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B4U Global Casino Payment System: the Cryptocurrency Platform for Sale

B4U Global Casino Payment System: the Cryptocurrency Platform for Sale

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The B4U Global online casino payment service is a high-technology cryptocurrency platform that was created after many years of research on the financial market and the provision of electronic transaction services.

You can order a test version of the software and connect the B4U Global casino payment system in just 2 clicks ― all you need to do is to leave an application to the managers of Rosloto and describe your wishes in detail. We offer the best range of ready-made solutions for startups of any format, an individual approach to each client, and a flexible system of discounts.

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Installation of the B4U Global Payment System: Advantages

B4U Global payment system: advantages

The B4U Global (BitLoad4U) platform was created to provide the liquidity of cryptocurrency in the global financial market and turn electronic deposits into a convenient and competitive alternative to fiat money.

The decision to install this payment system gives owners of gambling establishments the following advantages:

Broad Market Coverage

The platform grants access to a global database of IBAN banking accounts. It means that all markets are open to the operators of gaming sites, including the US market.

Speed of Transactions

It takes up to 3 days to process requests, regardless of when they were filed and what is the amount of transactions.

Commission Fee

The B4U Global online casino payment system guarantees that there are no hidden fees. All participants in the system should pay the same tax rate of 3% of the size of the deposit.

Exchange Rate

The installation of the B4U Global payment system guarantees the liquidity of virtual money and the most profitable exchange of transfers via the largest banking services:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • China UnionPay;
  • electronic payment aggregators of the international format.

The fiat currency rate is determined at the moment of the transaction (current quotes are broadcasted on the company's website in real-time).

Legal Work

The developer holds a specialised licence that was issued in Malta. You can check the validity of the permit and the compliance of the company with the established legal standards by using the C-74252 registration number.

Security System

The integration of the B4U Global casino payment system provides for the two-step authentication, the use of innovative encryption protocols for money transfers and storage of user data, and the mandatory verification of new clients by the company's internal security service.

All systems of the project operate in accordance with the established PCI-DSS standards.

How to Launch the B4U Global (BitLoad4U) Platform

B4U Global (BitLoad4U) platform: launch

You can connect this payment service as the main or the backup way to conduct money transfers.

Regardless of how you are using the product, to work with the system, you should perform the following activities:

  1. Registration request. A new client enters his data, a unique identifier (login), and a password into the program.
  2. Two-step identification. To confirm the registration request, it is necessary to activate a personal link (which is sent to the applicant's e-mail address).
  3. Conformance checking. As part of the “Know Your Client” project, the developer requests up-to-date KYC data (scans of the documents that can confirm the identity, information on bank accounts, etc.).
  4. Activation of an account. Users can access their accounts only after the confirmation of the compliance of the KYC information and the client's background check which is done by the company's internal security service.

Where to Connect the B4U Global Casino Payment Service

The B4U Global cryptocurrency aggregator can be ordered within the space of a few minutes ― just contact the Rosloto manager.

Integration stages of the B4U Global financial platform



Educational part

Rosloto employees are ready to provide you with detailed information on the capabilities and technical characteristics of the product. Moreover, we offer you to connect a test version of the software for free

Audit of a gaming site

Before connecting a financial service, a mandatory conformity assessment of the gaming site with established standards and legal regulations is made

Conclusion of an agreement

We are ready to help you to collect all the necessary documents and file a registration request and provide legal support during the purchase of the software


The installation of the B4U Global casino payment system is a rather fast process (it takes about 2 days from the moment of the conclusion of the contract to the activation of the service and the receipt of the first payments)


Our team of specialists offers free customisation of the platform in accordance with the wishes of a client

Customer support

Our responsibilities include the prompt response to requests (we work 24/7), troubleshooting, round-the-clock monitoring of the project’s performance, and free updates of the system

The Main Things About the B4U Global System

B4U Global payment service for casinos

The system is an innovative project, the aim of which is to make cryptocurrency a competitive analogue of the traditional banking system.

  • Integration of this payment service is a convenient way to reach a wider audience and receive visitors to your gambling platform from all over the world. Access to a global network of bank accounts opens attractive prospects for investors.
  • Working with the system guarantees transparent and fair transactions without hidden fees. A single fixed commission is established for all users, and its size does not exceed 3% of the deposit made.
  • You can order the connection of the payment aggregator from the Rosloto company. Our team will provide technical support (from system testing to the customisation and free updates) and detailed information on the product.

Cooperation with the Rosloto experts means a constant expansion of the range of solutions, development of turnkey online casinos, and access to the best iGaming products from the world’s leading suppliers. Also, we offer an individual approach to each client, a guarantee of confidentiality, ability to buy or rent casino games, and pleasant discounts.

Become part of the successful Rosloto family right now!

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Check the information used to contact us carefully. It is necessary for your safety.

Fraudsters can use contacts that look like ours to scam customers. Therefore, we ask you to enter only the addresses that are indicated on our official website.

Be careful! Our team is not responsible for the activities of persons using similar contact details.

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