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MOHIO Gaming Competence: Selling Innovative Software for Betting Platforms

MOHIO Gaming Competence: Selling Innovative Software for Betting Platforms

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MOHIO Gaming Competence brand has started its activity in 2009 and has established itself as a successful and reliable developer of innovative products for the gaming industry. The creators of the company chose a special development policy — the adaptation of software products to the needs and preferences of the modern user.

All brand solutions are designed in such a way that any product can be certified and promoted on the gambling market on a completely legal basis.

Gaming developer MOHIO Gaming Competence

More about the developer features, the offers of MOHIO Gaming Competence and the fine distinctions of the company’s products distribution you can find out further in the article.

Become part of the gambling business together with Rosloto. Turning to our managers, you can always download a demo version of the betting software from MOHIO Gaming Competence at no cost, order a line of ready-made products for existing entertainment services or buy a casino designed according to your unique sketches.

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MOHIO Gaming Competence in the International Gambling Market

The basis for the establishment of the company was the numerous prior experiences of the founders and unique innovative ideas. The brand owes for its creative name to one of its founders — Andreas Neubauer. The word “MOHINO” was heard by him in Australia. It has Zelanian origin. The literal translation is “competence and knowledge”. The deep meaning of this concept became the credo of this sportsbook.

The brand is completely independent and self-financing, and the main sportsbook block of stocks is divided between the two founders. Today, the brand’s products are successfully distributed on four continents: South and North America, Africa and Eurasia. At the same time, developers are constantly trying to discover new markets — the main emphasis is on countries in which the brand is little-known or has not yet started its work.

Official representative offices of MOHIO Gaming Competence are located in Ukraine, South Africa and Australia. The founders expressed their desire to adapt their developments in accordance with the legislative norms of each country in the territory of which gambling products will be used.

MOHIO Gaming Competence advantages

According to the founders, MOHIO company is more than loyal to its competitors and keeps the largest players of the modern gambling sector up.

Betting Software from MOHIO Gaming Competence

MOHIO betting software is a benchmark of quality, reliability and creativity. The developer offers not only standard entertainment and a line to recognizable sports events but also quite interesting solutions, for example, betting on dog races (more about the brand’s products will be discussed later).

One of the main software features is the maximum operating speed. Solutions of MOHIO Gaming Competence can significantly reduce the “distance” between online games, bets and the player himself. 3D technology and real-time broadcasting provide additional realism to the events.

Sportsbook with MOHIO Gaming Competence discovers completely new horizons for operators and gives the following advantages:

  • quick contact and start of cooperation;
  • a large line of products for gambling sites of different formats (solutions for betting shops, land-based terminals, browsers and Internet cafes);
  • dependability and continuous operation;
  • automatic free updates of the system;
  • qualified support in 24/7 format;
  • multilanguage support;
  • minimum requirements for the technical characteristics of facilities;
  • back office (continuous remote control of the betting network);
  • a rich selection of gaming content.

Distribution of MOHIO Gaming Competence Services

The MOHIO Gaming Competence brand is ready to offer its partners the following set of solutions for promotion on the betting market:

The Main Distribution Channels of MOHIO Products



The TV in land-based betting shops

Convenient and functional version for ground points. All game events are broadcasted on TV screens, betting and payments are carried out by the staff of the sportsbook

The game from home

A set of products for betting on the Internet. Now your favourite game is always at hand and there is no need to visit the ground location

Self-service terminals

Practical and functional facilities, equipped with a touch panel and a convenient navigation system. The intuitive user interface allows to fully automate the betting process and organize a betting platform without a large staff

Video-terminals for the lottery draw

An interactive solution designed specifically for lotteries. Access is organized according to the standard “player/online system server” with the ability to integrate one or more remote points

Set of software for stationary devices in the Internet cafes

The software allows not only to make bets in the most comfortable atmosphere but also to carry out financial transactions in the shortest possible time

MOHIO Gaming Competence Products

The betting shop offers a great range of gaming solutions that are available in two formats:

  1. Products to launch online.
  2. Content for betting shops.

MOHIO Gaming betting products

Betting products are represented by the following line:

Colour Bat

It is an interesting “hybrid” of keno and lottery ticket. This entertainment is based on a completely new concept and involves the use of not only numerical values but also colour combinations. The range consists of five forms of betting and multi-level system of jackpots.

Red Keno

The game is broadcast continuously. The user is offered 80 numeric values and 2 bonus elements. The game has two types of awards: jackpot and super jackpot. To win, you can choose one of four unique strategies.

Flash Soccer

The solution pleases with a very short game cycle and a wide range of individual settings. The game features the main participants of the events (depending on the current season), and users can try their hand in the pursuit of two jackpots.

Drone Racing

Innovative product for fans of creative entertainment. This is an air racing drones, exciting for its vividness. In addition to the full sense of the reality of what is happening, the client receives a flexible system of individual settings and a good chance to hit an attractive jackpot with several levels of payments.

Street Racer

The content is developed using HTML5 technology and is supported on any operating platforms (including mobile systems). The game is designed in a three-dimensional format and is broadcast continuously. There are new events all the time, also the jackpot is provided.

Darts Bet

Exciting entertainment in 3D format. The highlight of this software is the continuous broadcasting mode and the ability to place five types of bets at once: deposits on coloured sectors (pockets of green or red), betting on a single throw, two actions or a triple hit. Operators set up the jackpot personally.

Circus Fortune

The content is adapted to any operating platform. The developers offered a bet of two formats — standard and express. There is a bonus element in the form of an additional wheel and a fixed jackpot.

Western Keno

It is a creative “hybrid” of the roulette wheel and keno ticket. New events occur regularly. The gamblers offered combined bets, the jackpot and the launch of entertainment on any operating system.

Kings Jewels

The system gladdens of the rapid game loop and a built-in bonus location. New events occur in continuous mode. The content is designed to support mobile platforms and pleases with the presence of a good jackpot.

Sports Bet Live & Pre Match

In the portfolio of MOHIO Gaming Competence, there are up to 5 thousand competitions every month. The product is equipped with a built-in monitoring system with a continuous broadcasting option. A multi-level bonus system and a wide range of combined bets are available to customers.

Keno Bet

1-8 prize values from 80 numbers drop per each session. Content pleases with the presence of four forms of play, excellent playback speed and jackpot.

Poker Bet Single Table

The solution allows betting on the results of Texas Holdem sessions. There are combined and doubled forms of deposits. An interesting feature is the ability to take an accelerated course of learning the game.

Poker Bet Multi Table

Holdem broadcast comes from three zones, herewith at the tables can be a different number of users. The content pleases with a large number of simultaneous wins, the option of betting on several participants and a rich line of bets. The broadcast is carried out without interruption (24/7).

Black Jack Bet

Bets on several participants, bet against the dealer and bet on a certain numerical value are available. There are a quick game mode and a jackpot.

Dog & Horse Racing Bet

Horses and dogs are running in these races. As a rule, 6-8 four-legged participants can be chosen for the session. The broadcast takes place in 24/7 format. In addition to the rich range of bets, for fans of excitement are available the individual and network jackpots. There is an opportunity to take part in unique bonus draws. Also, an option of simultaneous viewing of multiple games within a single interface is provided.

In Conclusion

MOHIO Gaming Competence brand is an innovative player in the international betting market. It not only has earned the reputation of a reliable partner but also managed to offer its customers unique solutions that competitors do not have in their range.

All MOHIO content is a combination of three-dimensional graphics, amazing vividness, adaptability to any operating platform and a unique bonus system.

The developer has taken care of all aspects of the implementation and promotion of gaming systems and offered the best set of means for a quick start with high guarantees of profitability.

You can always become a part of the MOHIO Gaming Competence family with the help of Rosloto company. We are ready to offer a free test version of the gaming system for betting shops and choose the best set of products for gambling projects of any format.

The line includes the best deals from the most solid leaders in the gambling industry. An additional upside of cooperation is the opportunity to order an exclusive project.

We are ready to turn into reality the most creative and unusual ideas! Order MOHIO Gaming Competence system and start perspective gambling business since today!

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