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Greentube Casinos Software: Order High-Quality and Reliable Offers

Greentube Casinos Software: Order High-Quality and Reliable Offers

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Developments of the brand are known to users all over the world. The firm has been owned by such a giant as Novomatic Interactive for more than 20 years and specialises in the creation of browser and mobile casino content.

The firm characterises its activities in the industry as follows:

We offer solutions that go beyond the pale of typical and create the future of this ever-changing sector.

The brand's catalogue includes more than 400 products (including classic slots, bingo, video poker, as well as board, server, and social games). The company also offers an extensive set of services for B2B clients.

Greentube casino software: high-quality, reliable offers

You can purchase these solutions by turning to the Rosloto studio.

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Our staff will be glad to help you to choose the right gaming and administrative software, take care of its integration into the website, and the subsequent maintenance.

A Socially Responsible Brand

The supplier’s goal is to make gambling accessible and safe for casino visitors. That is why a corporate responsibility rule was introduced: in order to successfully create and prevent psychological problems that gamblers may suffer.

The company’s management team says:

Our goal is to protect vulnerable groups and promote the social responsibility principle. Our corporate ethics is based on the desire to do everything possible to make each department develop, as well as the communities with which we cooperate.

Specialists of the firm adhere to the following principles:

  1. Responsible gambling. The manufacturer takes care of the well-being of users by integrating protection mechanisms for minors and other vulnerable groups of the population into the Greentube turnkey web casinos. The brand's products have self-restriction tools for users, their data is not transferred to third parties, and only the owner of an account has access to deposits.
  2. Focus on employees. The management believes that the main assets of the company are happy and healthy staff. The firm employs experienced and qualified specialists, and each of them receives support and assistance.
  3. Social responsibility and charity. The brand actively supports many non-profit institutions and encourages the volunteering activities of employees.
  4. Eco-friendly business. The software is developed and produced without harm to the environment. The mission statement of the team is “Green suits us”.
  5. Looking after partners. The company does its best to make it convenient for customers to cooperate with it. The priority is the legality, ethics, and responsibility of business.

On its official website, the supplier publishes annual reports on the implementation of the corporate responsibility program, as well as key performance indicators. This information is open, so players and casino operators can get acquainted with the contribution of the company to social life at any time.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Launch a Casino by the Greentube Provider

Greentube online casino: main features

First of all, it is compatible with solutions from other developers and adapted to any type of system.

Businessmen appreciate the product for the following features:

  1. An extensive set of offers. The catalogue includes many different games.
  2. Thematic slots. The brand releases both traditional video slots with fruits and sevens and solutions based on top-grossing films. Entrepreneurs can select games based on the preferences of the target audience of their web resources.
  3. Good graphics. In the 21st century, a low-quality picture is already considered bad manners. Gamblers choose products with the detailed tracing of symbols and eye-catching 3D animation. The Greentube top online casino provider takes into account trends, and that is why every released slot machine will attract a wide audience.
  4. Intuitive interface. Experienced software vendors know that even the most exciting games can be unprofitable if users have difficulty mastering the functionality. The supplier has made sure that players can quickly understand how to play the chosen entertainment.
  5. Mobile versions of games. The number of users who launch games on smartphones is growing rapidly. The provider takes this into account and releases content that is compatible with mobile devices.
  6. Demo versions. Before playing for real money, visitors to gaming sites can run the software in a test mode, study the functionality of each new product, and decide whether the entertainment is interesting or not.
  7. Quick launch and stability of the game session. All solutions are based on the HTML5 technology, thanks to which they can work well in all popular browsers and operating systems.

The manufacturer produces both individual offers and package solutions. From Rosloto, you can order various thematic entertainment.

Products from the Brand

Having decided to buy the software, you receive a product suite that includes entertainment content and administrative software.

The provider offers:

Video Slots

The company has transferred to the online space those Novomatic slots, which were popular during the boom of offline slot machines. The series was called Deluxe. The product line has updated graphics and several extra options.

The list of the most popular games includes:

  • Book of Ra. It is dedicated to the search for the treasures of Ancient Egypt. It has become so popular that Novomatic and its subsidiaries have repeatedly released new versions of the solution, and each of them attracted more and more users. If you decide to launch a casino by the decent Greentube provider, make sure that this slot is in your website’s catalogue: it will bring a lot of money to your gambling establishment.
  • Sizzling Hot. This is a traditional game with fruits and lucky sevens, and that is why players have nicknamed it “compote”. The slot will attract those users who appreciate the classics.
  • Lucky Lady's Charm. This product is dedicated to magic and money symbols and can please gamblers with big prizes. The game has remained popular for many years and will surely appeal to visitors to your casino.

The brand not only revives old and popular entertainment but also creates new solutions. It takes into account the growth of the mobile audience, so the releases are developed first for smartphones and only then adapted to the PC.

Slots of the vendor are simple, intuitive, and generous. Gamblers love them and trust the brand. By purchasing these solutions, entrepreneurs make sure that their gaming sites are successful.

Board Games and Live Content

The vendor’s catalogue includes:

The solution

Its characteristics


There are 4 versions of the game, 2 of which include sessions without dealers.

Among the additional features for users, we can name:

  • training in a demo mode (no need to place bets using real money, the session is conducted with a virtual account);
  • multiplayer game;
  • participation in tournaments with good prizes


There are versions with a live dealer and without. Gamblers can choose the speed of rounds and control spending during sessions


The developer offers several versions of the popular game in different stylistic designs. Each user will find an option to his liking

Sic Bo

This Asian entertainment will appeal to fans of the exotic products. In this case, casino visitors bet on the results of dice rolls.

The solution provides 7 betting options, so the probability of winning a prize is rather high


Customers can choose between a version with live dealers and without them. A casino that installs such content benefits in any case

The gambling software by Greentube works well on all types of devices without any exception. Solutions of the brand are extremely popular with the target audience since the company has an excellent reputation. Each of the games can attract new customers and bring high profit to the gaming site.

The Line of Video Bingo

Bingo is one of the most popular games in Western Europe. The company took into account the speed with which entertainment “conquers” different countries and released 15 versions of the product.

Representatives of the firm offered users:

Enjoy one of the most popular games in the world on your mobile and desktop devices. Bingo with a South and Latin American atmosphere, traditional versions — we have a little bit of everything. Join us for an unforgettable experience and try not to disturb your neighbours too much when you shout “Bingo!”

If you are not sure about which games will be most popular with your customers, connect the demo versions and check how profitable they are.

Services for Business Owners

The vendor has developed software that allows entrepreneurs to promote casinos with minimum expense using special offers for the B2B audience.

Server Games: the Plurius Platform

Greentube server games: the Plurius platform

It is a multichannel system that works well on any gadget: smart TVs, mobile phones, tablets, personal computers. All information is stored in personal accounts and remains available regardless of the devices which customers use.

The technology supports 100 games, including more than 50 Novomatic solutions. By connecting the system, you can expand your product range by adding offers from other providers.

NovoSDK: Comprehensive Support for Gaming Sites

The system is designed to develop and launch games on various platforms. Built-in cross-compiler ensures stable operation of software components on any operating system. Thanks to this, casino visitors can use any device and gain a high-quality gaming experience.

NovoSDK technology is an excellent solution for those businessmen who care about the availability of entertainment for a wide audience.

The Greentube Pro Platform

This is a powerful marketing tool that ensures the popularity of the gambling brand thanks to its connection with social casinos.

Having immersed themselves in games, users will forget about the existence of products from other competitors and become regular customers of your establishment.

The Greentube web casinos software has the loyalty program and automatically performs all the actions that are necessary to attract customers.

Social Gaming

Users can play the brand's most popular games absolutely for free. The task of social casinos is to form well-knit communities of gamblers who place bets in virtual currency but are also ready to spend real money.

Thanks to the Pro platform, random visitors to free gaming sites quickly become regular customers of virtual casinos and make deposits.

The Main Things about Offers of the Supplier

Greentube turnkey casino: key notions

It is not easy to choose a gambling provider because the success of the entire startup depends on it. Rosloto experts offer a win-win option: the integration of package solutions and individual games from a well-known vendor.

  • The brand is a reliable partner. It also actively participates in public life, takes care of the environment, and encourages volunteering.
  • The supplier cares about users, casino owners, employees, and business partners. The company has a social responsibility program, and every year, it posts the results of its development and social activities on the official website.
  • The firm's catalogue contains a large number of games. The manufacturer offers video slots, poker, roulette, bingo, live entertainment, and much more. Users can be sure that they get bored.
  • The vendor offers many products for B2B audiences. It is possible to integrate Plurius server games, a proprietary marketing platform or NovoSDK cross-compiler into a gaming site. The choice depends on the business goals and preferences of entrepreneurs.

To connect a casino from the manufacturer and other popular providers, please contact Rosloto managers.

Our specialists will help you to choose software for a project of any format and take care of the connection and maintenance of modules.

To make it easier for you to understand whether the solutions you like are suitable for your project, we offer test versions and an opportunity to rent programs.

In addition to the ready-made content, our specialists develop turnkey online casinos, help operators to legalise and promote their business, and create exclusive games.

Contact our managers to enter into a mutually beneficial partnership!

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