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Rosloto proposes its customers to buy a Gibraltar casino license. We provide a wide selection of services aimed at the quick launching of the gambling projects in this promising tax jurisdiction. The gambling business can bring a decent profit and reach self-sufficiency in the first months of the company operating, thanks to the loyal legal conditions of this state.

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Gibraltar-licensed casino

The Legal Field Features

Gibraltar is the territory of the United Kingdom, which is part of the European Union. EU membership opens up lots of opportunities for the gambling industry in this country.

Clear and transparent legislation and a simplified tax system have been developed here. This direction is incredibly demanded among many consumers. The favourable political conditions and the absence of conflicts make Gibraltar casino gambling license one of the most popular and respected in the world.

The Gambling Act is the basic document, according to which the entire gaming industry works. The law was signed in 2004. Initially, the act was developed for the UK and its controlled territories. Over time, the wording of the law was changed. This fact provided Gibraltar with additional preferences in terms of business management.

Gibraltar Casino Gambling License: The Benefits

Gibraltar online casino license: benefits

The Gibraltar gambling license can be characterised by the following advantages:

  1. The possibility to work in all EU countries legally. This option is available for casino owners because this territory is part of the European Union since 1976.
  2. Simplified taxation. There are no VAT, property taxes, and dividends. At the same time, businessmen pay 0.15% of the total net profit per annum. Moreover, tax breaks apply to the first earned £100 thousand.
  3. Quick opening of merchant accounts in any bank in the world. Connection to international IBAN and SWIFT transfer systems is provided.
  4. The high prestige of the Gibraltar casino. Obtaining a Gibraltar gambling license increases the reputation of the business automatically, making it profitable and competitive.
  5. Government assistance. The legislation is protected from any changes until 2030. Casino gambling license is supported by the state because the authorities consider gambling one of the most promising areas for the next decade.
  6. A vast selection of related services. This niche is occupied by brands specializing in the development of games and online slots, production of casino equipment, financial consulting, and marketing promotion.

Types of Gambling Permissions

There are two types of Gibraltar licenses:



The amount of the license fee, £, thousand


This Gibraltar casino license is designed for users of gambling resources. It is issued for online casinos, betting sites, lotteries, and ground-based gambling halls



This business permit is aimed at gambling maintenance projects. Gaming software providers and manufacturers of equipment for land-based establishments (servers, terminals, modems, etc.) should receive this license


The Gibraltar gambling license is valid for 5 years from the date it was received. Then, the document will require an annual renewal (£28.0 thousand for each next year of operating).

How to Get an iGaming Permission

Gambling regulator deals with issues related to business licensing. The entire procedure, from registering a company to opening a casino with a Gibraltar license, takes no more than 90 days. These terms depend on the characteristics of the applicant and the package of documents.

Requirements for Licensees

Casino owners that submit a licensing application to an authorized entity of Gibraltar must follow such requirements:

  • The actual presence of business in the country (the rental of office space, servers, and technical equipment are taken into account).
  • Working experience in the gambling industry.
  • Commercial accounts in the Gibraltar banks.
  • State duty must be paid in full. 

Documentation Package

It includes a standard list of documents containing information about the registration, legitimacy, and financial viability of the company, all its shareholders, founders, and ultimate beneficiaries.

Applicants must provide detailed business plans, copies of contracts for the purchase of hardware and software. Ground-based equipment, as well as online casino servers, are checked by the gambling regulator very carefully.

Where to Buy an iGaming License 

Obtain a Gibraltar gambling license with the help of Rosloto

The Gibraltar license is a profitable investment that will bring the company to an entirely new level rather quickly. The Rosloto team is ready to help with all matters related to getting permission in this prestigious jurisdiction. We have many years of experience in solving such tasks, excellent legal support, and a wide range of gambling products.

Rosloto is engaged in the development of online slots using HTML5, creating effective software, and building multi-level affiliate programs. In addition, you can order a turnkey online casino from us.

Contact the Rosloto manager to learn more about our activities.

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Clara Hazel
Author: Clara Hazel
iGaming business expert
Updated 30.06.2023
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