment to punters

Yearly earnings

As per the gathered data from 2020, the annual received income to all treasuries is $2.4 billion from taxes

Total number of existing iGaming resources

More than 70 brands have already started casino-based activities or opened online betting proceedings in Argentina by the beginning of 2021

Fee for the operational permit

The cost of the document equals $657,000 in a single payment that is around 65 million local pesos

The latest updates on the situation inform that 7 brands have set up digital gambling businesses in the Argentinian territory (mainly Buenos Aires) starting from 2021. Not all applications have been approved, since another 7 potential members of the market have failed to enter the operational zone.

What influences the decision of the commission during the registration process:

  • the presence of former admission procedures;
  • experience in managing web projects;
  • monetary capacities;
  • the pertinence of the product;
  • technical correspondence to the general requirements;
  • the implementation scheme of responsible gaming principles;
  • prevention of potential breaks and crimes;
  • money laundering avoidance.

The iGaming segment within the state is not perfectly configured currently. At the same time, a forward-looking pace of improvement is continuous. The principles of responsible entertainment are the foundation for all existing and potential members of the iGaming community.

The cooperation with such a professional guide firm as Rosloto grants full compliance with these aspects if you have any intentions of buying online casinos in the Argentinian sector. Pick a suitable way to reach us and order the necessary elements to your working process, or purchase the entire platform.

Restricted Casino Providers in Argentina: Legislative Nuances

Our studio conducts legal business. That is why the experts take the study of the juridical intricacies of operating in particular markets very responsibly.

According to the laws of some states, the activities of certain suppliers are restricted in these countries.

In Argentina, the list of such vendors includes:

  • Lightning Box (Games Global, former Microgaming);
  • Ainsworth Slots;
  • ELK;
  • Evolution Gaming;
  • Greentube;
  • Nolimit City;
  • SkywindGroup;
  • Betsoft;
  • iSoftBet.

Why the Trend of Turnkey Web Casinos in Argentina is So Prevailing

Turnkey casinos in Argentina: advantages

The possibility to set up a passive money influx from a digital resource inspires numerous venturers to pick the country as their destination. At the same time, the absence of minimal experience may not grant you a full fruition effect. In this case, the consultation or even complete guidance of a professional mentor is welcome.

Rosloto and its turnkey casino sites in Argentina have already become demanding in the area. The crucial reason for that is a maximum assurance of a positive outcome. We gladly serve customers even with absolutely no expertise in the sphere, supplying them with the theoretical rundown before proposing any practical assistance.

Intricacies of our acknowledged turnkey casino aid in Argentina:

  1. We will elaborate and configure the site. It is obligatory for a successful iGaming project to have a well-thought-out platform. It guarantees convenience for punters and, as a result, extra profit for the owner. Our designers pay high regard to the local features of the culture to maximise the penetration of the trends into the platform.
  2. Our juridical team will apply for a licence. According to Argentina’s iGambling laws, the local working permit is not the only way of setting up the entertainment proceeding. It is still possible to reach other popular jurisdictions (Kahnawake, Jersey, Alderney, etc.) and receive the document from them. Everything depends on the administrator’s budget and preferences.
  3. The manufacturers of amusement content will supply the finest entertainment. The Rosloto aggregator has been in cooperation with the pioneers of gambling software in Argentina since their emergence. Such tycoons as CasExe, Play’n Go, Greentube, Superomatic, Endorphina gladly propose their solutions to managers and constantly update all offerings as innovations appear.
  4. We analyse and integrate the necessary auxiliary elements of the gaming platform. This package comprises security insurance, monitoring of punters’ activity, payment gateways integration, the setup of report-generating instruments. Additional solutions are obtained per customers’ will.
  5. The recruitment of managerial force is also included in our proposal. Since running a gaming resource alone is inefficient even in the early stages, the owner will benefit a lot from proficient staff. Our company not only cares about you buying an online casino in Argentina. We also want your operational experience to be smooth and rewarding. Extra employees will perfectly suit the process.

Also, it is vital for an administrator to perceive what benefits he receives when making an order for an iGaming portal from scratch:

  1. Quick admission to the working zone. The Latin American mindset to this type of occupation is positive. So, it takes just around 9–10 weeks to get the playing resource up and running.
  2. Prompt return of starting capital. The project pay-off period is also brief, in comparison to other web spheres. A substantially developed site will bring its owner all funds back in 4–6 months after the launch.
  3. Coherent build-up. Since the administrator transfers the major responsibilities of the platform formation to the experienced firm, there are no complicities at any stage of the configuration.
  4. Mobile support. Portable devices are becoming extremely widespread in recent years. So, we propose efficient mobile casino software in Argentina to set up the workflow with the right adjustments to the public’s expectations.
  5. Transparent branding. Indeed, such collaboration with the professional aggregator implies forming an entirely new occupational environment. It opens immense opportunities for the entrepreneur in the chosen zone and beyond.

Rosloto grants maximum clarification during the arrangement of a turnkey web casino in Argentinian territory. Our clients do not just blindly wait for their platform to be completed. They actively participate in the formation of the resource, making crucial decisions at each stage. Order proficient advancement of a gaming site and make your considerable impact in future success.

The Main Things about Purchasing an iGambling Business in Argentina

Gambling businesses in Argentina: key notions

Establishing a smooth workflow in a leading Latin American area is a cherished aim of numerous entrepreneurs. How is it possible with hardly any experience and little budget? Rosloto gladly proposes to request our ready-made projects, elaborated by a decent team of specialists.

One-click buy!

What a venturer receives from such an investment:

  • full coverage of legal background in the country, with a detailed explanation of registration intricacies, the availability of provinces, and overseas certification;
  • the creation of a functional platform with the necessary entertainment casino software in Argentina, managerial instruments, and all needed tools for stable work;
  • a quick formation of the project, prompt return of all contributions, the support of portable platforms, and a proprietary gaming brand.

Rosloto has been examining the zone for more than a decade. During this time, a lot has changed in Latin America and its key destinations in particular. Today is one of the most favourable periods to become a member of the iGaming entrepreneur’s community here.

Order the site advancement with widespread and rewarding entertainment. Get in touch with us via proofed communication methods.

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Clara Hazel
Author: Clara Hazel
iGaming business expert
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