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Linkly (Premier) Online Casino Payment System: Fast Money Transfers

Linkly (Premier) Online Casino Payment System: Fast Money Transfers

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Today, we are going to talk about a brand that offers multifunctional financial products. The provider serves land-based and online businesses: retail and e-commerce sectors, public institutions, medical centres, and the gambling industry.

Linkly (Premier Technologies) casino payment system

Linkly (Premier) payment systems for online casinos provide debit and credit card processing, conduct voucher and mobile transfers, and cash payments.

You can order this high-quality financial software from Rosloto. Just contact our managers and learn more about the latest releases in the gambling market.

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Advantages of the Vendor’s Software

The company offers premium payment services for land-based gambling halls (Linkly In-Store) and online iGaming projects (Merchantsuite).

  • In offline casinos, the deposition of funds is made using POS terminals. They connect stationary sales points (equipped with cash desks and betting terminals) with bank accounts and virtual wallets of electronic payment systems.
  • The Linkly (Premier) online casino payment system supports contactless transfers and works with debit and credit cards, as well as ACH transactions, and much more.

Key advantages of the Merchantsuite service:

Processing of international and local payment methods

The gateway is integrated into the largest banks of Australia, the USA, Europe, and Southeast Asia. The solution supports such local payment services as Open Banking (the UK) and PayPal (the US and Canada).

Casino integration with Linkly (Premier) payment systems provides an ability to cooperate with such global financial aggregators as Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, and others

High performance

The developer owns several data centres in Australia and New Zealand, as well as high-precision server equipment for instant transmission and processing of information.

One of the reasons to buy Linkly (Premier) payment systems for casinos is due to their high performance. The financial module accepts more than 10 thousand requests per minute. These are verification, money transfer, payment control, and other operations

Multicurrency support

Transfers can be made in more than 60 currencies, including global (US dollars, pounds sterling) and regional (Brazilian reals) ones.

Gamblers can play using digital assets: bitcoins, litecoins, ethereums, and other promising tokens

Reporting system

A wide range of tools for the formation of financial statements, tables, charts, comparative graphs, and information summaries.

Operators can use ready-made templates or create reports independently thanks to various filters and settings

Flexible pricing policy

The company offers 4 basic packages with different annual maintenance costs. Entrepreneurs can make a choice depending on the number of users, the size of the archive, the availability of additional services, and other parameters.

Those businessmen who decide to connect the payment service for casinos by Linkly (Premier) can test the solution for free for 30 calendar days

Useful Business Services Offered by the Provider

It is worth buying a financial service with the following modern solutions:

  1. Smart Billing. This is the program for online invoicing, automatic writing off of amounts, and payment plan management. The Linkly system tracks past, upcoming, and overdue transfers through a single management portal. The module contains options for the creation of individual subscriptions (via e-mail or SMS messages).
  2. Payment Request. Seamless service with a wide range of settings and management functions. The decision to connect payment systems of Linkly (Premier) for online casinos will definitely increase the level of loyalty of customers of a certain brand. To transfer funds, users do not need to interrupt the gameplay, go to the payment page, enter bank details, or go through the verification process. Thanks to the Payment Request, you can deposit money while playing a slot machine. Everything is as fast and convenient as possible.
  3. Hosting services. It is possible to rent the disk space on dedicated servers in the company's data centres located in Australia and New Zealand. This is an excellent choice for those entrepreneurs who want to enter the Southeast and Pacific markets. The vendor provides full configuration management of a dedicated server, Root access, and the sole usage of space regardless of the number of transfers made per month.

Complete Security of Financial Transactions

Linkly payment systems for casinos: security

Linkly payment systems are high-technology solutions that reliably protect project owners against external and internal threats. Operators should not be afraid of hacker attacks, theft of personal data, and other types of fraud.

Compliance with Industry Standards

The developer obtained a licence as a first-level financial services provider in accordance with the PCI DSS international requirements. Moreover, the brand is annually under QSA audit conducted by accredited centres.

Linkly payment systems have several prestigious certificates:

  • ISO/IEC 27001 (international information security standard);
  • ISO 31000 (effective management of operational and financial risks standard);
  • ISO 9001 (requirements for quality management systems).

A land-based gambling solution connects about 200 thousand POS terminals into a single secure environment. The Linkly In-Store program complies with PCI-PED security requirements and PIN code cryptography standards.

3DS Verification

The manufacturer provides additional protection for the operator's financial assets and users' data thanks to the 3DS identification.

Highlights of the procedure:

  • The request for identity confirmation is activated during the deposition of funds to user accounts and the withdrawal of money and the earned bonuses.
  • The system authorises a credit, debit, or pre-paid card and blocks the funds on it.
  • Gamblers receive a password from their bank via SMS, Vіber, or the application of a financial institution and enter a four-digit code on the online casino’s page.
  • The system unblocks the card and transfers funds.

Risk Management of Payments

The program analyses transactions for the correspondence of the sender/receiver's IP address to the address specified in the register of the acquiring bank (the financial institution that issued a plastic or a virtual card). The service also scans transfers and checks details, which will minimise the number of repayable transactions in the future.

The integration of the Linkly payment system complies with international anti-money laundering and IMF policies.

Data is transmitted via encrypted SSL channels so that operators can be sure that all information is protected.

How to Connect a Payment Service by Linkly (Premier) for Casinos

Linkly payment service for casinos: integration

The installation of the financial gateway is based on a seamless API toolkit. The manufacturer has developed a flexible Linkly Online API environment for quick installation and deployment in the gambling industry.

Features of Customisation of the Payment Module

Let us consider the main integration stages:

  • The company offers a REST interface with the use of HTTP (international data transfer protocol) and SSL encryption.
  • Requests for the API Toolkit are divided into different areas of operation of the MerchantSuite platform. These are transaction processing, acceptance and storage of tokens, exchange operations, payment of bonuses, and much more. Each area has its URL, which increases the level of security of the service.
  • The vendor’s systems can be connected to gaming sites based on any modern code. These are JavaScript, C++, C, HTML5, Java, and other programming languages.

Complex Installation of the Gambling Software

Rosloto offers operators to order a payment gateway along with the following ready-made casino solutions:

White Label platform

Our specialists are responsible for all technical issues: the supply of a financial aggregator and content, adjustment of the CRM system, and integration of partner services.

Entrepreneurs can work under a sublicence of the parent company, which significantly reduces the costs and time required for the market entry

iGaming turnkey project

A ready-made solution for a good start in the gambling industry. In addition to the technical component (platform, payment software, and the catalogue of games), customers receive a unique design of their websites with gamification elements and simple navigation

Casino script

This is the platform’s engine that makes it possible for business owners to independently create a gambling project. They get access to the admin panel, account management module, financial service, and the product range

Professional Customer Support

One of the reasons to buy the vendor’s product is a full-featured multi-channel solution that is hosted in the cloud. Its aim is to talk to customers. To easily manage voice communication, e-mail letters, web chat, and SMS messages, employees of the call centre use a unified platform.

Key advantages of the product:

  1. Better service. Managers advise gamblers on issues related to registration and verification, replenishment of an account, withdrawal of funds, and accrual of bonuses. Employees of the call centre also should timely inform users about the latest releases, special offers, and various tournaments. This improves communication with players and increases the level of their loyalty to the iGaming brand.
  2. Cost optimisation. Operators do not need to hire technical staff since customer service can be outsourced. This approach significantly reduces costs for the project launch. It is much better to spend this money on strategic business development.
  3. Control of results. The producer provides end-to-end monitoring and easy management of teams and workflows in real-time.

The Main Things about the Launch of the Supplier’s Financial Products

The brand offers full-featured systems for both online payments and land-based POS terminals.

  • The advantages of the MerchantSuite service include the processing of international and local payment methods, multi-currency, support for operations with digital assets, and a multi-level reporting system.
  • The firm offers 4 packages that differ in the number of processed transactions.
  • The financial software has a high level of security. MerchantSuite complies with all industry requirements related to the protection of personal data, verification, and bank card servicing.

The Rosloto studio offers operators to order the solution along with the following gambling products:

  • a turnkey online casino;
  • a White Label platform;
  • a casino script.

We provide assistance in business licensing, promotion of gaming sites, and installation of partner offers and security systems. From us, you can order the development of exclusive HTML5 games and many other useful services.

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Updated 10.02.2023
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