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Rosloto is now expanding its coverage and offers an incredible opportunity to start your own online casino from scratch in Vietnam. Experienced professionals will assist you during the entire organizational process regardless of what issues can become a problem on the way to your own gambling platform
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Reasons to Launch an Online Casino in Vietnam
High Demand of the Industry
Statistics say that people start gambling here since 20. Offering the locals an excellent option for leisure time will undoubtedly be profitable
Opportunities for Accessibility
There is no reason to think that Vietnam is an underdeveloped country – people are into technologies here, including the expansion of mobile phones
Wow Effect for Gamblers
At the same time, it’s pretty easy to impress Vietnamese people – VR technologies are an innovative means of entertainment here
A Short Period of Return
Due to high demand of the sphere, players will continuously deposit good money to your gaming website, generating colossal profit
Situation with the Government
Even though the local authorities aren’t excited about online gambling in the country, soon, they will start total support due to the possible income from taxes
Healthy Competition
Black gambling is still prospering in Vietnam, so you will create another establishment that offers a safe playing environment for gamblers
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Even though Vietnam is a socialist state, it is open to tourists from all over the world. This country attracts thousands of people from different countries with its sights and picturesque views. That is why local authorities decided to allow gaming activities in Vietnam.

The Rosloto team has prepared a review of the gambling business in Vietnam to help you understand how the gaming industry works here. Our team also offers novice and experienced entrepreneurs to order online casino platforms for sale in the region.

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Features of Gambling Business in Vietnam

Gambling business in Vietnam: features

Gambling activities have long been banned in Vietnam. However, the opinion of the authorities about the country's development was gradually changing, and the gaming sector got a chance for growth.

It was decided to legalize the gambling business. After this, several large land-based establishments appeared in Vietnam. However, at first, they were accessible only to tourists. Residents have gained access to such institutions only recently. It is worth noting that not all Vietnamese can take part in such entertainment. Players must have a certain income level to have the opportunity to play casino games.

This situation often provokes the emergence of underground casinos and gaming halls, which are quite popular among the population. It should be noted that the state punishes owners of illegal gambling businesses and players from such establishments rather strictly. Therefore, if you want to open a casino in Vietnam and get a decent profit, you should act within the law.

Vietnamese prefer to play classic card games, for example, poker, blackjack, baccarat, etc. Also, sports betting is quite common in the country. Bau Cua is one of the most popular Vietnamese gambling game, heavily played in all establishments.

Online Gambling Laws in Vietnam

As mentioned earlier, the government lifted the ban on gambling activities. However, a lot of restrictions for residents still exist.

As for the online segment of the gaming business, it is worth noting that officially, the Vietnamese authorities do not provide the opportunity to register a virtual gaming establishment in the state. At the same time, online gambling laws in Vietnam in no way limit the activities of foreign websites. This means that everyone can start their gambling business in Vietnam by registering their companies in popular offshore zones.

Given the inaccessibility of ground-based establishments for most of the population, the online segment of the gambling market is developing rapidly in Vietnam. Mobile gaming platforms and betting websites, as well as smartphone applications, are especially demanded here. An entrepreneur can find the supplier of good online casino games for sale and start offering services on the developed website.

How to Find the Right Casino Software in Vietnam

Searching for casino software in Vietnam is critical to new business projects. Decent online slot machine apps for sale are only supplied by the top manufacturers of gambling entertainment.

A good product should have the following characteristics:

  1. Modern design.
  2. Smooth operation.
  3. Actual themes.
  4. High-quality image.
  5. Convenient mobile versions of resources.

The reputation of an intermediary company and gaming content producers plays a crucial role here. When choosing partners for cooperation to buy casino games for your website, pay attention to some essential criteria.

Company reputation

The more famous the manufacturer, the better for the operator. The brand reputation affects the quality of casino software in Vietnam directly.

Well-known companies strive to retain the trust of their regular customers and attract new users. That is why they monitor the modern trends of the gambling business and offer only the most relevant products

Assortment of products

The assortment of gaming content should be diverse. You must offer your customers a wide selection of entertainment. Pay your attention to thematic slots and card games, which are rather popular in Vietnam

The use of modern technologies

Vietnamese have extensive experience of using various online resources. Therefore, they can be considered quite demanding players. Surprise your customers with a colorful design, high-quality graphics, and actual music accompaniment

The availability of mobile versions

As already mentioned, most Vietnamese gamblers use mobile versions of gaming platforms and applications for smartphones.

If you want to buy a casino in Vietnam, consider this fact. Make sure that mobile solutions have full-fledged functionality. In addition, you can order Telegram casino integration

Technical maintenance of software

This criterion is the key to the correct operation of your website. Reliable partners must provide the operator with round-the-clock technical support. In case of some problems, competent staff will fix them very quickly

Restricted Casino Providers in Vietnam

The possibility of working with the best content creators in the country is limited by local standards and licence peculiarities. Not all gambling entertainment vendors are available in Vietnam. That is why an operator has to stay alert about whom to partner with during the assembly of a game library.

Restricted sellers of gambling software in the region:

  • Amatic;
  • Yggdrasil Asia;
  • CT Interactive (former CT Gaming);
  • ELK;
  • Eurasian Gaming;
  • Evolution Gaming.

The advantage of keeping close contact with an acclaimed aggregator is the opportunity to stay aware of the latest changes in regulations. An operator will receive up-to-date information about what content creators are removed or added to the list to ensure the most relevant assortment compilation for clients.

Rosloto also introduces a huge variety of other developers for shaping the library of amusement. We introduce the best producers of software and match them with our client’s preferences and vision of project development. Order the integration of relevant games and administrative content at Rosloto.

Worthy Software Vendors

Casino software in Vietnam: worthy vendors

Very often, novice Vietnamese businessmen want to save their money and start working with dubious intermediaries with cheap casino software who have neither wide experience nor a good reputation. Purchasing low-quality content, the operator may lose the trust of his or her audience. Besides, such deals fraught with the loss of significant financial resources.

Reliable companies such as Rosloto work only with the best manufacturers of gambling software in Vietnam. When starting a casino business in Vietnam, you need to make sure that the software you are going to buy has received positive feedback from other operators and gamblers. Besides, gaming solutions should be relevant to the Vietnamese audience.

Here are some brands that have extensive experience in the Asian market and a good reputation among online casino owners and players:


This company began its activities more than 20 years ago. During its existence, it managed to become one of the largest producers of gambling content in the world. The brand has extensive experience of working with businessmen from Asian countries.

Its main advantages include:

  • high image quality;
  • the stylish design of products;
  • large assortment (slots, poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, etc.)
  • the implementation of modern trends in their products (for example, cryptocurrency support, live content creating, etc.)


This developer has been working in the gambling market for many years. Its main areas of work are the creation of unique online slots and different variations of classic casino games.

The main features of this brand are as follows:

  • laconic design of gaming solutions;
  • attractive built-in bonus options;
  • exciting thematic games.


The products of this vendor will interest not only the owners of online casinos but also such businessmen who are working in the field of sports betting. As mentioned earlier, this type of gambling is incredibly relevant for the Vietnamese audience.

Here are the key features of the brand:

  • the use of advanced technologies;
  • high-quality graphics and musical accompaniment;
  • secure payment modules.


This manufacturer started its activities from the creation of equipment for land-based casinos and gaming halls. Today, it is one of the largest providers of gambling software for virtual platforms.

Here are the main advantages of the company:

  • creation of unique live content;
  • development of unusual variations of classic card games;
  • exciting visual effects.

Effective Strategy to Launch K9WIN Casino

Collaboration with a renowned supplier of solutions is the shortest way to success in any region. For the Asian sector, K9WIN VN is the perfect partner to work with. The studio is an established developer of software and has multiple experienced departments to cover other aspects of the platform formation. Operators can launch K9WIN online casino projects with full reliance on this guide company.

Vietnam has a colossal potential in the iGaming sphere. Almost 98% of the residents own smartphones. With the development of digital amusement, operators will find it incredibly lucrative to launch K9WIN slot online to cover the needs of the audience.

The relevance of virtual gambling is unquestionable since locals cannot access land-based halls. So, entrepreneurs benefit as they open casino like K9WIN and match the needs of the public with proficient analysis and implementation.

The most demanded types of gambling in Vietnam:

  • virtual slot machines;
  • betting offerings;
  • tabletops with real croupiers;
  • variety of sweepstakes;
  • cockfighting;
  • card-based games in 3D.

The integration K9WIN slot online also comprises the addition of an authentic Shoot Fish package. This is a proprietary activity designed specifically for the Asian sector. As owners of K9WIN casino sister sites add unique amusement, they can be sure of high acquisition and retention levels with such assortment elaboration.

The right software components will not singlehandedly cover the platform’s allegiance to the Vietnamese public. How to open K9WIN online casino and grant its popularity?

The studio also takes care of other relevant components of the project:

  • clear navigation and thematic design of the portal;
  • security establishment and anti-fraud system configuration;
  • gamification strategies;
  • client support regarding technical issues;
  • marketing tactics within the particular location.

The combination of these aspects and the expertise of the vendor allow entrepreneurs to launch casino as K9WIN in the shortest period. The prospects of the Vietnamese market are incredible since the perception of gambling as amusement is spreading, and the responsibility practices are already a standard requirement. That is why operators can launch K9WIN slot sites in the state under proficient guidance and reap the benefits of the project in just a few months.

Where to Purchase a Turnkey Online Casino in Vietnam

Turnkey online casino in Vietnam: development

Beginning businessmen who want to buy a casino in Vietnam often do not know where to start. They have to study a lot of information and look for reliable suppliers on their own. As a result, such entrepreneurs can lose a ton of time and money.

To avoid unnecessary costs and make sure of the success of your future project, you need to work with real professionals. The purchase of a turnkey online casino in Vietnam from Rosloto can simplify the process of creating and promoting your business significantly.

Rosloto has been working in the gambling industry for many years. We cooperate with many successful projects from Vietnam. When using our services, businessmen receive not only a modern website and high-quality content, but also many other related services (consulting, technical support, data and payment protection, etc.).

Moreover, our experts will develop an exclusive strategy for promoting your business that will help you attract and retain a broad audience of players.

Also, it is possible to order turnkey casino app development and have completely unique content be integrated into your website.

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Our projects are registered and licensed in the best jurisdictions of the world. Their activities do not contradict online gambling laws in Vietnam.

If you want to buy turnkey online casino in Vietnam, but are still in doubt, contact our manager to get the opportunity to test our products absolutely free.

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