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Rosloto proposes you to open an online casino with Canadian permission. Such a profitable acquisition will bring your business to an absolutely new level. In addition, this is a great way to attract new players with a high level of income because the gambling business in Canada is very popular today. Moreover, it is considered a normal part of everyday life.

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The Advantages of Online Casinos in Canada

Gambling business in Canada has several undeniable benefits:

  1. Prestige increasing. Working in North America is promising in terms of attracting investments and growing the brand’s popularity. In general, the launch of a casino with a license of Canada is considered a profitable capital expenditure, which affects the image of the company favourably.
  2. International markets entering. The purchase of an online casino in Canada is a good impetus for scaling up the business and its successful presentation at the international level.
  3. Decent profit. The country is characterised by economic and social well-being, as well as by one of the highest GDP per capita. Locals love and know how to play games in a casino with a license of Canada. Moreover, the level of income contributes to this.
  4. Access to international bank transfers. Companies can make transactions using SWIFT and IBAN systems, and receive loans from local commercial institutions.
  5. A variety of gaming services. Firms are entitled to open online casinos in Canada, as well as launch other gambling projects. These can be lotteries, online sweepstakes, land-based gaming establishments, and other profitable soluare aretions.

Gambling Business in Canada 

The country is divided into 13 provinces, which authorities act as regulators of the gambling market. Only several laws are common to the whole country. All other issues are under responsibility of the regional authorities.

Gambling business in Canada: laws

Available Gaming Directions

The main differences are related to the spread of certain types of gambling business in Canada.


Type of gambling

British Columbia

Horseraces, Keno, lotteries, bingo, video slots


Betting, online casinos, charity games


Horseraces, lottery draws, land-based casinos


Betting on sporting events, offline gambling clubs, lotteries


Slot machines, casinos. Online slots are available only on the PlayOLG official site


Betting on sporting events, virtual casinos

New Brunswick

Horseraces, virtual gaming resources

Prince Edward Island

Horseraces, offline gaming clubs, charity tournaments

Nova Scotia

Betting on sporting events, lotteries, casinos

Newfoundland and Labrador

Lotteries, sweepstakes, online casinos

Northwest Territories

Online gambling. Ground-based casinos are legalized, but they are absent because of the low population number


Three-day gambling events held under the auspices of charitable and religious organizations; betting and virtual casinos


Horse racing, lotteries, sports betting

As you can see, each territory has an extensive list of gambling directions, which provides some manoeuvrability for the company's actions. Experts recommend focusing primarily on those provinces where opening a virtual casino with a license of Canada is allowed.

Each territory has its own requirements for admission of gamblers to local institutions. As a rule, all individuals must be over 19 years old; in some cases, the age limit increases to 21 years; in other situations, it is 18 years.

Gambling Licensing

All issues related to the issuance and extension of permits are considered by the local authorities of each province, represented by the Crown corporations. Gambling in Canada involves obtaining licenses not only for gambling services but also for the sale of gaming equipment and the development of specialized software for gambling clubs.

Gambling business licensing in Canada

Entrepreneurs who decided to launch a project in the field of iGaming should choose the province where they plan to work. Each territory puts forward its own requirements for obtaining a license:

  • As usual, it is necessary to prepare a portfolio of documents confirming the registration, legitimacy, and the financial condition of the business.
  • The businessman should provide comprehensive information about the founders and shareholders of the company, as well as persons holding senior positions.
  • The technical documentation is also of great importance (business plans, quality certificates, contracts of equipment suppliers, hosting, and server rental agreements). The list of documents depends on the requirements of a particular province.

As for the specific conditions, they are associated with some aspects (the term of the license, types of permits, taxation, etc.).

For example, British Columbia works with four categories of licenses. They are ranked according to the size of profit received from the gambling sector.

A similar principle is used in Yukon, and all permits are issued for 12 months.

In Quebec and Ontario, operators are required to deposit part of their profits (up to 15%) to municipal authorities. In return, they are exempted from some taxes and duties.

Where to Order a Casino

The Rosloto team will help you launch a profitable and promising gaming project. We have great experience of working in leading world jurisdictions, including North America.

A turnkey online casino in Canada is an especially popular option among our products. This is a full-fledged and ready-to-launch solution. You can get a virtual resource with a universal set of video slots, a multi-profile payment module, and interesting bonus programs. The main thing is the presence of permission. Therefore, the customer does not need to go through a lengthy and expensive licensing process. 

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Author: Clara Hazel
iGaming business expert
Updated 30.06.2023
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