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Casino Software AviatriX: Simple Connection of NFT Solutions

Casino Software AviatriX: Simple Connection of NFT Solutions

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The brand specialises in the creation of crash content. It is characterised by multi-currency support, an effective retention system, and an excellent security level.

Crash casino content: general info

It is possible to launch casino by AviatriX provider with the help of the Rosloto studio. To find out more information about profitable gambling entertainment, please contact our managers.

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Brief Info About the Company

The enterprise was founded in 2021. The very next year, it released the first and so far only game.

The firm that creates casino software AviatriX is registered in Cyprus. Its main office is located on the island (in the city of Limassol). The staff consists of more than 15 specialists in the fields of programming, web design, and QA engineering.

The provider received several prestigious awards, such as:

  • “Unique Selling Point” at Sigma Balkans and CIS;
  • “Hackathon Winner” at Binance Smart Chain;
  • “Emerging Startup of the Year” at SPiCE India 2023;
  • “Best NFT Community” at AIBC Eurasia.

The online casino provider AviatriX adheres to responsible gambling principles. The brand is also a member of leading European organisations that deal with problems related to ludomania. These are BeGambleAware, When the Fun Stops, and GamCare.

Features of the AviatriX Crash Solution

The manufacturer's catalogue includes only one game, but the company’s representative has already commented on the upcoming new release.

The developer’s product is dedicated to the military theme. Fighter jets appear on the screen and bring good payouts, thanks to high odds.

In this casino software AviatriX, the panel is made in the form of a matrix with “x” and “y” coordinates. The first scale shows the flight time, and the second one indicates the multiplayer of the initial bid. At a certain moment, the device explodes. If gamblers manage to cash out their prizes before this moment, they will win. Otherwise, users lose money.

The AviatriX Game company has chosen to add several attractive options:

  1. Double wagers. Casino visitors are allowed to place 2 bids at once, which can increase their chances of winning.
  2. Auto Bet. Players can set up 10–50 automatic deposits.
  3. Auto Cash Out. It means the quick withdrawal of funds after reaching a specified multiplier.

Effective Loyalty Program

The casino software AviatriX is equipped with one of the best retention systems in the market.

The loyalty mechanics are based on engagement. The more customers play, the more bonuses they receive in the end. This approach encourages people to stay on the gaming site longer, thanks to which operators can make high profits.

Among the features and components of the loyalty system, we can name:

  1. Daily cashback. Conditional credits and virtual points are awarded every day depending on how much time users spend placing bets, how active they are, and what their place is in the ranking table. In the gambling software by AviatriX, bonuses are distributed proportionally among the top 50 punters. On average, casino visitors earn 1 point for every bid.
  2. Tournament series. They take place every day at 7 pm GMT. To participate in such competitions, it is necessary to place at least one bet within 24 hours. All wagers and gaming experiences are then summed up, and the best of the best receive pleasant awards. The daily prize pool is €1,000.
  3. Leaderboard and statistics. The casino software AviatriX allows entrepreneurs to find out who is the most successful participant at the moment and see the progress of a particular client, as well as their position in the table. The Statistics tab provides a detailed analysis of the gameplay: bets, wins, losses, and odds.

Personalised Experience

To analyse thousands of online casino solutions, the turnkey AviatriX casino uses artificial intelligence. Thanks to this, the provider determines which features are most popular with the audience and implements them into its products.

In the brand’s entertainment, gamblers can compete against each other using an aircraft. The developer offers more than 50 templates to choose from. Players can choose the colour, details, and model of the fighter plane or add new features and capabilities to increase the chances of winning good prizes.

Moreover, additional rewards in the form of NFT assets are granted to users every day.

Technological Superiority in the Market

NFT game: technological superiority

The developer of AviatriX casino slots for sale is one of the pioneers in the field of NFT-iGaming. The company is aimed at releasing high-quality products with non-fungible tokens.

Such content can be seamlessly integrated into mobile betting platforms, online casinos, and blockchain-based projects.

Among the features and principles of AviatriX gambling software development, there are:

Creation of an NFT Universe

The provider releases content using blockchain technology in the form of decentralised applications (DApps). The ready-made casino software AviatriX belongs to the Play-to-Earn category.

Successful completion of the rounds guarantees good prizes in the form of cryptocurrency. Gamblers can collect unique tokens, exchange them with friends or sell on specialised resources. A win-win strategy is to accumulate NFT items because they are constantly growing in price.

Play-to-earn content is rapidly gaining popularity. Users not only place bets and complete missions but also monetise their experience in the universe of non-fungible tokens.

Emphasis on Safety Issues

The blockchain game in the gambling software by AviatriX has a strict security policy that guarantees the integrity and protection of confidential data. The information is encrypted via advanced cryptographic algorithms, so it is even theoretically impossible to illegally gain access to it.

The company works based on the Provably Fair system. It ensures random results in each round, which boosts the clients’ confidence.

The solution has the following features:

  1. Pre-upload encryption. For this, SHA-256, Ethereum, and other algorithms are used.
  2. Transfer of the encoded sequence to the cloud. It determines the moment of explosion of a flying object. After that, gamblers can launch the round and receive their bets back but with the winning multiplier.
  3. Verification of results. As soon as the session ends, a box labelled Provably Fair becomes available. Here, players can copy the code and check the validity of the outcome on third-party independent resources.

The vendor plans to transfer the product to the Scorum Coins blockchain. SCR will be the main unit of account and have a positive impact on the security and liquidity of the project.

Improved Crash Mechanics

The creation of turnkey AviatriX casino content based on NFTs increases the dynamics of the gameplay, making it more unpredictable and interesting for the target audience.

The brand is all about non-stop multiplayer entertainment. Users can launch AviatriX casino at any time: place a bet, guess the moment of the explosion, and receive a reward.

Multi-Currency Environment

It is possible to make bids in digital and fiat money.

The AviatriX gambling software supports payments in more than 20 crypto units:

  • DOGE;
  • ETB;
  • QTUM;
  • STRAX, etc.

Funds can be deposited in euros, US dollars, pounds sterling, Kazakh tenge, and other popular units.

Reasons to Launch AviatriX Casino

AviatriX Game integration: key features

The main advantages of such a decision are:

  1. Unique branding. Operators have an opportunity to design the product in the corporate style of their online casinos. It is possible to integrate a logo and a motto, as well as recognisable colour combinations and other elements, into the gambling environment.
  2. Global coverage. The turnkey AviatriX casino software can be used in different markets. The company adds languages and currencies and monitors the accrual of bonuses according to the rules of local regulators. The brand is expanding thanks to profitable partnership agreements. For example, in the summer of 2023, the provider signed a contract with the QTech Games aggregator and started distributing content in Asia.
  3. Simple integration. AviatriX gambling software installation takes no time and does not require from business owners any specific knowledge. Everything is as quickly and easily as possible.

The Main Things about the AviatriX Game Vendor

The European enterprise develops blockchain and NFT-based content for online casinos.

  • The company is a pioneer in the field of creating NFT products. Those operators who choose to launch AviatriX casino will be able to make sure of its improved mechanics, increased security, multi-currency support, and comfortable integration.
  • The catalogue of AviatriX casino slots for sale actually contains the only game. The solution includes an effective loyalty program. Users can independently create planes, and operators can order branding services.

You can launch casino by AviatriX provider with Rosloto. We ensure fast game installation, configuration, and connection, as well as legal operation in regulated markets.

From us, it is also possible to order the following products and services:

For all questions, please contact our managers.

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Clara Hazel
Author: Clara Hazel
iGaming business expert
Updated 13.10.2023
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