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Rosloto offers its clients the necessary services for business development.
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The iGaming industry continues to bring a huge profit to investors. It has managed to kick into high gear even during the pandemic time and economic crisis. In the first month of quarantine alone, the share of the online segment increased by 3%.

Starting of a casino business

The Rosloto team offers professional assistance in starting a casino business in new realities.

Our catalogue contains the most effective gambling business solutions from the world's leading brands.

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Advantages of Working with Our Studio

We guarantee an integrated approach to the organisation of gambling startups of any format ― from mobile applications to live casinos and virtual betting platforms.

Services for gambling halls are very flexible and extremely in-demand in regional and global markets.

Rosloto guarantees its customers:

  • individual approach;
  • prompt resolution of all technical, legal, and organisational issues;
  • high level of information and financial security;
  • the flexibility of gambling services;
  • constant updates of the product range;
  • access to the latest market releases;
  • a wide range of certified solutions from recognisable brands;
  • round-the-clock feedback.

Our services for the development of a gambling project allow you to become the owner of a unique business. We undertake comprehensive project administration, guarantee a quick launch, and give the opportunity to enter the market with minimum initial capital.

You just have to develop a customer base and start earning money.

Professional Services for Opening an Online Casino from Rosloto

We are constantly searching for the latest market releases, promising trends, and new laws. Our specialists have access to the best marketing tools, an extensive technical basis, and the most high-quality solutions from popular providers.

The Rosloto studio is ready to start working on the project at any stage of its implementation and offer the following services:

Casino Promotion

Our experts offer the rapid growth of traffic, the first places in the search results, constant monitoring of behavioural reactions, unique bonuses, and much more.

Marketing services to upgrade online casinos provided by Rosloto allow operators to make use of the following benefits:

  1. Building brand awareness. Our aim is not only to promote but also improve the reputation of projects of our customers and partners. We provide professional advertising tools to guarantee the brand recognition and loyalty of users.
  2. Improvement of the image. Marketers of Rosloto create full-scale promotion strategies, one of the components of which is working with the brand image and the formation of positive associations with a particular gaming site.
  3. Affiliate programs. We offer exclusive services for gambling halls and assistance in choosing partners that can provide maximum traffic. Our team of specialists will make sure that you pay only for real customers.
  4. SMM marketing. Comprehensive promotion of a startup in social networks guarantees not only an increase in new customers but also makes it possible to build the most open communication with the audience.
  5. SEO promotion. It allows you to build maximum traffic. Our team will deal with the optimisation of the website structure and bring it to the leading positions in search results.


The legalisation of a casino startup will release operators from many problems associated with regional and international market regulation. A turnkey project licensed by Rosloto is a convenient and safe alternative to independent interaction with gambling regulators.

We cooperate with the most respected jurisdictions and offer certification documents from the following countries:

Casino Franchise

This is a convenient form of commercial cooperation that allows entrepreneurs to work under the name of a more experienced and well-known company.

Investors get an opportunity to rent a gambling project, a ready-made administration basis, a recognisable name, and comprehensive support.

Benefits of working under a gambling franchise from Rosloto

Quick project implementation

The establishment of a company of this type takes from a couple of days to 3 weeks. This time is necessary to read the contract, sign it, and familiarise yourself with the product provided by the seller

Capital optimisation

A franchise gives you an opportunity to enter the market with minimum initial capital.

To conclude an agreement, 2 types of payments must be made:

  1. Lump-sum payment. A one-time, fixed fee that covers expenditures of the seller for the provision of software, licences, and other administrative costs.
  2. Royalty fee. This is a regular payment for using the software. The size of the commission fee is usually calculated on the basis of the estimated net profit of the project.

The decision to buy services for opening an online casino allows you to save a lot of money at the initial stages of work. Moreover, operators receive financial protection against the need to pay large winnings (jackpots are paid by the seller company)

Comprehensive support

Consulting services, as well as the technical and legal support of the gambling project, are included in the cost of the franchise

Ready-made marketing program

Operators not only work under the name of an already popular brand but also receive a ready-made advertising strategy at their disposal.

Programs for building the client base are monitored by the seller's marketers. Thus, beginning entrepreneurs are guaranteed maximum protection against any risks and a quick increase in customers

Online Casino Eco-Business

Launch of an online casino eco-business

We offer a unique digital structure for the iGaming business with the following opportunities and benefits:

  1. Minimal impact on the environment. Our aim is to support the most promising trends in the global economy. Online casinos are related to the “green” commercial activity that does not negatively affect the natural environment of our planet.
  2. Social responsibility policy. With our help, operators can join economic and social trends: environmental protection and global digitalisation of the market.
  3. Improvement of the brand’s reputation in the eyes of customers. Eco-friendly casinos are one of the global trends. Our gambling business solutions guarantee an increase in the level of confidence of users.
  4. Saving the resources of the planet. To launch a digital gambling platform, a minimum number of components are required. Working in the online segment is fully consistent with the concept of running an ecological business.

Slot Games for Sale

Our studio cooperates with the world’s leading software vendors and offers solutions from such well-known brands as:

We guarantee high-quality products and constant updating of the product range.

One of the advantages of buying slots from Rosloto is fast package integration. The game content is installed on the platform in one session. Moreover, we will take care of all the nuances of software customisation.

Virtual Casino Development

The creation of a gambling project from scratch takes from 6 months to several years. With Rosloto, you can launch a casino in just a couple of days. The time that will be spent depends only on your preferences.

We offer a comprehensive service that includes:

  • casino licensing;
  • backend development;
  • content integration;
  • connection of payment services;
  • organisation of the support service;
  • setting up affiliate programs;
  • development of loyalty programs, and much more.

Turnkey Gaming Sites

We offer professional iGaming services. Our specialists have created convenient and adaptive templates for gambling platforms that allow you to implement a project like a puzzle. This solution makes it possible to minimise the launch time and enter the market in just a couple of days.

The website already includes:

  • secure payment instruments;
  • games from the world's leading brands;
  • powerful analytical services;
  • security systems of the latest generation;
  • several channels of communication with support services.

Casino Security

Casino security: latest developments

Our catalogue contains the latest developments in the field of digital security, such as:

  • turnkey solutions from well-known brands: A.S.A.P., Abilott, Featurespace, Arxan, Accertify, and others;
  • programs of the provable casino fairness;
  • SSL protocols;
  • AI-based security systems;
  • programs of information and financial protection that are based on decentralised technologies.

Technical capabilities and advantages of our products:

  1. Multilevel authentication. Powerful, automated algorithms that are aimed at verifying the identity of clients and have the ability to track geolocation data, credit records, and other personal information.
  2. Protection against the improper use of bonuses. Programs that fight against multi-accounts, monitor user activity, and evaluate the effectiveness of bonus offers.
  3. Fight against mobile fraud. High-quality mobile traffic monitoring systems with the option of checking and automatically blocking suspicious transactions and other unusual actions taken by customers.
  4. Constant monitoring of the system. Automatic programs for tracking user activity and financial transactions. Such services allow operators not only to block unreliable users but also form an internal “black list”.
  5. Control of bank transfers. Prevention of fraud with credit funds, stolen cards, and specialised programs to fight against money laundering.
  6. Analytics in Real Time. The program not only allows you to instantly block suspicious activity on the website but also generates statistical summaries for further optimisation of risk management programs.

Demo Version

The quality of offered products and the professionalism of the support service can be evaluated using the free test version of a gaming site.

We provide complete access to the system and its backend for 10 days. There are no hidden or delayed payments.

The service is designed to demonstrate the capabilities of our solutions and the initial acquaintance with the nuances of launching a digital gambling project.

Our team is in touch 24/7 and is ready to help you with the resolution of any issue.

Demo version

The Main Things about the iGaming Services

The Rosloto studio has been on the market since 2011. Our specialists have managed to create an excellent catalogue of products and services for the gambling business.
  • We guarantee each client professional support. A personal manager will be ready to answer any questions about how to launch a casino. Moreover, a technical support team is available round-the-clock.
  • Our company is focused on following global trends. We offer services for the development of a “green” digital business. Our projects are aimed at supporting international norms of social responsibility and guarantee an improvement of the company image in the eyes of users.
  • Rosloto guarantees reliable protection against financial risks. From us, you can order the connection of a free demo version of the casino. Entrepreneurs get access to administrative services and a chance to get acquainted with the nuances of project management in a comfortable environment.

We are aware of the latest industry trends and offer our customers the following solutions:

Launch an iGaming project of the new generation in just a few days! Just contact us, and we will be glad to answer all your questions!

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Fraudsters can use contacts that look like ours to scam customers. Therefore, we ask you to enter only the addresses that are indicated on our official website.

Be careful! Our team is not responsible for the activities of persons using similar contact details.

Clara Hazel
Author: Clara Hazel
iGaming business expert
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