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Reasons to Launch an Online Casino in Brazil
Large Population
The huge population will allow you to cover a large audience and gain the attention of gambling enthusiasts who are ready to play real money games and make substantial bets
Favourable Gaming Laws
Work in the Brazilian entertainment industry within the framework of the legislation thanks to the loyalty of the authorities and the local population to foreign resources
Universal Licence
An offshore permit will let you provide gaming services in Brazil and other countries on simplified taxation conditions and without additional fees from a regulatory body
Efficient Promotion
Use our efficient marketing tools and methods to make your online gambling brand recognisable and successful in Brazil and gain the attention of solvent gambling enthusiasts
Fast Self-Sufficiency
Make sure that the online projects developed by our team can pay off in just three-six months after their launch. Earn decent profits with our reliable support
Information Support
Find out about all the intricacies of the gaming business in Brazil by contacting our employees. We are always ready to answer any questions regarding the iGaming field
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One of the biggest expectations of the global gaming industry is the amendments in Brazilian gambling laws. With a total number of residents reaching 210 million, the country is one of the most encouraging sectors for this industry. Since basically nothing in Brazil is directed with regards to gaming, it is impressive to see the nation make some progress lately.

Online casino in Brazil: organisation

Rosloto constantly monitors the changes in the online gambling business in Brazil. Each new amendment influences the way we work with our clients in this market. While the demand for gaming activities remains high and the profitability of offshore websites is on the rise, Rosloto offers to buy online casinos in Brazil with our close assistance in terms of organisation and working setup.

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Positive Expectations of Brazilian Gambling Laws

The most noticeable exertion to sanction the online gambling business in Brazil happened in 2018 in the midst of solid resistance yet also much excitement from many authorities. A major advancement went ahead on December 12, 2018, when the government legitimised both ground and internet betting activities.

The public authorities have not yet given operational permits to privately owned businesses. Consequently, it makes the offshore brands the only viable source of gambling entertainment currently available.

A few other events that augur an imminent shift in Brazilian gambling laws:

  • In 2016, the Corinthians football club banded together with a gaming portal on a $5-million agreement. It was not finished but turned out to be the principal indication of the conceivable legislation in the future.
  • Analytics say that the gambling business in Brazil generates around $4 billion that goes to offshore sites and the tax frameworks they are commissioned to.
  • In August 2016, an authoritarian party reported about SB 186/2014 — a possible option to the gaming law that would manage the online industry and add lucidity to the ground sphere.
  • Increased demand and a long period of pledges bring the local legislation to unavoidable amendments. They will facilitate the business legislation on an essential level.

While the Brazilian government is preparing for the upcoming changes in the gambling law, Rosloto offers to buy an online casino in Brazil today. We offer the legal organisation of a gaming portal that will target the audience in the country. Order a turnkey online casino in Brazil and start making money from local players.

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Restricted Casino Providers in Brazil

The gambling legislation in this country has changed dramatically in recent years. New opportunities are opening up for operators and suppliers.

The largest market in the South American region attracts thousands of investors. However, before starting a project here, it is worthwhile to study the juridical norms and restrictions carefully.

According to current laws, the activity of the supplier Nolimit City is limited in Brazil. Keep this in mind when choosing game content for your site.

Key Reason for Profitability of the Gambling Business in Brazil

Gambling business in Brazil: profitability

As the state is going to conclude the regulation guidelines soon, online casino managers should know about all the reasons why Brazil is productive for maintaining an online business venture in this sphere.

Aside from the huge interest and lucrative environment, there are a couple of different grounds that must be referenced for extra conviction.

The trendiness of the industry

The restricted nature of the gambling sphere makes locals play on foreign-based gaming websites. Statistics showed that it generates almost $4 billion the previous year

Healthy market rivalry

Since the competition in a gambling business sector is based around offshore portals, they all have the same opportunities to win the crowd with their engaging offers, enticing promos, and gainful loyalties

Steady digitalisation

When an operator wants to open a casino in Brazil, he mainly focuses on audiences from the country’s metropolises (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, etc.)

Prompt return of invested funds

The majority of online gambling portals in the region are successful. Those are the ones who are configured with professional assistance. Usually, they pay off the organisational resources in 3–6 months after the launch

Pandemic impact

Brazil experienced a worldwide pandemic at its worst. Numerous ground facilities stopped their functioning. Regular punters began searching for other variants of gambling. The internet sphere became a revelation for Brazilian players since a lot of them switched to this type of entertainment

This profitability proofs work not only for virtual casinos. Operators also willingly open online betting in Brazil and receive decent money as well. Rosloto actively develops in this format and offers turnkey sportsbook solutions for entrepreneurs globally.

The Characteristics of the Market in Figures

The country is incredibly attractive to investors due to its strengths. Let us explore what makes it so promising:

Financial Indicators

Brazil is a country with a huge population — 215 million residents.

Many people live in the largest cities:

  • Sao Paulo — 12.3 million;
  • Rio de Janeiro — 6.7 million;
  • Brasilia — 2.6 million.

The average salary is BRL 2787 (USD 540). This indicator is not very high compared to Europe or North America. However, it is significantly higher than the earnings of potential clients from Africa and Southeast Asia. In addition, the main focus of operators in this market is not on solvency but on a large population. Residents of the capital and large cities have the largest incomes.

Users prefer the following payment methods:

  • 56% — national credit cards;
  • 12% — e-wallets;
  • 10% — Boleto and vouchers;
  • 9% — international credit cards;
  • 6% — bank transfers;
  • 5% — debit cards;
  • 2% — other methods.

Only 20% of the population uses the products of international payment systems Visa and MasterCard. The settlements for entertainment services are conducted in both national currency and dollars. However, the most popular monetary unit is Bitcoin due to its high transaction processing speed and anonymity.

According to experts, the gross gaming revenue of the online sector will exceed $1 billion in 2025. The indicator will continue to grow rapidly in the future.

The Features of the Potential Audience

About 78% of smartphones in the country are used for gambling services. Brazilians prefer traditional entertainment solutions:

  • roulette — 78% of users;
  • blackjack — 66%;
  • card options — 64%.

The most popular game is Jogo do Bicho. The betting site is the most demanded gambling project.

Not all online resources have a Portuguese interface. Many Brazilians speak English well. However, adding the national language to your site’s menu will be a great advantage. This will help you stand out from other projects in this competitive market.

It is noteworthy that Brazilians are very patriotic. Therefore, the use of national colours in the design of an Internet start-up can significantly increase its profitability. As practice shows, concise visualisation, as well as short and clear texts, are better perceived by the local audience.

Online traffic coverage by popular gambling brands in Brazil looks as follows:

  • Betano — 8.9 million users;
  • Betano Apostas (sports betting) — 344 thousand players;
  • Betway — 363 thousand;
  • Bodog — 71 thousand;
  • LeoVegas — 45 thousand;
  • PokerStars — 37 thousand;
  • 888 — 12 thousand.

Rosloto Turnkey Online Casino in Brazil

Turnkey online casino in Brazil: advantages

The possibility to obtain a fully-functional business environment was a dream just a few years ago. The Rosloto company is here to make your wishes come true and offers to order a turnkey online casino in Brazil. This complex package of services includes all the necessary services for founding a new gambling portal and earn a decent profit from it.

The core advantages of purchasing our ready-made solution:

  1. The finest internet casino software in Brazil is used to maximise players’ attraction. We collaborate with the best manufacturers available, for example, such renown brands as Microgaming, Amatic, Gaminator, Endorphina, Win&Win, Playtech, etc. Their solutions are the top-rated gambling entertainment content available in the country.
  2. Marketing specialists approach each promotional campaign in a personal way. Our experts work with customers individually and take into consideration the focused players, their inclinations to set up promos and loyalties to maximise the desired revenue.
  3. The representatives of our development department continually track the most used transaction systems in the country. Consequently, we install international and local payment casino software in Brazil for boosting players’ convenience. The notable names to mention are Itau, Banco do Brasil, and Bradesco.
  4. Legal help during the working process with our clients ensures high loyalty levels and smooth operation of the project. Rosloto juridical assistance is a great boost for new and long-standing gambling platforms to deal with any challenges.

The Main Things about Founding a Brazilian Online Casino

With numerous proofs of increased profitability of the industry in the country, Brazil becomes a desired destination point for operators. High demand for gambling entertainment is explained with blurry regulations of the market and the inability of people to access local gaming platforms.

When an operator orders a turnkey online casino in Brazil at Rosloto, he receives a lucrative environment in less than half a year as well as:

  • a detailed description of the country’s gambling legislation with round-the-clock monitoring of any changes in upcoming regulations;
  • a reliable explanation for the high profitability levels that include enormous trendiness of the industry, healthy market competition, steady digitalisation of the region, prompt return of invested resources, and the influence of the total lockdown;
  • advantages of working on a turnkey basis with one of the market leaders that can assemble the entire online casino starting with offshore licensing and ending up with good gambling software in Brazil.

Rosloto offers a wide range of services both separately and in a complete package. We treat our clients individually and approach their request in a responsible way. Order our gambling services to reach the top charts of popular casinos in Brazil and neighbouring regions.

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