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Paycos Casino Payment System: a Powerful Tool for Business Scaling

Paycos Casino Payment System: a Powerful Tool for Business Scaling

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Paycos is a professional financial service of an international format. The provider works with all types of banking electronic wallets, deals with debugging, and provides comprehensive business services in accordance with PCI DSS security standards.

Casino payment system from the Paycos provider

From us, you can order the connection of the Paycos casino payment system on the most beneficial terms! The Rosloto studio cooperates with the world’s leading brands and offers a wide range of effective tools for gambling projects.

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We offer diverse content, security systems based on computer-aided learning, and powerful financial modules for working with international traffic.

About the Paycos Company

The Paycos online casino payment system is a powerful digital platform that is focused only on the gambling industry.

The brand is actively working with the following areas of digital commerce:

  • forex exchanges;
  • microfinance projects;
  • betting companies;
  • owners of online casino platforms;
  • marketing agencies;
  • world-class FMCG companies.

The provider carefully chooses his partners.

All members of the service have to go through an identification process in the KYC format. In return, the system grants access to advanced payment tools and comprehensive customer support.

Payment Service in Figures

The manufacturer has gained a reputation as a reliable and professional provider of services for online business scaling.

Achievements of the developer:

  • more than 100 successful clients from the gambling sector;
  • over 50 countries to distribute services;
  • more than 50 types of fiat currencies;
  • over 20 transaction options.

The decision to connect the Paycos system allows operators to work with any traffic and the most popular payment methods. Moreover, the company takes a commission only for successful transactions (there is no fee for cancelled, interrupted or returned transfers).

Security of the Module

Paycos payment system: security

The developer is constantly improving methods with the use of which he can protect his clients and using advanced tools to control financial transactions.

Programs and protection technologies from partners of the Paycos company


This is an international information security standard for working with payment cards. Any organisation that is planning to process bank account details must comply with the established standards.

The number of the certificate of the Paycos company can be found on the official website of the provider


The installation of the Paycos payment system allows operators to work with international banking systems, such as Visa and MasterCard. The aim of the platform is to process a huge volume of requests and accept payments from any part of the world


This program controls user identification from remote devices. According to the current standards, a high-quality and secure network connection is performed only through addresses that start with https://

3-D Secure

The system has built-in interactive two-level user identification via credit and debit cards.

To confirm the operation, gamblers should provide a one-time SMS code that is sent from the bank to the phone number, which is connected to the card

Stop list

Before approving a transaction, the system checks if users are added to international and local stop lists (these are lists of blocked cards that were lost)


A patented fraud detection system. There are flexible tools that respond to any suspicious activity

Payment Tools

Integration of the Paycos system into the gambling platform provides access to any types of transactions:

  • bank transfers;
  • operations with electronic wallets;
  • mobile commerce;
  • transfers through UZCARD (Association of Banks of Uzbekistan, Central Bank, and EOCP);
  • SEPA and SWIFT payments;
  • alternative transactions.

The company not only acts as an intermediary between the casino operator and banking agents but also issues its own debit and credit cards.

The Paycos system operates in 2 modes: acceptance of payments and keeping of cash assets. Terms and amounts are not limited. Moreover, money can be converted into more than 50 currencies with the use of an internal exchanger.

Partners of the Paycos Company

The system cooperates with the major brands of the gambling industry. Operators can accept payments through the most recognisable and secure services, including:

  • MasterCard;
  • Maestro;
  • Visa;
  • Qiwi;
  • Yandex.Money;
  • WebMoney;
  • AMEX;
  • Perfect Money.

Advantages of the System

Connection of the Paycos payment system provides casinos and other enterprises that are included in the list of companies with the increased financial risk with the following benefits:

  1. Broad audience coverage. The platform is an international service that allows you to significantly expand the geography: it is possible to accept payments from more than 50 countries. The service automatically blocks traffic from all parts of the world where gambling is strictly prohibited (Iran, Syria, North Korea, etc.).
  2. Cross-platform interface. The system is designed for simple, fast, and secure interaction with any kind of traffic.
  3. Adaptability. The service is configured in accordance with the requirements of local regulators and preferences of clients: the program can be adapted to the individual design of the gambling location.
  4. Operation processing speed. One of the features of the system is the ability to customise the time and method of payment of winnings. Operators can connect automatic weekly or monthly transfers, conduct money transfers the next day after receiving a request or use other schemes of operation.
  5. Multilanguage. You can install the Paycos payment system with support for several language packages (English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese). To connect more languages, you should contact the supplier.
  6. Affiliate network. By becoming a member of the system, operators can not only provide users with reliable payment methods but also connect to the affiliate program for free.
  7. Operation in the demo mode. Before concluding a contract and buying a service, you can evaluate its work in a test mode. Moreover, the agent offers not only a demo version of the digital system but also services for the issuance of test cards.
  8. Statistics and reports. In addition to the automatic weekly mailing about the transactions, clients of the system get access to their personal accounts with tools for monitoring business operations in real-time.

Where to Connect the Paycos Payment Service

Paycos payment service: connection

To activate the service, just contact the managers of Rosloto. We guarantee a prompt response, a fair deal without hidden fees, and round-the-clock technical support.

The integration of the casino with the described system takes place according to the following scheme:

  1. Making an enquiry. The supplier guarantees that the application processing will take one day.
  2. Implementing agreement. Clients of the company are provided with a single agreement that includes all aspects of cooperation and the selected payment methods.
  3. Installation. The supplier offers to connect the Paycos payment service in several ways: with the use of seamless API protocols, integration with the proprietary CMS program, and the installation in H2H, iFrame or redirection formats.
  4. Control of payments. The platform can be launched right after the installation. Operators can use any of the selected payment methods and receive guaranteed multi-level protection against fraud.

The Main Things about the Paycos Financial Service

Working with the international system is a good way to expand the geography of distribution of gambling services and get convenient tools for being able to control financial flows and protect your business against fraud.

The integration of the Paycos system is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Adaptability. Customers receive a robust tool with a wide range of settings for customisation. The system can be customised so that you can accept local currency, add mobile services, and much more.
  • Absolute security. The service operates in accordance with international standards, has PCI DSS, Visa/MasterCard, and HTTPS TLS 1.3 certificates. Besides, the platform is connected to the patented Antifraud program, which prevents fraud.
  • Fast installation. Operators guarantee the processing of requests within one business day. Several integration options are used to connect services, including batch API protocols.
  • Detailed statistics. You can control financial flows within the system in real-time. The manufacturer also provides an automatic weekly mailing list with detailed reports on the approved and rejected transactions.
  • Affiliate program. Casino owners can become a member of the provider's affiliate network and receive referral payments for the promotion of Paycos products.
  • Keeping of cash assets. The service can be used not only for processing and controlling the security of payments but also as a platform for unlimited storage of funds.
  • Demo version. Operators can evaluate the agent’s quality and efficiency for free. Moreover, the company offers a trial version of the digital platform and the issuance of test cards.

To order the integration of Paycos services, you will need just a couple of minutes. Our managers will offer you special terms and conditions of the transaction and a personal discount.

The Rosloto studio offers:

Operators will get access to the latest releases of the market: social games, live content, developments in 3D and VR formats, and much more.

For all questions, please contact us.

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Check the information used to contact us carefully. It is necessary for your safety.

Fraudsters can use contacts that look like ours to scam customers. Therefore, we ask you to enter only the addresses that are indicated on our official website.

Be careful! Our team is not responsible for the activities of persons using similar contact details.

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