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Affiliate Program: About the Service
Great statistical services
24/7 efficiency control
Round-the-clock support
Reliable gambling partners
Adjustable affiliate payments
High payback speed
Advantages of the Affiliate Program
Connection Speed
There is a wide range of services from reputable suppliers. Programs are integrated as one package and can be launched right after installation
Financial Control
The platform has powerful analytical modules that allow you to monitor all payments within the system and predict future profits
Market Coverage
Rosloto works with reputable local and international partners, so operators can promote their products in any legal market
Payment for the Result
With our affiliate programs, you can pay for a guaranteed result, control the work of webmasters, and choose convenient formats of cooperation
Professional Support
You will work with a personal manager who is always ready to answer all questions about participation in the affiliate program
Fast Payback
The best advertising tools are used to promote the project. The result of participation in the affiliate program will be obtained in a few days
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Rosloto Customer Testimonials
Lacey-May Stone
I had no experience in online gambling business at all, so I had to search for a way to develop a successful site. Good for me, the professionals from Rosloto appeared just in time and offered a convenient turnkey business option. As a result – two months later, I received a fully-functional gambling platform. Thank you!
Coral West
I was desperate when I couldn’t find a reliable software provider that would offer me high-quality games for my project. When I came across Rosloto, I thought it would be just another pedestrian company. It turned out they actually had an extensive list of services to offer me. I was impressed and didn’t regret working with them.
Norman Cohen
What do you wait from a guide company when you contact them for the question of your business? Of course, decent feedback and mutual understanding. After just a 10-minute conversation with the support team form Rosloto, I figured out that the company’s management is on a high level, and eventually, they did manage to interest me with their turnkey business option.
Marissa Rollins
As for the beginning entrepreneur, I wanted somebody to explain to me how I can earn money. Now it sounds funny, but I had no clue how to run a business. The online gambling industry and Rosloto, in particular, allowed me to order a ready-made project that now brings decent income. Thanks to the company, I’m no longer that newbie woman with no idea where the money comes from.
Emilija Alvarez
The search for decent Blockchain software took me quite a long time until I encountered these guys from Rosloto. I hadn’t met such proficient experts in cryptocurrency before! Even with my extensive knowledge of the topic, they impressed me with the opportunities this direction opens in online gambling. I immediately signed up!
Skyla Hartley
No need to explain how desperate I was while searching for some reliable options to start my own business. At first, I perceived online gambling as an illegal joke. Who could have thought that a few years later, thanks to the in-depth guide from the Rosloto team, I would be running a profitable online casino that I received with the company’s turnkey option. God bless the ones who invented this way of making money!
Karan Ratcliffe
Bureaucracy isn’t my cup of tea. I have no clue how to communicate with the authorities to get the desired. But I desperately needed to license my online casino, and that’s where I received invaluable help from Rosloto. Not only did they help me find an ideal jurisdiction in my situation, but also managed to get everything done in less than 3 weeks! Unbelievable.
Emre Pugh
A limited budget isn’t what you want to have while organizing your own business project. Luckily, online gambling offered me some excellent starting options such as Franchise and White Label casino. I am particularly thankful to the people from Rosloto who explained to me everything and helped implement my first project.
Shakira Reed
I couldn’t suppose that after such severe restrictions in real life, online gambling will achieve so much success. I wouldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t get the most benefit out of it since I am a gambler by nature. With the professional help from Rosloto (a company that I met just by chance) and their convenient turnkey business solution, I now own three different platforms, all similarly profitable.
Madelaine Oconnell
I have always been dreaming of getting a franchise of a famous brand. At the same time, I couldn’t imagine that it would be connected with online gambling. But I soon understood how stereotypical people are about this industry. Hey, Rosloto guys, you are the best, and thank you for organizing a franchise option for me!
Summer-Louise Farmer
I had already had an online casino before I met Rosloto. But their extensive list of available games has completely changed the direction and, as a result, the income of my platform. Our cooperation boosted my casino so much that I could never imagine! I am endlessly grateful for the software you provide.
Maverick Mellor
It was the first time I have ever contacted a professional company, so I was quite nervous. As it turned out, that was in vain. The company’s support team was really responsive and pleasant even when my questions seemed a bit stupid and trivial. Overall, they made a tempting turnkey business offer that I couldn’t resist. Now, my profit is stable and impressive, and that’s all thanks to Rosloto and its experts.
Why Rosloto? On the Benefits of Cooperation
Legal work
Fast start guarantee
Prompt solution of any technical and legal issues
Unique selection of exclusive developments
Full payback in 2–6 months of cooperation
Find Out the Cost of the Product / Service
Prices for products and services are very flexible and depend on your wishes. Select the product / service you are interested in and ask the Rosloto manager for its cost. Our proposals fit any budget.
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The rapid development of digital technologies is giving gambling platforms’ owners new and more efficient ways to get online traffic. Modern operators have practically ceased to attract an audience on their own, shifting this task to partner networks and affiliates.

Online casino affiliate program

Rosloto experts will tell you what an online casino affiliate program is, how it works, and what benefits it brings. Read about the opportunities of the program and the nuances of choosing the most convenient solution in this article.

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Affiliate Network from the Inside: The Principles of Its Operation

Affiliate services are a special format of marketing cooperation between an owner of a gaming project and a webmaster.

The scheme of working with a gambling affiliate program

The selection of a partner

A casino owner chooses the optimal cooperation model and forms a package of advertising materials.

After registering in the system, the operator sends marketing proposals to the desired partner

The attraction of online traffic

An affiliate publishes the materials provided on his or her site. Besides, the partner is engaged in attracting active users. He or she arouses customers’ interest, motivates them to take a particular action, and creates a comfortable environment for communication

Active action

A potential client sees the ad and takes the action the advertiser needs (follows a link, registers on a gaming site, makes a deposit, etc.)

The accrual of commissions

An operator of a gaming platform pays monetary rewards to its partners for the traffic received.

Affiliates are also interested in attracting active gamblers since the sum of fees depends on the volume and quality of online traffic

The Situation on the Gambling Affiliate Market in Figures

The total turnover of the gambling industry in 2020 reached $2.262 trillion. The net revenues of gambling operators amounted to about $400 billion. More than $65 billion came from the online sector. At the same time, almost all traffic comes from affiliate networks.

Casino affiliate programs have been actively used by regional and international operators since 2014.

Here are the sums of average checks relevant for operators using casino affiliate programs in 2022:

  • 15–100 dollars — the amount of payments to webmasters for attracted clients from Asia and Eastern Europe;
  • 100–200 dollars — an average commission for users from the USA, Canada, Western Europe, and Great Britain;
  • 1–3 dollars — the cost of attracting one player from the Russian Internet segment;
  • 10–15 dollars — the price for involving one gambler from Europe and the USA.

Casino Affiliate Program: The Most Popular Payment Models

Casino affiliate program: payment models

Affiliate services are divided into several types, depending on the proposed payment system.

In 2022, the following models are considered the best ones in the gambling market:

  1. Cost per Action (CPA). The service works in conjunction with targeted advertising offers. It pays webmasters only for certain actions performed by a client on an operator’s website (registration, depositing, participation in a specific game, etc.). The peculiarity of the model is a very short payback period.
  2. Revenue Share. The casino affiliate program is focused on organic online traffic and long-term engagement. The tool is widely used along with SEO promotion. A webmaster is paid a lifetime percentage of an establishment’s revenue from the attracted client.
  3. Hybrid. This is a complex model combining multiple pay-out options including RevShare and CPA. Most often, a package with hybrid tariffs is set on individual terms. The contract contains a clause on insurance against unpredictable traffic losses (for example, a webmaster covers a casino's expenses for large pay-outs to customers).

Besides the above-described models, the following types of affiliate programs are often used in the market:

  • PPC (reward for clicks on advertising materials);
  • PPV (payment for displaying banners on a webmaster's resource);
  • PPS (commission from sales);
  • PPL (payment for a specific action by analogy with the CPA model);
  • referral system (internal rewards for attracting new affiliates).

The Most Effective Types of Advertising and Sources of Gambling Traffic

The best casino affiliates offer their customers a huge selection of marketing tools. The most popular of options are:

  • banners (photos or videos with a brief description of services, new promotions, or brands’ offers);
  • search forms (special programs for collecting primary information about users without the obligatory direct transition to an operator's website);
  • link mass (direct text or graphic links to go to a seller's resource);
  • widgets (graphic elements with information about an operator's website and his or her offers).

Affiliate networks are actively integrating new marketing programs, continuing to work with classic arbitrage formats.

According to statistics from Pin-UP Partners, more than 90% of traffic falls on the mobile segment in 2022. Therefore, the following sources bring the highest conversion:

Social Media

Despite strict limits on running gambling projects and a ban on the promotion of gambling services in some countries, Facebook is considered one of the most popular platforms for advertising casinos on social networks.

The service offers participation in its affiliate network with lots of advertising materials and powerful analytics.

Situational marketing is widely used to work with the platform. This is a type of interaction with the target audience. Its main task is to get ahead of competitors' offers.

In fact, a partner does not advertise a website directly, but the news from the world of gambling, offered by a customer. This solution provides more options for customising personal filters and allows operators to:

  • promote their brands with minimal investments;
  • expand the geography of the market;
  • gain the trust of the audience quickly;
  • find out the needs of customers unobtrusively.

Google Ads and Contextual Advertising

This is a set of ads that are shown to users based on their interests, search queries, and online behaviour. Contextual advertising consists of a headline, ad text, and a direct link to a seller's website.

Here are the advantages of these tools:

  • marketing proposals are shown to interested users who are looking for similar goods and services;
  • payments for the advertising are carried out according to the PPC scheme (only if a user clicks on an ad and goes to a customer's resource);
  • an operator chooses the maximum allowable price per click independently.

Mailing in Messengers

This is a relatively new method when a webmaster works with a ready-made user base. His or her task is to generate targeted offers and send them to potential customers via mobile platforms.

As a rule, entertainment Telegram channels, specialised news sites, and mobile landing pages with high-quality information content bring the highest conversion.

SEO Traffic

Almost all niche tools are aimed at getting the fastest possible result. SEO promotion is an exception here. Its effectiveness can be assessed only after 4-6 months. Moreover, a well-structured program will continue to attract online traffic even several years after its launch.

According to research by marketers Pin-Up Partners, monthly investments in SEO are more than $3 million. The return of the program is more than 1,000 first deposits from the whole volume of new gamblers.

Criteria for Choosing a High-Quality Affiliate Network

Affiliate network: how to choose the best one

It is worth making a final decision in favour of a particular service only based on a thorough analysis of such factors:

System Orientation

There are a lot of multidisciplinary programs in the market. However, specialised networks adapted to the gambling industry are the best variant here.

If there are too many different types of offers in a platform’s catalogue, a potential client will not be able to navigate the system easily. Besides, he or she will risk getting non-core traffic that does not generate income.


According to PMaffiliates reports, the highest traffic rates are brought by the emerging markets currently: Ukraine, India, Kyrgyzstan, etc.

Affiliate programs focused on specific regions should provide their clients with the following tools and services:

  • the adaptation of advertising materials to the local language;
  • the publication of announcements according to the time zone of a particular country;
  • the use of Geo instruments in ads;
  • the analysis of the local market’s peculiarities (for example, statistics on the prevailing types of traffic, approximate user profiles, frequency of visits, etc.).

Catalogue of Tools

An online casino with an affiliate program should have such features:

  1. A module for processing general statistics. These are complex databases that reflect the effectiveness of current strategies (from the number of clicks on an advertisement to the sum of all bets since the start of cooperating with a webmaster).
  2. Analytical data on gamblers. A multi-level program is used for assessing the actions and behavioural reactions of each client. When applying the tool, you can predict user activity schedule, the likelihood of a subsequent return to the platform, as well as the need to expand or customise bonus offers.
  3. Cohort analysis. This is a traffic volume indicator for a certain time. The main task of the program is to calculate the player's average check and the frequency of bets.
  4. Additional reporting. The catalogue of a system may contain various auxiliary services, for example, statistics on referral transfers, filters for analysing mobile traffic, analytics on promotions, reports on “negative” players for a certain time, etc.

Pay-Out Format

One of the key indicators of a high-quality affiliate program is the availability of reliable and secure payment instruments. The more services are available, the wider the audience outreach.

The list of the most popular and recognisable solutions includes:

  • bank transfers from plastic and electronic cards Visa/MasterCard;
  • international online services (Skrill, Neteller, others);
  • regional payment systems (Maestro, UMoney, etc.);
  • programs with support for cryptocurrency transactions (PayPal, WebMoney, and others).

Technical Support

The operator of a gambling platform should be able to contact the support service at any stage of working with the program. Moreover, clients of a system should be provided with optimal solutions to standard tasks and constant feedback from personal managers for resolving atypical issues.

Some platforms, in addition to customer support, offer participants specialised cases and advanced training programs.

The Main Things about iGaming Affiliate Programs

Participation in casino affiliate programs is one of the most convenient, safest, and fastest ways to receive high-quality traffic.

  • The average check for attracting a new player using an affiliate program is $1–3 for the Russian-speaking market. The price for a gambler in other countries is about 10-15 dollars. At the same time, the profitability indicator can make up more than 1,000% for experienced affiliate marketers.
  • The best affiliate models in 2022 are CPA, RevShare, and hybrid. These types of programs will allow you to get the optimal result in a short time and carefully monitor the attraction costs.
  • Social networks are one of the most popular online traffic sources. Almost all platforms offer a large selection of built-in marketing services. However, Facebook remains the best solution here (even though there are some significant restrictions on gambling advertising).
  • When choosing an affiliate program, it is imperative to consider Geo characteristics. The service must provide up-to-date language packs, programs for publishing materials following the time zone of the desired country, and adapt ads to local market specifics.
You can learn more about the nuances of working with gambling affiliates and order the connection of top services from the Rosloto studio. Our team will select an individual solution for the specific start-up and provide you with comprehensive support.

We partner with leading industry brands and offer:

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