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A constant search for appealing working conditions makes entrepreneurs discover new or concealed business opportunities. Operators are always eager to try an alternate destination to popular propositions as soon as it will be beneficial for them financially and functionally.

Anjouan licence: basics & advantages

Anjouan gambling licence has been available for years, but with more recognised competitors, its advantages were shaded. Rosloto introduces a complete guide on the jurisdiction and reveals the key cooperation benefits for operators.

Order turnkey casino licence Anjouan at our organisation. Register your portal in an appealing offshore destination.

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How Advantageous is Anjouan Casino Licence

There have always been multiple popular legal harbours for gambling business registration. The evolving legal landscape is constantly changing, and such options as an online casino licence in Anjouan have recently become highly beneficial. The region has preserved its relevance throughout the years and adapted to the latest regulatory shifts in the sphere.

More entrepreneurs resort to gambling business licences in Anjouan for their excellent terms for niche participants. The region is situated in the Indian Ocean in the Comoros archipelago, claiming its independence from France in 1975. The entertainment sphere is guided by Computer Gaming Licensing Act 007. The document was adopted in 2005 with the subsequent appearance of the Anjouan Betting and Gaming Board.

The main advantages of working with this offshore destination:

  1. Well-guided regulation. The legal background is thoroughly adapted by local authorities. The gaming activity licence in Anjouan means trustworthiness and security. The established standards meet the global norms that underline the reliability of the jurisdiction.
  2. Reasonable pricing. The casino licence in Anjouan is ideal for new market entrants thanks to lower registration fees. Furthermore, there is no GGR tax, which makes the destination even more appealing to work with.
  3. Functional flexibility. Operators of online casinos with an Anjouan licence can install all the newest certified software on their platforms. The jurisdiction supports the freshest market trends and complies with tech innovations.

How to Get an Anjouan Casino Licence

Register Anjouan casino: requirements

Gambling site owners can obtain the cherished permit through the application to the main responsible authority, ABGB. The procedure can be validated only in case of all nuances covered.

How to get a casino licence in Anjouan:

  • elaborate a viable business plan;
  • have no criminal record for the brand executives;
  • develop a compliant portal with the relevant domain;
  • match all AML guidelines and responsibility practices;
  • integrate all the necessary security systems, including underage control;
  • own certificates for in-house created software components;
  • ensure the server location within the country.

How Much is a Casino Licence in Anjouan

Anjouan licence cost: distribution

The financial aspect of the gambling project creation always worries novice operators the most. The basic instinct is to save as much as possible, and with casino licensing in Anjouan, it is easily achievable. The registration fee is around $20,000, a standard price for offshore jurisdictions.

Other fees obligatory for an operator:

  • $1,500 application cost;
  • $1,500 due diligence fee (for each executive);
  • $17,000 annual payment.

As entrepreneurs want to open licensed online casinos in Anjouan, they should also be ready to bear the capital of $300,000 at minimum. It will prove to the authorities the seriousness of intentions and guarantee the stable development of the brand.

The Main Things about Getting an Anjouan Permit

With the recent regulatory changes in some regions, operators can now leverage other top jurisdictions that have not been so popular. Destinations like Anjouan introduce appealing conditions for working nearly everywhere globally except for states like the USA, France, Germany, the UK, and a few others.

Key aspects to keep in mind when applying for Anjouan permit:

  • The gambling sphere is based on the Computer Gaming Licensing Act 007 and guided by the ABGB authority.
  • To apply for a permit in the country, it is necessary to have a business plan, no criminal records, a compliant site matching all AML policies and responsible practices, top security systems, and in-state servers.
  • The cost of the licence fluctuates around $20,000 plus fees for registration, due diligence, and annual renewal.

With the help of such a renowned aggregator as Rosloto, it is possible to set up a profitable gambling project in a reliable jurisdiction. Buy a casino licence in Anjouan and inquire about ready-made platform elaboration at our customer support team.

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Author: Clara Hazel
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Updated 11.12.2023
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