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Casino Business in Europe
Start a money-making casino business in one of the most lucrative and stable markets in the world. Enlist the support of our team to launch an entertainment project in Europe on favourable terms
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The Benefits of Working in the European Market
Substantial Revenues
Earn good money by providing services to users from such developed European countries as Germany, Great Britain, France, and others
Premium Licences
Gain customers’ trust and respect with prestigious international permission documents issued by the best European jurisdictions
Global Renown
Make your online entertainment project respected, successful, and famous throughout Europe and far beyond this promising region
The Best Content
Attract and retain solvent European gamblers with the help of high-quality online casino software from leading manufacturers
Legal Activity
Work in the European Union and other up-and-coming countries in the region absolutely lawfully due to loyal gaming legislation
Lots of Clients
Interact with gambling enthusiasts from various states to expand the geography of your business and increase your income significantly
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The EU is gradually gaining the position of the most promising region for starting and conducting gaming businesses. Every year, a huge number of new projects are launched here in the land-based and online segments. Find out how to start a casino in Europe following our recommendations.

Gambling business in Europe: strong points

Open a virtual business in the EU with Rosloto.

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The Lucrativeness of the Gambling Market in Europe

The launch of a gaming start-up is a very profitable activity. The gambling business in Europe brings operators and governments more than 80 billion euros (about 92 billion US dollars) annually. The lucrativeness of the entertainment industry rises by about 3% every year.

The UK is the leader of the gambling market in Europe. Local operators receive over £14 billion (about 19 billion US dollars) in revenues annually. About 40% of this amount comes from the online gambling business in Europe.

Even though British punters bring the most profits to the iGaming field, Italians and Spaniards are considered the biggest gambling enthusiasts in Europe. This was confirmed by numerous sociological surveys.

The History of the European Entertainment Industry

Games of chance have appeared on the territory of modern Europe since the days of Ancient Rome and Greece. The prototypes of gambling establishments began to emerge in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), back in the 14th century. The first European casino was opened in the 17th century in Venice (Italy). Surprisingly, this establishment was located on the territory of the church.

The next major leap in the popularity of the gambling business in Europe came in the 19th century. During this period, the famous casino Monte Carlo was opened. It continues to function nowadays.

The most favourable era for the development of the gambling market in Europe is the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century. The advent of online entertainments has fundamentally changed the situation in the gaming industry. The number of virtual projects has grown every year. Operators' profits have skyrocketed.

The following types of gambling have become available to European players:

  • slots;
  • sweepstakes;
  • live games;
  • card entertainments;
  • roulette, and others.

Is gambling legal in Europe today? Find out the answer to this question below by considering the specific of the most promising countries.

The Most Prospective Markets

Casino in Europe: prospective markets

To buy a casino in Europe in beneficial conditions, you should find a favourable region. Here are some up-and-coming EU markets.

Great Britain

Today, it is possible to open gambling clubs in Europe legally on the territory of the UK, both in the land-based and in the internet sectors. The most popular entertainment among British gamers is betting.

Gamblers follow such sports:

  • football;
  • golf;
  • badminton;
  • curling;
  • squash;
  • tennis;
  • snooker;
  • water polo;
  • cricket;
  • boxing.

If you want to launch a legal online betting club in Europe, pay your attention to this prospective region. In addition to the bookmaker business, British gamblers prefer various card games, slots, roulette, live entertainments, AR and VR solutions, etc.

Operators wishing to work in this lucrative market are required to go through a licensing procedure. Offline and online projects are taxed at 15% of their income.

The control of the entertainment industry in this country is carried out as follows:

  1. Licensing of gaming clubs. The issuance of permits for starting online gambling clubs in Europe is the task of the UK Gambling Commission. This body is responsible for monitoring the activities of gaming companies. The cost of a permission document depends on the chosen gambling field and the firm's income.
  2. Governing of the lottery area. The National Lottery Commission is responsible for controlling the national lottery draws.
  3. The regulation of the bookmaker business. The Sports Betting Intelligence Unit is a special government division that oversees the operation of companies involved in bookmaker activities.

It is noteworthy that many managers planning to start casinos in Europe receive offshore licences. This approach to conducting business allows novice entrepreneurs to launch their online projects on more favourable terms. The operation of foreign virtual clubs is practically not controlled by the casino law in Europe.


According to up-to-date statistical and analytical research, the revenues of the German market will exceed 18 billion euros (almost 21 billion US dollars) in the next 3 years. The virtual industry is expected to generate more than 3 billion euros (about 3.5 US dollars). These impressive figures are encouraging operators to open gambling clubs in Europe, particularly in Germany.

This state has several undeniable advantages:

  1. The population of the country is more than 83 million people.
  2. The size of the minimum wage is almost 1,600 euros (1,850 US dollars) per month.
  3. Germany ranks sixth in the world in terms of living standards.

If you are planning to open a gambling portal in Europe, we recommend you to consider this market. The local legislation was drastically changed this summer. According to old gambling laws in Europe, the number of permitted types of gaming in different territories was rather limited prior. The most favourable region was Schleswig-Holstein.

New laws will allow entrepreneurs to enter the gambling market in Europe on more beneficial terms. They will be able to work in almost every German land, in various areas of the gaming business.

The most favourite entertainments of German gamblers are as follows:

  • online slots;
  • betting;
  • poker;
  • lotteries, and others.


This country can be deservedly called the progenitor of the global gaming industry. From the time of the Roman Empire to the present day, Italy has taken an honourable position in the international market.

Operators will undoubtedly be pleased by the fact that almost all types of gambling are allowed in this country. The main regulatory body in Italy is Agenzia Delle Dogane e dei Monopoli.

Entrepreneurs wishing to buy casinos in Europe can obtain Italian licences. The permission validity period is rather long — 4 years.

The authorities check candidates for receiving permits quite thoroughly. For example, an owner of a bookmaker's office must prove that he or she has nothing to do with organising sporting events. The amount of tax ranges from 20 to 25%, depending on the chosen field and the scale of a business.


This Nordic destination presents an intriguing prospect for online gambling managers thanks to its sizable and enthusiastic player base. The country currently maintains strict regulations. You cannot obtain a proprietary working permit in this state. Nevertheless, you can still enter this area with a legal offshore project. 

If you decide to target this destination, you should keep in mind the following advantages and peculiarities of the zone:

  • high levels of internet expansion (99%);
  • a growing interest in online gambling with ample room for development;
  • a limited number of competitors with a less saturated market;
  • upcoming prospects for in-state business registration;
  • strong focus on innovative technology and user-friendly interfaces.

An increasing punters’ appetite for iGaming drives this promising market. If you decide to enter this working zone, quick player acquisition and easy expansion of brand awareness will provide a substantial early-mover advantage.


The country has a strong iGaming sector with an already well-established regulatory ecosystem. The Swedish Gambling Authority ensures a secure and fair gaming environment for the sake of inspiring trust among players.

Your aspiration to access the local operational area will be supported by the following advantages:

  • clear and comprehensive regulation with legal security for operators;
  • access to cutting-edge technology and skilled professionals;
  • high disposable income and a culture of recreation;
  • strong focus on consumer protection and responsible participation;
  • easy access to the broader European market through EU regulations.

The market’s maturity means that start-ups can receive a sufficient audience from a stable player base and benefit existing infrastructure. You can apply for a licence and receive all the necessary information about the registration process from the corresponding authority.


The country has taken steps to alleviate the entry threshold in its online gambling sector, which led to increased opportunities for new market participants. You can benefit from the relatively low rivalry compared to more saturated markets as it provides a favourable environment to win a dedicated public.

You should pay attention to the following advantageous aspects as you enter this working zone:

  • transparent and well-defined registration framework;
  • tax incentives for operators to promote investment and job creation;
  • enthusiastic player base;
  • positive reputation for welcoming foreign stakeholders;
  • excellent starting location to access the European market.

The nation’s growing online community and affinity for entertainment offers an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to introduce innovative gaming experiences.


A stable and well-adjusted legal jurisdiction in Europe welcomes start-ups and established brands for in-state targeting. The Danish Gambling Authority enforces strict compliance, so as an operator, you should ensure that players have a secure and transparent interactive experience.

The set of particular benefits makes Denmark highly appealing for entrepreneurs who are eager to enrol in the niche:

  • a straightforward and efficient application procedure;
  • high-quality infrastructure and IT support;
  • a loyal and receptive player community;
  • competitive tax rates for operators (25% on GGR);
  • strong governmental support for online gambling projects. 

The country’s high level of disposable income and a strong tradition of iGaming participation make it an attractive destination. You can benefit from a stable base of punters and an evolving market that gladly accepts innovative offerings.

The Netherlands

This European state has recently opened its iGaming market to international operators after years of regulation. The Dutch operational region is exceptionally promising due to its high per capita gambling expenditure and the country’s progressive population.

As you plan to work in this sector, pay attention to the strongest aspects of the Dutch region:

  • a newly regulated market with considerable potential;
  • a large population of progressive and enthusiastic gamblers;
  • strategic location in the heart of Europe for broader market access;
  • innovative and tech-forward gaming culture;
  • a strong focus on responsible participation and player protection.

With clear regulations in place, entrepreneurs can navigate the market with confidence. If you enter this sector early, your start-up will gain a competitive edge as the Dutch population seeks new interactive activities. As a result, your project will be favoured with a variety of impactful wealth opportunities.


With a strong interest in online gambling, locals always gladly welcome new brands on their horizon. Meanwhile, you will have a bunch of business opportunities to explore in the form of diverse audiences and their tastes. While the imposed regulations are strict, they provide a sense of security to players. Your main priority while entering the region will be to grant a viable protective framework for the public.

Meanwhile, the sector also has a lot of strong sides and benefits to introduce to operators:

  • high player engagement and considerable loyalty levels;
  • a well-regulated operational zone with a history of responsible gaming;
  • access to a tech-savvy and affluent user base;
  • a reputation for aspiration to innovations and high-quality entertainment;
  • strategic positioning for expanding to other countries of the Nordic area.

The local population’s enthusiasm for online gaming combines well with a high level of disposable income. As a result, it creates a promising landscape for potential growth for your start-ups. Entrepreneurs can easily embrace the nation’s existing interest in iGaming and engage Finnish players with the demanded and relevant activities.

The Reasons to Order Turnkey Casinos in Europe

Turnkey casinos in Europe: benefits

The speed of entry into the aforementioned and other lucrative European markets is of great importance. The faster you launch your project, the more chances you will get to stand out from competitors. The best way to open a start-up is to buy a turnkey casino in Europe.

Order this service for several reasons:

Easy licence acquisition

Reputable companies offer a wide range of jurisdictions involved in registering gaming companies.

Experts will help you prepare the required documentation as quickly as possible

Casino software in Europe from reliable manufacturers

Get access to exciting content from such renowned manufacturers as Amatic, Playtech, Endorphina, Igrosoft, and others

The integration and configuration of programs

Specialists will install the desired program products and customise them following your demands

Large selection of payment and security tools

Choose the most innovative financial and protection casino software in Europe to ensure the stable operation of your virtual establishment

24/7 informational support

Solve important issues by consulting with experienced managers who know all the nuances of the gambling field

The Main Things about Working in Europe’s Market

The start of a project in the EU is a perfect opportunity to interact with a solvent audience and create an impeccable image in the international market.

The operation in this region is characterised by such features:

  • gambling services are allowed in many countries;
  • managers have access to a large selection of top casino software in Europe;
  • lots of states are involved in the licensing of online projects.
To fulfil your dream of stable earnings and a successful business, buy a turnkey casino in Europe. Rosloto offers various solutions for operators working in different segments of the entertainment industry.

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