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Casino Software Gamingtec: Buy Solutions for Online Gambling

Casino Software Gamingtec: Buy Solutions for Online Gambling

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High-quality system is required to start a promising iGaming project and successfully promote it. Such releases are represented in the Gamingtec portfolio.

Casino software from the Gamingtec provider

The enterprise delivers effective production for B2B partners. In turn, it opens up wide opportunities for operators.

You can request casino software Gamingtec, as well as purchase other outstanding goods after contacting Rosloto.

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What You Need to Know about the Manufacturer

The brand was originally founded in 2013 in London, where the enterprise opened the doors of its initial establishment. In 2014, another department appeared in Kyiv.

The company is headed by Sapar Karyagdyev, an ambitious British IT businessman. He sees his mission in supplying the gaming market with in-demand products that are distinguished by originality, efficiency, and ease of use.

Casino software Gamingtec is a secure platform with 10,000+ titles from top developers and a customisable interface design.

The brand provides efficient tools with a wide range of capabilities. With their help, it is easy to receive detailed reporting, perform analysis and carry out competent project management.

What Products Does the Developer Offer?

A set of products for the iGaming business has in store every detail that you require to successfully launch a gambling site:

  • GT Launchpad, which is the gambling-directed space that underlies all the provider's developments;
  • GT Casino — turnkey online casino Gamingtec;
  • GT Sportsbook, a ready-to-launch betting site;
  • GT Orbit, a product which provides access to all brand solutions and allows customers to use them both together and separately.

Additional software includes a payment gateway that provides access to a wide range of financial instruments for accepting deposits and paying out winnings.

Let’s take a look at the provider's key offers.

Turnkey Online Casino

Turnkey online casino from Gamingtec

GT Casino is a deliberate release for the easy start of the enterprise. It is beneficial for many reasons:

  • fast integration;
  • a variety of formats — classic with RNG and software with dealers that function live;
  • over 10,000 titles;
  • dedicated bonus functionality;
  • multiplatform interface;
  • the ability to customise it per the desires of the client.

Among the advantages of cooperation with the creator, it is worth highlighting:

  1. Regular replenishment of the collection with novelties. The operator can change banners, game announcements, their order, and display priority for the end-user, as well as disable any slots at its discretion.
  2. Advanced bonus engine — free bets and free spins to attract new gamers. The owner of the software can set up the bonus system according to their needs on their own or do it together with the assistant.
  3. Entertainment types for everyone — slot machine, roulette, e-sports, and cards.
  4. Extended promos. In place of static banners, active widgets for ads with real data are used, which attracts the attention of users.
  5. Personalising content to the individual needs. Gamers get personalised production as a replacement for one banner at all.
  6. Opportunities to attract customers. The product provides free bets, ComboBoosts, cashouts, and a huge range of other tools to engage users and make them stay.

Complete Sports Betting Solutions GT Sportsbook

Connecting the Sportsbook software opens up good opportunities for bookmakers. The odds feed covers 70,000+ events across multiple sports. Integrated tools for marketing help attract new gamers and boost their interest.

Gambling software Gamingtec for betting shops provides:

  • personalised approach to every individual customer;
  • the ability to customise the interface visuals for a computer, tablet, or phone in a couple of clicks;
  • decrease in user churn;
  • minimising the risk of fraud.

The manufacturer's developments are in high demand due to the introduction of complex technologies and deep knowledge of the subject.

The group understands well what iGaming owners expect from the end product and uses all necessary tools to implement original ideas.

Why You Should Launch a Casino by the Provider

Gamingtec gambling software: possibilities

Each operator is interested in the smooth operation of the platform, increasing the number of customers and profits. The online casino provider Gamingtec suggests functioning releases that meet the current needs of those who run sites.

Let's consider what possibilities the proposed product opens up for the partners of the creator.

Functions of gambling products


PWA apps

Most of the audience are smartphone owners. The provider does not need to publish a mobile application in PlayMarket, App Store, or Google Play to provide client access.

Casino software Gamingtec gives gamers the ability to download applications and any content directly from the website with any network connection quality

Back office support

Casino operators always have access to the self-configuration of payment ways and money transaction limits.

The presence of support in the form of a back office allows you to effectively fight against fraud, comply with the limits set by the regulator

Payment gateway

It is enough for an operator to launch a casino by the Gamingtec provider to get a full range of legal tools, thereby saving time and costs.

The product can function within 50 countries, supports over 100 currencies, and integrates dozens of popular payment systems. This makes it possible to accept bets and payout winnings worldwide with a small commission.

The presence of 200+ PSP integrations is a guarantee that the operator will be able to choose the payment method that is most appropriate for the current business strategy

Adaptive design

Turnkey online casino Gamingtec has an ability to customise the site design to the needs of every particular client.

The provider can adapt the visual component for all the existing versions

Detailed analytics

Powerful internet report tools allow you to see the big picture of your business and make strategic decisions based on the data.

Thanks to reports, operators receive information about profit and turnover (in general and for specific game providers), know which channels work best, and can effectively manage all ad campaigns

Turnkey Online Casino Gamingtec: Key Benefits

The provider’s products are a profitable investment for most owners of iGaming sites. The platform allows you to launch a promising gambling project in a few simple steps, as well as ensure its recognition and profitability.

Casino software Gamingtec comprehensively meets all the existing conditions of the modern situation on the marketplace and is endowed with powerful marketing, control means, and reporting tools.

Operators will love branded software because:

  1. Installing it takes a minimum of time and does not cause trouble due to the use of seamless API integration.
  2. The platform provides everything you need for a multichannel multi-currency casino and live games.
  3. A flexible bonus system easily adapts to the owner’s requirements, provides full control over additional rewards, and allows you to actively attract new players.
  4. Audience segmentation occurs automatically, without the participation of an operator.
  5. Numerous payment methods increase the comfort of gamers, contribute to their retention and boost the profit of the entrepreneur.

The Main Things about the British-Ukrainian Provider

Gamingtec supplies in-demand software production for the environment of internet gambling.

Buyingcan tools for an online casino or bookmaker from this creator means making a profitable investment in the future of the site.

  • The enterprise lays on the table an advanced platform for gaming and wagering.
  • Operators are provided with productive advertising tools to attract and retain consumers.
  • The payment gateway incorporated into the product makes it possible to choose the optimal method of cash settlements.
  • The presence of convenient modules for reporting eliminates the need for accounting, control, and analysis.

Contact Rosloto managers to buy gambling software Gamingtec or request goods that are manufactured by the group.

We implement a turnkey product and supply entrepreneurs with gaming goods from top developers. Our specialists also suggest licensing and promotion assistance.

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Fraudsters can use contacts that look like ours to scam customers. Therefore, we ask you to enter only the addresses that are indicated on our official website.

Be careful! Our team is not responsible for the activities of persons using similar contact details.

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