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Efficacious Casino Fraud Protection Featurespace: Right Investment for Your Business

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Most gambling companies sooner or later face problems of reliability and cybersecurity. Many of them are constantly exposed to DDoS attacks, piracy, theft of financial savings, and other illegal actions by fraudsters.

Casino fraud protection from the Featurespace provider

To protect your business from intruders, Rosloto recommends you to buy the casino security software from Featurespace. This is a good solution with maximum benefits for your project.

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A Few Essential Facts about the Brand

The English-based company is one of the world leaders in adaptational analysis of behaviour. The software based on this technique meets global efficiency and quality standards.

Initially, the manufacturer operated as a structural division of C.U. Its founders are Bill Fitzgerald and Dave Excel.

The department was responsible for the implementation of machine learning in informational technologies. The vendor's products received a positive response from many industries. Therefore, in 2008 the firm with a rather strong background was re-registered as a separate economic entity.

Nowadays, the developer releases multitasking software to guard businesses from illegal access by third parties. Ready-made offerings are focused primarily on the virtual sector. The brand's products are used in e-commerce, telecommunications services, insurance, gambling, and the monetary sector.

The company's performance looks impressive:

  • about 500 million customers have been secured from fraud over the entire period of the brand's operation;
  • 50.4 million applications are processed per year;
  • 100% of hacker attacks and attempts of illegal interference were declined.

The brand's headquarters are located in Cambridge (UK). The firm's staff consists of over 100 professionals in the field of IT, testing, management, finance, and law.

ARIC Risk Hub

As already mentioned, the realisation of the safety programs is one of the leading directions in the manufacturer's work.

The product solves numerous complex tasks:

  1. The prevention of malicious code embedding.
  2. The analysis of risky transactions for their compliance with the legislation of a particular jurisdiction.
  3. The fight against reverse engineering, piracy, theft of intellectual property, and other methods of unfair competition.
  4. The avoidance of hacker and DDoS attacks that may deactivate a gaming portal.
  5. Combating multi-accounting, the collusion of gamers, dishonest play, and reward abuse.

Features of the Programs

Featurespace casino security software: features

The Featurespace casino fraud protection is a multi-component toolkit.

To ensure safety, the creator applies several business processes at once. This approach helps the brand achieve the flawless operation of a project.

Consider the functional elements of ARIC Risk Hub:

Fraud Prevention Software

The platform allows website owners to manage risks both at the level of individual users and globally.

Its main task is to detect distrustful actions and prioritise alerts with an explanation of anomalies.

To ensure casino security, the Featurespace firm uses machine learning. It analyses the activity of each user in several parameters at once

Risk Management

This is a universal product for combating financial crimes. It automates decision-making to eliminate risky operations.

ARIC Risk Hub is successfully applied in the largest banks, payment systems, and retail outlets in the world


The verification helps managers identify each user. Special knowledge-based algorithms (KBA) and PIN-code (OTP), as well as behavioural biometrics technologies, are used for this task. Besides, the vendor applies modern API techniques.

These components provide one hundred per cent safety of confidential data. A website owner needs just to integrate the software.

Reasons to Connect the Verification Featurespace for Casinos

The Authentication Module is the third interlink in the ARIC Risk Hub multi-component unit.

Gamer authorisation using can be performed in two ways:

  • during the registration and each next login;
  • at the time of the first and each subsequent monetary operation (deposit/withdrawal, money transfer, etc.).

Featurespace verification for casinos: connection

The program set is based on adaptational biometrics:

  1. It uses behaviour-based data from websites and mobile apps. This is necessary to define abnormalities, including spoofing, malware, and MITM.
  2. The system receives, processes and analyses client data. It groups thousands of events per second meeting the needs of a business.

It is as easy to connect the Featurespace verification for casinos. The installation will take only a few minutes thanks to seamless API technologies.

Additional Capabilities

To ensure fraud protection, the vendor has introduced many useful functions into its programs:

  • ARIC Open Modelling Environment. This is a world-class design studio for the creation of individual ARIC security models in multiple standard languages.
  • Three levels of reporting. The interface of ARIC Risk Hub comes with info bars and reports on risk, analytics, and project efficiency. It is worth noting also detailed documentation of all operations. Besides, it is possible to request analytics of the most demanded slot machines.
  • User-friendly menu. Operators get easy, intuitive access to polylingual inquiry tools, incident and notification management, network check, and behaviour-based biometrics.
  • Simple administration. A businessman can form groups and hierarchies of clients, manage them, and provide personalised service packages.
  • Technical support. The company provides qualified assistance 24/7.

The Main Things about the Vendor’s Instruments

The ID verification for casinos Featurespace is a breakthrough offer that will bring any business to a new level:

  • the multifunctional system with different responsibility areas;
  • durable protection against hacker attacks, piracy, and other illegal actions by fraudulent organisations;
  • professional check of payments for riskiness and compliance with the legislation;
  • sophisticated gamer authorisation module that allows entrepreneurs to identify intruders and provide decent service to real users;
  • numerous additional features: modelling studio, detailed reporting, flawless support.

Choose Rosloto to connect the software Featurespace to protect the casino. The company offers turnkey start-ups and high-quality support at all stages of cooperation, as well as a flexible price policy for each client.

Turn to our manager and learn more about beneficial iGaming offers.

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Clara Hazel
Author: Clara Hazel
iGaming business expert
Updated 10.02.2023
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