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ASAP Secured

ASAP Secured: Casino Fraud Protection for Up-and-Coming Start-Ups

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Owners of businesses often face lots of nuances associated with ensuring maximum protection of their assets (data, money, etc).

Casino fraud protection from the ASAP Secured provider

Rosloto advises business owners to pay attention to the decent developer. It proposes efficacious and multi-purpose products that can be ordered on our website.

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A Concise Presentation of the Firm’s Strategy

The Canadian company was founded in 2000 to ensure the safety of the assets of enterprises and individuals. Pretty soon, it became the leading security force in the field of natural disasters and fires. The brand's professional offerings for private and commercial objects were also appreciated by consumers.

Since 2010, the brand has been reorienting itself to the virtual sphere, maintaining its high positions in the terrestrial business. At the moment, the developer's programs are highly sought in various areas of the economy segment: retail, e-commerce, insurance, logistics, banking and investment sectors.

The company is headquartered in Milton, Ontario, Canada. The brand cooperates with 1000 experts in various fields.

The Activities Related to the iGaming Field

Given the rapid growth of the iGaming and the digital currency markets, the manufacturer began developing high-quality programs for these areas in 2015.

Nowadays, each operator can buy:

  • the security software;
  • the programs for companies engaged in mining.

The firm's services aimed at the iGaming sector can be divided into three interrelated groups:

Security Consultant

  • A detailed audit of a gaming platform’s safety;
  • the identification of strengths and weaknesses;
  • systemic consulting at all stages of partnership;
  • efficacious penetration testing;
  • internal and external scanning of a website for detecting vulnerabilities

Security Watch

The tool solves a broad spectrum of tasks for cybersecurity and searching for risky operations.

Its main components are as follows:

  • the Asap Secured ID verification for casinos;
  • multitasking offers — Veritas and Score


Actions aimed at project insurance in the event of information leakage, breach of confidentiality, and theft of money and personal data

The company uses a complex approach to solving all current and pivotal assignments with the help of the ASAP Secured protection software for casino start-ups.

An Overview of the Programs’ Functions

ASAP Secured protection software for casinos

The programs can cope with such tasks:

  1. Defence against malicious code embedding (viruses, spam).
  2. Countering cybercriminals.
  3. Suppression of internal fraud, illegal data and insider information leakage by staff.
  4. Protection against technical failures associated with incompetent actions of employees.
  5. Fight against piracy, reverse engineering and intellectual property theft.
  6. Repulse of hacker and DDoS attacks designed to make a resource non-functional.
  7. Interdicting endeavours to wangle confidential facts.
  8. Ensuring secure information swapping.
  9. Fight against multi-accounting and foul play.
  10. Analysis of risky payments for their compliance with the norms of law.
  11. Prohibition of access to casinos for under-ages and gaming addicts.

Security Watch

To guarantee casino security, the ASAP Secured producer applies several modules. Their functionality is designed considering international quality standards. It is aimed at defending start-ups against fraudulent activities.


It is a universal structure for managing security and payment risks. This software was developed to provide customers with easy online access to key data associated with the safety of a project.

To ensure maximum defence, the producer tailored the system to the demands of the audience. Customers will receive instant updates and real-time data actualisation.

The program set includes several basic responsibility centres:


Key features

Incident Management

The aim of this module is the identification of any incidents (hacker attacks, the desire to play slot machines from several accounts at the same time), their recording, and rapid prevention

Payment Management

This block performs the analysis of risky transactions for their compliance with the legislative norms of a specific juridical field. It is aimed at combating money laundering, bonus abuse, and other methods of stealing financial resources

Field Documentation

The goal of this instrument is the clear documentation of all unauthorised access endeavours by third parties. It also includes reporting and the formation of analytic summaries


This is another module related to evaluating the productiveness of a casino, its cybersecurity, and other business procedures. The program was created to control, assess, and encourage high-quality work with the application of quantitative criteria.

The developer stimulates partners to use Score. It supplies clients with effective methods for quality assurance, operational consistency, and maximum ROI. The program monitors and assesses the performance of establishments.

Why Should Enterprisers Connect the Verification ASAP Secured for Casinos?

ASAP Secured verification for casinos: connection

Site owners can detect criminals and dishonourable gamers. Besides, the system will allow you to identify minors. Most jurisdictions monitor the fulfilment of obligations carefully. Elsewise, a licence may be cancelled.

It is possible to connect the verification ASAP Secured for a casino in several ways:

  • in the process of the initial registration of a new player and each next entry to a portal;
  • during the first money transaction (a deposit/withdrawal, transfers to other accounts).

To ensure casino fraud protection, the ASAP Secured provider applies the User Preferences instrument. It analyses the requests of real gamers and identifies scammers trying to log into the system under false names.

Extra Features of the Programs

The list includes such useful options:

  1. Maintenance. The service works 24/7 to assist customers at any time.
  2. The eTime Xpress system. It automates planning, streamlines the process of recording operational hours, and tracks employee activities. Another useful feature is the monitoring of employee attendance, including remote workers.
  3. Work on improving the qualifications of personnel. The brand assures deep knowledge in many essential areas.

The Main Things about the Canadian Firm

The brand proposes portal owners to connect the ASAP Secured software to protect their casinos. After buying the programs, clients will obtain:

  • absolute safety of all services and procedures;
  • detailed analysis of payments for the lawfulness and potential risks;
  • overarching user check algorithm;
  • quick integration and good reconcilability with other program components;
  • helpful extra offerings, ranging from 24/7 maintenance to systemic staff teaching.

To purchase the ASAP Secured casino security software or order a ready-made project, turn to Rosloto.

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Updated 10.02.2023
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