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Casinos Software from Dream Gaming: a Unique Experience from the Thai Developer

Casinos Software from Dream Gaming: a Unique Experience from the Thai Developer

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Today, we are going to talk about a promising brand that has managed to form an affiliate network of more than 1 thousand entrepreneurs all over the world in just 3 years of operation. The supplier's catalogue includes one of the most unusual lines of live games in the Southeast.

Online casino from Dream Gaming provider

In this article, Rosloto experts will tell you about the reasons for the popularity of DG content, the most interesting developments of the brand, the advantages of buying them, as well as the most convenient and fastest ways to purchase the manufacturer’s casino.

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About the Vendor

The firm was established in 2017 in Bangkok. From the first days of its existence, it began to actively conquer the domestic gambling market and soon entered the list of top providers in the Southeastern region.

The main business area of the firm is the creation of software in the live format. However, it decided not to invest in its studio and entered into a partnership agreement with an existing offline location. The developer rents one of the floors in the most popular casino in Thailand.

The vendor owns 25 tables designed for the Eastern audience. Each zone has advanced technologies:

  • multi-channel routers that provide instant transmission of streaming data;
  • several Full HD cameras with a 360-degree view over each table;
  • powerful lighting equipment;
  • built-in systems for reading the values ​​of cards and tokens that appear on the table;
  • subwoofers for excellent acoustics;
  • separate monitors and cameras systems for broadcasting advertising materials.

Each of the locations is decorated in an interesting authentic Thai style.

The firm employs about 1 thousand professional croupiers who speak many languages.

The provider is constantly expanding the package of offerings and is ready to work with other industry representatives. Among the partners of DG, there are such well-known brands as:

  • SA Gaming;
  • EBET;
  • AE Casino Group, and others.

The developer holds 3 prestigious gambling licenses, which allow him to work in eastern markets and beyond. Permits were issued by Thai, Cambodian, and the Philippine regulators.

In the coming years, the brand plans to increase the number of offers for the English-speaking audience and enter the European live market.

Live Games from the Supplier

Live casino software from Dream Gaming provider

The Dream Gaming online casinos top provider guarantees an authentic user experience.

The studio has dozens of unique offers with a single interface, and a scalable lobby makes it easier to move between tables and get acquainted with new content.

Customizable features of an interface

Switching between tables

The software supports the “multi-games” option, allowing players to take part in sessions at 1–4 tables simultaneously.

Key moments of each drawing are broadcast in a separate window on the main screen. To move around the table, it is necessary just to click on the desired zone

General management

Users are offered a standard functionality for launching broadcasts (table/bet selection) and a set of additional personalisation templates:

  • calculation of potential chances after each completed action;
  • tracking the bets placed by other participants;
  • statistics of the odds;
  • evaluation of the results of completed drawings, etc.

Non-game statistics

In addition to internal statistics and various templates for the development of the strategy, gamblers have access such data as:

  • the total number of users;
  • the most in-demand games;
  • the largest winnings for a certain period;
  • ratings of active users, etc.

Beauty Live Room

The developer’s product supports multi-channel live chat in several languages. As part of the program, users can:

  • get an opinion of the dealer and some clues on the following moves;
  • communicate with the croupier about softball subjects;
  • maintain a dialogue with other players.

The option is active by default and looks like a ticker bar in the lower right corner of the screen

Manual editing

Having entered personal data into the system and received an account confirmation, gamblers can edit it at their discretion:

  • hide personal information from other visitors;
  • choose an exclusive profile picture;
  • hide their ratings on the website;
  • indicate their gaming experience, etc.

Among the most in-demand live products of the brand, we can name:


The firm offers a series of solutions with different specifics and dynamics:

  • a standard version without wilds and side bets;
  • an accelerated session with drawings the duration of which is up to 20 seconds;
  • a game with an extended range of side bets;
  • the punto model.

Baccarat from DG is characterised by the use of a standard poker deck with 52 denominations.

In each session, up to 14 users can participate simultaneously.


This is an interesting variation of the traditional European card game with oriental flair.

The standard mechanics is supplemented with a list of unusual side bets:

  • perfect couples;
  • hi-lo;
  • on the bonus drawing;
  • on the victory of another participant;
  • a deposit that allows users to participate in the jackpot’s drawing, etc.


Another well-known Western product that gains popularity in Asia. There are 2 options in the brand’s catalogue: European and American wheels.

The interface of the roulette zone is designed in such a way that users can observe all the key moments of the game simultaneously. There is a pop-up window with a close-up of the wheel, a leaderboard, a chat window, and a type-down with a detailed explanation of each move.

Sic Bo

This popular Southeastern entertainment is distinguished by elementary rules, dynamism, and visual appeal.

To hit the jackpot, gamblers need to guess the sum of the numbers that appear on 3 six-sided dice. In addition to the main bet, the software supports several side bets:

  • even/odd;
  • double/triple;
  • a specific number on one die;
  • a victory over another player, etc.

Dragon Tiger

The national oriental game comes from Cambodia. The provider was able to combine traditional mechanics with a large selection of themed bonuses and side bets.

Apart from 3 basic bets (the victory of the dealer and the player or a draw), users are offered 10 additional betting options:

  • on even/odd;
  • on a specific combination;
  • on the frequency of occurrence of certain values;
  • on the victory of another participant, etc.

Three-Card Poker

Another version of popular European game adapted for the Asian region.

In the session, a standard 52-card deck is used, from which 3 active denominations are selected. To win, users must collect one of the combinations offered by the croupier:

  • couple;
  • three;
  • street;
  • flash.

Side bets are not provided here but the main winnings are drawn on the basis of special odds, stimulating gamblers to play for high stakes.

Wheel of Fortune

This creative modification of the roulette wheel and lottery is distinguished by simple rules and the broadest winning options. This is almost a win-win entertainment that motivates users to spin the wheel over and over again.

The game includes 34 cells, each of which indicates a certain bonus: jackpots, multipliers, additional free moves, etc.

Video Slots from the Supplier

The gambling software by the decent Dream Gaming vendor contains a line of proprietary solutions and products of the brand’s partners. In total, the catalogue includes about 1 thousand positions.

Features of slots:

  1. Variety of plots. Most of the games are based on ethnic oriental stories and folklore but there are also games on such topics as mysteries, adventures, history, and fruits.
  2. Graphics. Dream Gaming web casinos software includes products with realistic animation, a line of developments in the style of anime, a series of 3D games, and slots with motion effects.
  3. Built-in promotion tools. As part of the platform, operators are offered a good set of solutions for retaining customers. There are seasonal offers and a series of slots for multiplayer tournaments with cumulative prizes. All games can be played in demo mode.
  4. In-game bonuses. Each slot includes a scalable set of bonuses: free spins, random multipliers, risk rounds, side mini-quests, and several paid options.

Why it is Beneficial to Launch a Casino by the Dream Gaming Provider

Casino from Dream Gaming: advantages

The firm supports platforms of about 1 thousand entrepreneurs from different Eastern regions and is actively expanding its presence in Europe.

By buying the vendor’s software, you get such advantages as:

Several Types of Cooperation

The range of B2B solutions for different market segments:

  1. White Label program. It is possible to order the ready-made casino, which includes live content and casino slots of the brand, as well as products from its partner, a scalable admin panel with good personalisation settings, built-in payment modules, real-time statistics, etc.
  2. Mobile entertainment. The company develops mobile websites, downloadable applications, and other solutions for working with mobile traffic. All offerings are supported by the most popular operating systems and are available in 2 modes: portrait and landscape.
  3. Open-source API connection. After you decide to launch lucrative casinos by the Dream Gaming top provider, it can be added to the current engine. This is a good way to expand sales markets with minimal investment risks. The brand's developments can be scaled in accordance with the requirements of different regulators.

High-Quality Visualisation

The venfor uses advanced graphics and guarantees an unforgettable experience with the effect of complete immersion.

The live software is available in HD format with a 360-degree view of the gaming area. Slots also please users with excellent visualisation, and there are even 3D solutions.

Thanks to a single control centre, streaming video is transmitted to user devices with a minimum delay.

Scalable Payment Module

The company’s iGaming platform includes a powerful financial service with a wide range of administrative and user settings.

Functionality and features of the program:

  • support for the most common payment methods (from banking to mobile payments and acceptance of electronic vouchers);
  • flexible credit system with the possibility of manual assessment and connection of each client;
  • instant payments via QR codes;
  • payouts of winnings with special game coupons.

Variety of Bonuses

Having decided to purchase the vendor’s casino, entrepreneurs get a large selection of customisable bonuses. The best tools for attracting and retaining customers are:

  • welcome bonus in the amount of 100% of the initial bets;
  • discounts up to 50% on any paid content in case of the daily replenishment of an account;
  • special offers dedicated to state and religious events;
  • flexible cashbacks up to 20% of the bet;
  • weekly promotions with personal discounts;
  • internal referral system;
  • drawings with material prizes: household appliances, mobile gadgets, etc.

Branding Services

Businessmen can choose between purchasing a standard package of live products and ordering a location with an exclusive design. The service is available as part of Dream Gaming turnkey casinos and has the following functionality:

  • placement of the logo on the gaming table;
  • development of exclusive card backs and tokens;
  • creation the croupier’s uniform;
  • promotional broadcasts as a background image.

The Main Things about the Brand’s Solutions

  • The Thai vendor has one of the widest ranges of live games. The firm rents an entire floor of the largest offline casino in Bangkok and employs about 100 croupiers who speak many languages.
  • The brand offers one of the widest bonus programs. It includes an extensive set of built-in bonuses (free spins, multipliers, respins) and several retention programs: cashbacks, seasonal promotions, and much more.
  • The manufacturer offers a wide range of B2B services. There are also such options for beginning entrepreneurs as turnkey platforms, mobile app development, etc.

Those who want to find out more about the functionality of the company’s gambling products and order its software without financial risks, please turn to the Rosloto studio.

Our catalogue contains the following latest-generation iGaming developments:

We work with many successful representatives of the industry and offer high-quality products with excellent payback rates.

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Be careful! Our team is not responsible for the activities of persons using similar contact details.

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