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Allbet Casino Software: Buy and Install Premium Live Solutions

Allbet Casino Software: Buy and Install Premium Live Solutions

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The firm is considered a leader in the Asian market, and its software meets the needs of the local audience and the wishes of the B2B segment. The brand’s speciality is live entertainment but recently, it has started to release action shooters in the anime style.

Casino software from the Allbet Gaming provider

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Today, our experts gathered comprehensive information on the manufacturer, its products, and programs for B2B partners.

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About the Philippine Supplier

The firm was founded in 2014 in Manila where its main office is located to this day. The developer specialises in the release of multi-genre content for the gambling market. These are slots, table and live games, and arcades. The company's slogan is “Leadership and Trust”.

Key facts about the provider:

  • Allbet turnkey casinos and other solutions are licensed by PAGCOR, MGA, and UKGC regulators. All content and gaming systems are tested by the respected GLI agency.
  • Thanks to prestigious licensing, the brand successfully entered the international market. Its products are popular with users and B2B partners from Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe, and the USA.
  • It is possible to launch lucrative casinos by the Allbet top provider in different configurations: a turnkey or White Label solution and convenient API integration for already existing iGaming platforms. In 2016, the manufacturer presented the E-Games application for offline gambling establishments and retail kiosks.
  • The vendor’s products have received prestigious awards at Global Gaming Expo Asia (G2E), ICE London, EAG, and other exhibitions.

Professional In-Studio Development

The company’s calling card is high-quality live games with an extensive set of extra bets and useful features.

The vendor rents several floors with a total area of 1,500 square metres in a business centre in Makati City where 5 live studios with professional croupiers and advanced hardware are located.

The developer provides smooth streaming with 360-degree video coverage, zooming options, and other useful features.

The Allbet online casino provider was one of the first on the market to introduce the Multiplay mode for live studios. Users can play at 4–12 gambling tables or roulette rooms at the same time.

The company manages 5 professional live platforms:

Dragon Hall

The studio has 16 tables with roulette, baccarat, three-card poker, and Dragon Tiger. Depending on the rules of the game, 2–10 players can participate in one card distribution.

The “Information on the table” section contains game and table IDs, the dealer’s name, live entertainment rules, limits, etc.

The design of the live casino website is made in the traditional oriental style and is dominated by gold, red, and yellow colours. Wooden tables have a green cloth with the company’s logo

Quick Hall

This Allbet casino software is created for fans of dynamic games and instant bets. The duration of the sessions does not exceed 15 seconds, and the breaks between rounds — 10 seconds.

The gambling hall hosts such games as baccarat, roulette, and Dragon Tiger.

The support for fast play increases the average check of users. They place bets more willingly and enjoy chatting with live dealers

Multiplay Hall

The website is divided into 12 zones with gambling tables. Casino visitors can simultaneously participate in 12 card distributions thanks to the Multiplay function.

The feature of this solution is the presence of a built-in assistant. The screen displays hints about the upcoming bet, game layouts, statistical forecasts, and chances of winning

BidMe Hall

Only one game is broadcast in this gambling hall — baccarat, and its several versions. Allbet turnkey casinos in the live format contain baccarat without a commission, a game at higher limits, traditional baccarat, and other types.

Visitors of the location can participate in the betting auction and place additional bets on the outcomes of the rounds. Gamblers can also change the order of dealt cards, the viewing angle, and the design of the user lobby.

Several tables in the studio are rented by the leading Asian B2B provider — Dafabet

VIP Hall

The VIP hall can be visited only with a special paid subscription. All bets are subject to increased limits, which are 2–3 times higher than the cost of bets in 4 other live studios.

The gambling software by the decent Allbet vendor contains several useful settings, including the selection of a seat at the table, the ability to invite players who are not included in the VIP club, change croupiers, create combinations from an unlimited number of hands, and much more

Entertainment with Live Dealers

Casino from the Allbet provider: connection

Operators can launch lucrative casinos by the Allbet top provider in the live format with such dynamic entertainment as:

Live Baccarat

It is very popular in the Asian market. The developer has put a lot of effort into making this product interesting for players and profitable for entrepreneurs. The minimum cost of one step is 5 euros, and the maximum is 500 euros. In the VIP room, it is possible to play at higher limits — up to 5 thousand euros per bet.

Key features of the solution:

  1. Different formats. Allbet web casinos software contains traditional 8-deck baccarat, a game with no fee, a version with accelerated 15-second drawings, VIP baccarat, and other options.
  2. Additional bets on the outcomes. Live casino visitors have access to pairs of a player and a banker (11:1), small and big bets, and bets on a draw. The average RTP percentage is from 85.6% to 98.94%. The lower limit is set for bets on a draw, and the upper limit — on a banker or a player.
  3. Availability of useful features. In the VIP room, for example, it is possible to open cards before the system does it automatically. Gamblers can skip rounds up to 5 times in a row. In the BidMe Hall studio, manual opening of cards is possible for those bets (on a player or a banker) on which the majority of bets are placed.

Live Dragon Tiger

Here, a gambler and a dealer participate in the drawing where 6 card decks are used. The winner is the one whose card value is higher than that of the opponent.

Allbet web casinos software provides 3 types of bets: on a dragon or a tiger with equal payouts or a draw with the 8:1 ratio. The average RTP percentage is 96.3%.

This game has an excellent interface and dynamic gameplay. Several live tables are available to users even during rush hours.

Live Roulette

The company offers a European version of the solution with 36 numerical cells and one “zero”. Users can test the product in the demo mode with a betting range of 1–10 euros. In the game for real money, the minimum and maximum value of one spin is 5/50 euros.

Features of the product:

  1. An original approach to streaming. The developer shows the dealer standing next to the wheel and provides 360-degree coverage of the picture. This is much more interesting compared to shooting from the front without specifying an exact angle on the wheel. The gambling software by the decent Allbet vendor contains a button that zooms in on a picture with a spinning wheel.
  2. Practical lobby. The digital table of bets is located under the videotape. The history of rounds covers the previous 50 spins, and the “Hint” feature highlights the most promising betting options.

Live Sic Bo

This is a traditional card game with 3 six-sided dice and a large selection of additional bets. Gamblers need to guess the numerical combinations on the dice before the dealer rolls them.

The maximum prize with a ratio of 150:1 can be obtained by predicting the appearance of 3 identical images, for example, 3 sixes.

The provider offers more than 50 betting options including doubles, odd/even, and win/loss.

A large number of additional bets can increase customer retention indicators and the size of the average check. Drawings last no more than 20–25 seconds.

Live Win 3 Cards

This national Cambodian game has simple rules and good prize money. The product is in many ways similar to baccarat and three-card poker. Moreover, the card deck includes jokers that make the gameplay more unpredictable.

The solution is famous for the wide range of additional bets: the ratio for them is 120:1. The provider has developed a convenient user lobby with advanced statistics and a system of quick hints. Even a beginner who has never played at a live gambling table can understand the rules of the game.

The Air Fighter

In 2020, the firm entered the arcade market with an innovative military-themed shooter. It was created for a young audience. The product is characterised by amazing graphics and generous payouts that will definitely attract new casino visitors.

Features of the solution:

  1. Historical theme. The manufacturer has done a tremendous job to recreate the famous air battles and show all the military power and value of the battles. The collection includes 83 types of air fighters. Each model has a serial number and other identification marks.
  2. Excellent design. Air Fighter is a 3D shooter with high-quality special effects, 6 different locations, and great animation. All elements — from military equipment to the background image — are chosen so carefully that gamblers get the impression of watching a movie in IMAX.
  3. Good payouts. The prize pool is formed from the money earned by users when they defeat enemies. The cost of each shot varies between 2–100 euros depending on the player's level. The Allbet casino software has a built-in progressive jackpot, and to access higher levels, it is necessary to buy a paid subscription.

How to Launch a Casino by the Allbet Provider: Types of Cooperation

Allbet casino provider: options for cooperation

There are several ways to install the company’s products:

Turnkey live platform

The developer delivers live entertainment along with a multi-functional engine. The back office contains reporting and settings systems, a payment gateway, a loyalty program, and other useful components.

The vendor is responsible for the design of the website, including the creation of a memorable and practical user lobby

Cooperation under the White Label scheme

Businessmen receive a ready-made platform for organising games with live dealers. The offer includes all entertainment, analytics and payment systems, as well as marketing tools.

Cooperation under the White Label scheme allows businessmen to enter the market in just 2–3 weeks after signing the contract

API connection

An offer for already existing studios that want to expand their product range by integrating live content of the brand.

The installation process takes a minimum of time. The manufacturer uses seamless API gateways and secure data transfer channels

The eGames application

This solution is designed for land-based gambling clubs and entertainment complexes.

Live content can be installed on terminals, Smart TVs, game panels, and other equipment. Users can place bets in gambling halls, lounge areas, and hotel rooms. This provides seamless play and better communication with the audience

The Main Things about the Acquisition of the Supplier’s Content

  • The company manages 5 halls in Makati City. From here, broadcasts are conducted in the Full HD format. The developer provides 360-degree shooting and offers different gambling locations and viewing modes.
  • Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, European roulette, Sic Bo, and other entertainment with real croupiers are offered to casino visitors. The content includes the system of additional bets, which increases the engagement of customers and their average check.
  • Premium live games can be installed in several formats. The vendor creates turnkey projects and offers the use of a White Label scheme. For the offline market, a multi-channel eGames system has been developed.

From Rosloto, you can order the brand’s live software at the most affordable price.

We supply such modern solutions for the iGaming industry as:

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