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Games in the live format are a unique type of entertainment that combines the advantages of gambling on the Internet and playing in traditional land-based clubs. According to H2 Gambling Capital, 25% of the total income of the industry is accounted for the live casino software.

Live casino software vendors:

The Rosloto catalogue contains solutions from the best live casino software providers. We regularly update our product range, are abreast of all the innovations, and guarantee a transparent and secure transaction.

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What is the Casino Software With Live Dealers

Beginners sometimes confuse live casino dealer software and online gaming sites with slots and card games.

Let us name several significant differences between such platforms:

  1. Result of the draw. In traditional slot machines, the RNG technology is responsible for the outcome of the game session. In a live casino, the result of card games or a roll of the dice depends on the actions of a real dealer.
  2. Duration of the session. While in slot machines, gamblers can adjust the speed of the reels and choose when they will stop on their own, those who create games with real croupiers are trying to provide as much realism as possible. Dealers not only handle cards or spins the roulette wheel but also interact with users at the table.
  3. Communication with other visitors. To launch the reels, gamblers should just click on the “Start” button. Playing with a real dealer allows you to place bets, develop interesting strategies, and talk to other participants at the gaming table.

The best providers of live casino solutions offer not only a standard multilingual chat. Thus, the catalogues of such flagships as Microgaming and Playtech have a product line that imitates a real room: gamblers can “walk” between tables and talk to other players using an individual profile picture.

Live casino software: components


Live casino providers use the following elements for the broadcasts:

  • office spaces with specialized equipment and video hardware;

  • professional television studios;

  • gambling halls of real casinos

Management system

In this case, special controller units are used. The devices are attached to the gaming table, scan cards and other game elements, encrypt information, and determine the denominations on the table and in the hands of gamblers.

The control unit allows you to automate synchronization and avoid errors in the recognition of gambling combinations

The dealer’s monitor

The described software offers chat support. A special monitor is installed in front of a croupier and it broadcasts the total number of users, their nicknames, a table of the placed bets, and screen tips that can be used by participants if they will need help

User interface

Internal services refer to studio facilities, and users may not even be aware of their presence. And the external interface of the product, on the contrary, is available to players.

Live casino software vendors implement the following software components:

  • translation block (the main screen with several angles);

  • chat;

  • interactive betting system;

  • the game timer

Why Players Choose Online Gambling Software With Live Dealers

Online gambling software with live dealers

The live content is considered beneficial for the following reasons:

  1. The feeling of presence. While playing, you can fully immerse in the atmosphere of a real casino. To complete the experience, software vendors use realistic sound effects (from the rustling of cards during the distribution to the background noise in the gambling hall), shooting from different angles, and three-dimensional technology.
  2. Live communication. An ability to ask questions to dealers and talk to other participants makes the gameplay more interesting and exciting. Communication in the gambling hall is one of the main advantages of casino software with live dealers. This is a great alternative for those users who, for some reason, cannot or do not want to visit real gambling establishments.
  3. Strategies. Playing against a real person, gamblers can create and try new ways to achieve better results.
  4. Fair play. Providers of live casinos took care of the security accreditation and transparency of the game session: all actions of the croupier are broadcasted from several angles, and the platform’s system gathers detailed statistics (the history of the draw is publicly available).
  5. Attention to the needs of players. Apart from the chat where users can talk to dealers, they can also contact the customer service or activate the prompt line.

Varieties of the Live Content

Modern providers of the live casino software can offer a full range of traditional table games and a huge number of their versions.

Among the most recognizable live casino software solutions, we can name:


This is one of the most in-demand types of entertainment. There is a real roulette wheel on the screen, which can be examined to the smallest detail. As a rule, an attractive girl spins this wheel, which only makes the game more interesting.

The illusion of presence is created by the sound of a ball and the rustle of tokens on the table. What is more, unlike in a video roulette, the spinning of the wheel cannot be stopped until the end of the game session, and its result depends on dumb luck.


Online casino owners place their stake on Texas Hold'em. This is the most popular type of poker, which attracts both beginning players and professional gamblers.

The system provides for the automatic division of tables:

  • for ordinary users;
  • for VIP clients who prefer to play high.


Despite the variety of versions of this game, the main task of users remains unchanged — to gain 21 points or get the number that is as close to 21 as possible. As a rule, the seats at gaming tables are not limited, which is why about a hundred people can simultaneously participate in the game session. Such an approach makes the draw even more interesting and unpredictable.


This is another traditional card entertainment. The task of gamblers is to collect a combination of cards, the total value of which is 9. The best live casino providers offer not only the traditional version but also accelerated game formats.

What You Should Pay Attention to When Buying the Live Software

Решив открыть лайв-казино или масштабировать бизнес с помощью контента с живыми дилерами, оператор должен обратить внимание на целый ряд

Having decided to launch the live casino or scale your business using the content with live dealers, operators must pay attention to several nuances.

Success criteria:

  • safety assurance (quality certificates, publicly available results of independent monitoring, support of reliable financial aggregators);
  • stable work (perfect quality of broadcasts regardless of the number of participants at the gaming table and the amount of load on the system);
  • user-friendly interface (it will also be good to offer a prompt line and a detailed information menu with a description of the main moves and values ​​of game elements);
  • nice picture (visual comprehension plays a crucial part in the formation of an opinion about the game and the client's desire to re-launch the software);
  • communication with the dealer (a convenient chat window with multilingual support);
  • the versatility of products (the developers should take into account global trends and adapt their solutions both for traditional desktop systems and mobile gadgets);
  • loyalty programs (for example, cash rewards for the first deposit, prize funds, access to private tournaments, internal ratings of players, and other tools that guarantee high involvement).

The Best Developers of Games With Live Dealers According to Rosloto

Developers of games with live dealers

Our catalogue includes ready-made solutions from industry leaders. You can always order products from Playtech, EGT, Microgaming, NetEnt, and other suppliers.

If we are talking about the live content, we would also recommend you to get acquainted with the developments of the following brands:

  1. Ezugi. The developer entered the market in 2012 and managed to win worldwide recognition. The brand offers simple navigation, convenient interaction with professional croupiers, and a large selection of widgets. It also accepts bitcoin payments.
  2. A young Lithuanian brand that has conquered gamblers with interesting branded features. The provider's games have several risk levels, are equipped with a multi-channel chat where players can talk to the dealer and other users at the table, and support several languages. Moreover, it has a unique internal payment instrument “Wallet One”.
  3. Vivo Gaming owns several professional international studios so the company's software is created with due regard to the psychology and needs of players from different countries. Platforms of this developer support the mode of simultaneous bets and several decoration styles (Asian, European, and Latin American).
  4. Asia Gaming. A promising oriental brand has implemented a highlight: real celebrities act as dealers. The company also offers a wide range of customization options and a background changing service. Thanks to innovative visual solutions, casino owners can independently customize the appearance of gaming tables and use the free space of the gambling hall for advertising.
  5. Lucky Streak. The company from Cyprus creates its products based on the opinions of players. The brand's live content supports 9 technical support languages, automatically adapts to the habits of users (it is possible to save game strategies and create individual game offers), and makes it possible to talk to dealers in Russian, Turkish, and English.

The Main Things About the Live Content

This software has several unique advantages and features:

  • The feeling of presence. Live casino is a unique alternative to land-based gambling halls since they allow you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of excitement.
  • Live communication. Providers of the content took care not only of technical support — it is also possible to open a chat with a dealer, and other participants of the game.
  • Fair play. All actions of croupiers are recorded from several angles. Moreover, the system maintains automatic statistics and saves the history of each session.
  • User-friendly interface. Regardless of the type of games, users can set their own betting limits, develop unique strategies, and use tutorial pop-ups and chats.
  • The range of content. Almost all gambling products are presented in the live format: baccarat, Texas hold'em, roulette, blackjack, and their versions.

From Rosloto, it is possible to find out more about the features of the live casino software and order a free demo version.

We offer the latest releases from the world’s leading manufacturers (Amatic, Novomatic, Microgaming, Gaminator3, XProGaming, Ezugi, Vivo Gaming,, and many others), convenient multifunctional turnkey solutions, and an exclusive content development service.

To order professional gambling solutions, please contact us:

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