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Casino Software Betgenius (Genius Sports): Licensed Products

Casino Software Betgenius (Genius Sports): Licensed Products

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The European provider Betgenius (the company's new name is Genius Sports) has developed an advanced system for sports traders and live broadcasts of top competitions.

The manufacturer's portfolio includes universal solutions for organisers of gambling activities, including a powerful platform and gamification tools.

Casino software from Betgenius (Genius Sports)

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A Few Facts about the Developer

The Betgenius firm was founded in 2001 in London. The company specialises in the production of digital solutions for the entertainment industry. Its author's line contains products for bookmakers, organisers of gambling activities, and lottery draws.

Mark Locke, chief executive of the company, noticed:

Our mission is to promote a stable gaming and sports ecosystem. We offer high-quality data, content, and products for enhancing gamblers’ experience.

Here is the key information about the provider:

  • The company employs more than 1,800 specialists in the field of programming, QA engineering, nanotechnology, management, and advertising. The firm's offices are located in Sofia, Vilnius, Tallinn, New York, Medellin, and Los Angeles.
  • In 2016, Betgenius merged with SportingPulse International (a sports data delivery operator). The new name of the company is Genius Sports. Its main activity is the creation of multi-tasking solutions for the gambling industry.
  • The turnkey casino from Betgenius and other developments of the provider has received prestigious awards at the Sports Emmy, Malta Gaming Awards, London ICE, and other international exhibitions.
  • Since 2021, the company's shares have been traded on the London Stock Exchange. It is expected that the manufacturer's gross income will reach $59 billion by 2025 (according to forecasts by H2 Gambling Capital analysts).
  • The provider has entered into numerous lucrative contracts with well-known representatives of the entertainment industry. In 2019, an agreement was signed with NASCAR (association of sports car racing) for the exclusive supply of live content. The online casino provider Betgenius (Genius Sports) cooperates with the German Football Association, the Portuguese Premier League, and other sports organisations.

Key Features of the Software

The main reasons to connect a casino from the vendor are as follows:

High security

The software is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Regulator, and other respected authorities.

The company maintains safe operation in selected jurisdictions, provides multi-level user identification and 100% protection of a gambling project’s perimeter

Cross-platform work

Betgenius’ turnkey casinos and other solutions are easy to launch in all browsers and operating systems.

Gamers can play and place bets on desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile devices from Apple, Samsung, and Huawei, etc.

Besides, the installation of the software is available on offline equipment — betting machines, self-service terminals, and land-based cabinets

Cloud architecture

The provider uses Amazon Web Services EU to store and process confidential information. This is data about customers and B2B partners.

The use of cloud servers ensures good performance and the safety of software.

The Betgenius (Genius Sports) casino software works perfectly even during critical loads on the infrastructure of an iGaming project. The program components guarantee its stability and easy scalability.

The product’s non-failure operating time is 99.8%

Good feature set

An operator receives a full package of tools for the quick launch of a gambling resource and smooth deployment in regulated markets.

The software can be used to open an online casino, a bookmaker's office, and a website for selling lottery terminals

24/7 support

The company's specialists consult operators and their clients on all technical and organisational issues. This list includes help with setting up exchange operations, registering and verifying players, withdrawing earned money, etc.

The customer support service works 24/7

Marketing Mechanics for the Gambling Industry

Betgenius gambling software: marketing tools

It is worth connecting a casino from the vendor, as well as its other products along with useful promotional tools.

Branded features are focused on attracting a solvent audience and retaining regular customers. The mechanics are characterised by breath-taking designs, unpredictable outcomes, and social interactions.

Effective Methods of Gamification

Betgenius’ (Genius Sports) casino software contains such solutions:

  1. Fantasy content. This is a virtual environment where fans buy and trade players, manage their teams, and participate in dynamic competitions. The solution is available in four variations — Draft Fantasy, Salary Cap, Team Competition, and Weekly Fantasy.
  2. Tournaments of predictors. Fans determine what place the selected team will take at the end of the season. Users can also guess the starting line-up for each match or the players who will take the field most often. The tool is gaining popularity in the second half of the season when the intermediate table position of teams is more or less clear.
  3. Quizzes. These are mini-surveys with instant winners and substantial pay-outs. Operators can use ready-made templates or create personalised quizzes based on a site’s content. The program automatically generates a series of questions and answers to them.

The Use of Large Data Arrays

Betgenius’ casino software was created using Big Data technology. Its essence lies in mathematical algorithms for processing huge amounts of information (facts about gamers and their preferences, B2B partners, transactions, etc.).

The use of Big Data provides:

  • high-quality segmentation of the audience (depending on the content being viewed, participation in sweepstakes, minimum and maximum bet levels);
  • the control over the correct distribution of bonuses and cashback;
  • effective attraction of new players to sites through social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.);
  • the improvement of communication with a permanent audience.

It is advisable to integrate the branded software with an internal CRM system for operators. Entrepreneurs can create personalised videos, e-mails, and social media posts to target particular customer groups and specific players.

Product Line for the Betting Market

The gambling software by Betgenius (Genius Sports) contains several original solutions for the sports betting industry.

The Live Data Trading Platform

The company transmits official data streams to its traders directly from the stadium with minimal delay. They evaluate and manage live events and create a balanced betting line with hundreds of live and pre-match odds.

The data is verified by more than 8,000 statisticians around the world. In addition, the developer team employs over 500 experienced analysts. They are well versed in the betting market. Besides, the experts follow the latest news and insider info from the world of sports.

The features of the Live Data Trading platform are as follows:

  • above 400 markets per game with different types of bets (single and accumulator bets, totals, and multiple pools);
  • over 100 offered competitions (from popular team competitions to such exotic sports as surfing or yachting);
  • more than 12 thousand opportunities in one game (betting on live and pre-match results, cancellation and exchange of wagers, contests and quizzes, online sweepstakes, and prediction tournaments).

The program comes with the innovative BetBuilder tool. The solution allows operators to form multi-level combinations of bets, focusing on standard odds, the declared margin level, and flexible settings.

BetBuilder offers a wide range of points, team and player details, different mathematical models and algorithms for creating an event line. A client can form and place a bet independently. A bookmaker earns money thanks to the floating margin.

Video Streaming Genius Live

The provider owns exclusive rights to broadcast top events within the NFL, Premier League, NCAA, CFL, Euroleague, Dimayor Colombia, and other international associations. Live content is available on the developer’s official website and its B2B partners’ resources, as well as on popular streaming services.

The main reasons to buy the casino software are as follows:

Good image quality

The company supplies live video and on-request broadcasts in Full HD.

The panoramic view is achieved through the use of modern equipment (cameras, DVRs, motion sensors) with a 180-degree view.

The unmanned system captures the entire tennis court or football field, ensuring high audience engagement

Cost optimisation

There is no need to hire an expensive team to deliver live content.

The branded AI-powered software monitors and scales every game without third-party specialists or additional software

Monetisation of projects

Operators can add live statistics, advertising banners, and sponsor logos to raise additional marketing funds.

Innovative technology allows the integration of a sponsor's branded elements. For example, you can start a logo animation after a goal is scored or before/after video replays

The gambling software by Betgenius (Genius Sports) contains options for:

  • the supply of exclusive content with a VIP subscription;
  • the publication of dynamic video reviews;
  • the visualisation of key game moments;
  • the creation of original clips with powerful graphics and animation.

Multitasking Sportsbook

The company provides a modular solution with high flexibility and easy adaptation to the requirements of specific jurisdictions. A bookmaker can choose the necessary components of the system based on his or her experience and accumulated base.

The key elements of the software are as follows:

  1. Event line. Sports data is created and provided using the proprietary Live Data Trading platform. An entrepreneur can order the supply of exclusive sports odds with a good betting line and a floating margin.
  2. Live broadcasts. Genius Sports offers wagers on more than 500 competitions worldwide. The company guarantees the best quality of high reliability of service.
  3. Back office. It includes an admin panel with a wide range of management functions, flexible settings, and a powerful analytical base. Entrepreneurs can track user and cash flows in real-time, generate financial reports and optimise business risks.
  4. Marketing tools. This is an extensive loyalty program with various bonuses, flexible cashback, points, prediction tournaments, fantasy competitions, contests, leaderboards, and other activities.

How to Integrate a Casino from the Studio?

Betgenius turnkey casino: API tools

The company has developed flexible API tools for the comfortable and secure installation of the branded software.

The installation process takes a minimum of time and does not require any technical skills from a customer. Information is transmitted over encrypted SSL channels. This ensures the complete protection of clients’ data.

The connection of the Genius Live video streaming takes 30 minutes. The company performs all the necessary settings. It also rents out modern equipment (cameras, motion sensors, touch and screens).

The Main Things about the Gambling Software by Betgenius (Genius Sports)

The vendor is a leading provider of multitasking solutions for the entertainment industry. The firm occupies a strong position in the North American and European markets.

  • The software is marked by high security, cross-platform work, and a wide range of functions. The manufacturer uses the Amazon Web Services EU cloud architecture to ensure maximum performance of programs and full protection of confidential data.
  • The provider has developed a collection of marketing tools for better attraction and retention of customers. These are fantasy entertainment solutions, predictor tournaments, contests, and quizzes. The company uses Big Data algorithms for high-quality audience segmentation, improved communication with players, and control over the correct distribution of bonuses.
  • The product line for the betting market includes the branded Live Data Trading platform, Genius Live video streaming service, and a universal sportsbook.

You can order the provider's premium software from the Rosloto studio.

We offer different software installation formats — as a completely independent solution and a software package of turnkey projects. This is a universal online casino and a profitable bookmaker project.

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