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Golden Race: Sports Betting Software for Sale

Golden Race: Sports Betting Software for Sale

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Imagine an operating system that will help you to create an affluent online betting shop and offer customers a rich line of betting events. This is exactly the Golden Race platform.

In the assortment of the company — full-featured solutions for ground-located sportsbook and betting shops on the Internet. 3D games, virtual sports, horse and dog racing, as well as poker, keno and even live Lotto — there are all kinds of gambling entertainment that will help you to make great money on the gambling site.

Let us see what is good about software from Golden Race and why it is necessary to give preference to this manufacturer.

Are you in search of a special platform to create an online betting shop or land-based office? Order the quality software in the Rosloto company. We work only with top suppliers, including the Golden Race company. Our experts will select programs that will help you to achieve financial goals in the shortest possible time.

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What Is Necessary to Know About Golden Race Products?

The company was established in 2006 and then released its first software for betting on dog racing. It is still considered one of the most successful releases in the field of gambling software. Then, more than 8,000 copies of the program were sold to the operators of betting sites.

After a bright start, the manufacturer decided to focus on the development of products for other types of gambling entertainment, for example, virtual betting solutions were created.

The Specificity of the Software from This Provider

Today the company offers excellent platforms for land-based betting shops and betting on the Internet, as well as software for online casinos. The secret of the provider’ success is to develop a comprehensive solution that fits perfectly to other platforms.

The Golden Race corporation in facts and figures

Currently, the Golden Race team is working on new platforms for football, tennis, karting — and all this stuff is in the 3D virtual format.

The manufacturer is constantly engaged in the improvement of existing software products so that operators and bettors can even more often make bets and get more pleasure from this process.

Golden Race sells different operating systems in many countries and is constantly expanding. The main office of this developer is situated in Malta, two more support and development centres are established in Spain.

Successes and Achievements

Golden Race is proud of its team that creates innovative products and is recognized by the entire gambling world. High quality of development and responsible approach were noticed by the Sports Betting Community organization.

The software has received numerous awards:

Year The name of the awards
2016 The best new software for virtual sports
2018 The best virtual football product
2018 The best gaming innovations in virtual sports

Advantages of Golden Race Platforms

Under the Golden Race brand are produced gambling programs and complex products for virtual sports betting, which are created considering the needs of operators and their customers.

The manufacturer tries to offer only advanced, unique, convenient and, most importantly, remunerative systems for betting shops managing in online and offline formats.

To keep the status of the major developer of platforms for virtual sports, programmers of the corporation every day make efforts, working on the improvement of already released products and endlessly coming up with useful functions, novelties for the partners.

The Main Merits of the Golden Race Software:

  • Availability. All Golden Race programs are simple in operating. The functionality is clear to both players and operators.
  • Reliability. Data transfer always takes place through secure channels, so the personal and banking data of betters are effectively protected.
  • Excellent service. This supplier not only provides software but also assists partners throughout the whole existence of gambling sites. Administration and technical support are available at any time.
  • Regular update. Technologies are developing, requirements to software security and functionality are increasing, competition is growing. Golden Race is constantly releasing updates so you can enjoy the latest software and work efficiently.
  • White Label. Golden Race has “clean” package of offers with pre-installed programs and all necessary modules. All you need to do is to prepare the design, logo, title, configure the parameters — and you can already receive bets on sporting.

Betting Programs from Golden Race

Sports betting programs

The provider’s developments are aimed at gambling when the operator receives bets from bettors. But the Golden Race company managed to go beyond the usual framework of betting on the outcome of the event.

Today, due to the advanced technologies, it is possible to bet on virtual games in 4 formats:

  • 3D. The game is based on a random number generator, so its outcome is chosen randomly. At the same time, users enjoy high-quality graphics and plunge into a completely different gaming space. The entertainment lasts from 30 seconds to 5-10 minutes, so the process is several times faster and becomes even more profitable for the operator.
  • HD. Games, preliminary recorded on video, are held and end several times faster than usual, but they allow to feel the atmosphere of real competitions. The most popular directions are racing. The portfolio of Golden Race includes as many as 5 varieties of the operating system for racing, which involves motorcycles, dogs, horses. There are speedway and karting. Together with this, there is software for betting on boxing and basketball matches.
  • Live-games are interesting because they are held by live presenters. The participant can make a bet from anywhere in the world and enjoy the prize draw. Broadcast is of high quality. Today Mega Six and Live Keno games are available and Super Seven is in development.
  • Virtual gaming. These are card games familiar to gamblers: baccarat, poker, roulette, keno and spin win games. The peculiarity is that the user does not participate in the game, but only monitors the process and can bet on the one who will win.

As you can see, the range of Golden Race has everything to create a modern and interesting betting shop with virtual sports betting. It is a profitable, fast-paying back and very promising business.

Provider’s Gaming Platforms

Both software and related services from the Golden Race provider meet the needs and expectations of operators who are happy to enter into partnership agreements with the manufacturer, purchasing software to receive all kinds of bets.

If above we have considered separate programs that provide gameplay, now it is worth looking at the basic Golden Race platforms that can help to maintain the entire site, monitor the efficiency of its work, accept and send payments.

Selection of the platform is as important as the gaming content. Doubly well, if the foundation of the software and the games are released by the same developer. Therefore, you can be 100% sure in the stable operation of the site.

So, what the software platform the Golden Race has?

Platforms for Land-based Betting Shops

Land-based betting shop

The provider has been finalizing its solution for ground sportsbook for several years and now proudly promotes it on the market. This is a unique software with the necessary functions to manage a business of any scale: at least a network of betting shops across the country just as well as one small office in your hometown.

The betting shop software is designed perfectly: it is loaded quickly, connects to events for betting, can automatically receive bets and send winnings. At the same time, the picture quality is at the highest level.

Together with the software the Golden Race company offers to purchase the equipment. Special boxes Golden BOX are connected to computers, TVs and contain all the necessary programs. This is a fast and reliable way to launch your own betting shop in a few days with minimal investments.

Online Casino Platform

A basic program that combines a back office, casino tracking functions, a set of games or betting programs. It is ideal for an aspiring entrepreneur who is looking for software for an ambitious project.

Golden Race web casino platform:

  • supported by all modern browsers;
  • multilingual;
  • multicurrency.

It is interesting that this developer has laid not only the opportunity to conduct a virtual game traditionally on schedule. Now players also have the opportunity to scroll the competition to the end of or not to watch the match and immediately look at the results.

Using the back office from Golden Race, the operator can configure the key moments of the broadcast of games (for example, the duration of events, breaks between them, the launch of some matches after others, etc.).

This flexible setting allows running all the games at the same time, one after the other or in any order. It all depends on the operator’s desire and the audience’s requests. But it is obvious that the Golden Race platform discovers the incredible opportunities to manage own business.

This approach made the games shorter, the whole betting process faster, and the number of betting cycles larger. Of course, this situation has led to an increase in operator revenues.

How to Purchase Software from Golden Race?

The provider’s software is really unique. It has unusual features, a fresh approach to the issue of betting on the Internet and the collective work of dozens of programmers. This operating system will definitely help you to create a successful betting shop and earn as much as you want.

You can buy the original Golden Race software from Rosloto specialists. Here you will find everything you need to launch and effectively promote the betting shop. In addition, you can buy a casino, order the connection of payment systems and even entrust customer service to our operators.


Regardless of whether you are focused on the network or plan to launch land-based sportsbook, Golden Race software is suitable for both purposes. In addition, it is easy to connect a new format, if you want to expand your business.

Do not postpone it until tomorrow, contact us right now — and we will help you to turn into reality your wildest fantasies in the field of gambling.

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