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Asia Payment Gateway Casino Payment System: Instant World-Wide Transfers

Asia Payment Gateway Casino Payment System: Instant World-Wide Transfers

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Support for fast, secure, and multi-currency transactions is an important component of the profitable operation of an iGaming project.

Asia Payment Gateway payment system for casinos

The Asia Payment Gateway online casino payment system fully complies with all the requirements. The solution is characterised by high performance, excellent security, and practical tools for the comfortable work of entrepreneurs.

The financial software can be ordered from Rosloto. Contact our specialists and find out more about the installation of the service.

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About the Supplier

Asia Payment Gateway is a fast-growing company operating in the European, North American, and Pacific markets. It is focused on the management of clients' trading accounts and support for fast, secure, and multi-currency transfers.

Key information about the vendor:

  • The brand was founded in 2013 in Hong Kong. Its headquarters is located in Wan Chai, the business district of Hong Kong, and the staff consists of more than 200 specialists.
  • The developer's financial software is extremely in-demand in e-commerce, insurance, private healthcare, construction development, and other sectors of the economy. The solution is also widely used in the gambling industry — by bookmakers, casino owners, and owners of lottery platforms.
  • The manufacturer is licensed as an IPSP. The Asia Payment Gateway casino payment system complies with PCI DSS (bank card industry security standard), RoHS WEEE Compliant, and other requirements.
  • Transactions within the financial system can be confirmed using an electronic digital signature. For many years, the company has been working with GeoTrust, a leading provider of digital certificates and verification systems. It is possible to generate and confirm an e-signature in your account on the official website of the developer.

Benefits of Installing a Financial Gateway

The Asia Payment Gateway casino payment system has the following advantages:

Support for local payment methods

The product is compatible with 18 local transfer methods, including Qiwi (Russia), PayPal (USA), WeChat and Alipay (China), Paysbuy (Thailand), Boleto (Brazil), and other brands.

Thanks to this, when you decide to connect Asia Payment Gateway online casino payment systems, you may be sure that it covers the main regions of the world: Europe, North and Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia

Integration with international FinTech companies

The solution is compatible with Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Skrill, Neteller, American Express, and other global financial aggregators.

The service supports bank transfers, deposits made via electronic payment systems, mobile, voucher, and prepaid transfers, as well as cash transactions

Multi-currency environment

The Asia Payment Gateway casino payment system supports multi-currency transfers in more than 60 monetary units.

The program processes transactions in foreign currencies without conversion (a peg to the US dollar) and additional fees.

Several cryptocurrency gateways are integrated into the software for fast transfers in bitcoins, altcoins, and other promising tokens

Credit support

The developer arranges payments by instalment using managed invoicing.

The tool increases the liquidity of the casino projects and allows operators to quickly get rid of short-term obligations (related to, for example, the payment of prize money, transfer funds for renting games, and the payment of royalties).

Credit processing is possible for VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AE, Diners Card, and Discover plastic cards

Round-the-clock support

The firm provides 24/7 customer support.

Entrepreneurs can contact its specialists for any questions related to service updating, transaction management, and malfunctioning

Integration of the Casino Monetary System: Complete Security

Asia Payment systems for casinos: integration

The Asian manufacturer offers a modern and secure solution for the gambling industry.

The monetary product contains a universal risk management module that protects players and operators at all points of acquisition, processing, and distribution of information. These are server hardware, data transmission channels, the website’s perimeter, and other components.

The decision to connect Asia Payment Gateway online casino payment systems is a 100% reliable choice thanks to modern security technologies.

3D Security

The solution is based on the XML protocol used for instant authentication of internet transactions via credit and debit cards.

The main aspects of checking the above-mentioned operations:

  • The service connects the money transfer authorisation with the identification of the cardholder or the owners of a virtual wallet in the electronic payment system.
  • Verification is based on a comparison of 3 domains: the acquiring bank of entrepeneurs, the issuing bank (the financial institution that opened a bank account for the player), and the interaction domain (the system that is responsible for processing payments). That is where the name of the technology came from — 3-D Secure.
  • Checking of each domain address is carried out using a password, QR scanning, electronic digital signature, and other verification methods.

AVS Service

The described payment system contains a module for identifying the numerical part of the cardholder's financial address. The product is called AVS (Address Verification Service).

Key verification steps:

  • The program compares the cardholder's IP address with the address in the issuing bank's registry.
  • The information is taken from the client database of the financial institution.
  • The bank collects data at the time of the issuance of a credit or debit card (the user must provide scans of his passport and a residence permit).

The decision to connect Asia Payment Gateway online casino payment systems significantly reduces the risk of fraud thanks to the AVS module. It accurately identifies the addresses from where transfers were sent and received, which makes money laundering, terrorist financing, and other criminal activities impossible.

API Toolkit

The installation of the financial module is based on the API gateway. This data transfer protocol is actively used in the field of e-commerce due to its high level of security and performance.

An undeniable advantage of the API toolkit is its practical application in the gambling industry.

Those entrepreneurs who decide to connect the system receive a practical front-end with a built-in gateway. To deposit money to the user account and start playing, gamblers do not need to leave the gaming site. All operations are carried out in one place, which is extremely convenient.

Multi-Level Reporting and Management Service

Entrepreneurs can buy payment systems for a casino from Asia Payment along with a detailed analytical module.

After that, business owners will have access to the following features:

  • administrator’s account data management and access levels setting (for gamblers, affiliates, managers, and technical support staff);
  • formation of detailed statistics and analytics of key indicators of the financial and operational activities of the casino (information can be obtained in the form of tables, comparative graphs, charts, and accounting forms);
  • uploading and processing of files for prepaid transfers;
  • storage and management of tokens (the brand’s payment systems can be connected with special cryptocurrency wallets);
  • customisation of future and automatic transfers and chargeback management;
  • control over the distribution and use of bonuses, cashbacks, and other rewards for users.

The company is constantly improving the reporting service by adding new functions, tables, and solutions to analyse operational and financial activities.

How to Connect Asia Payment Online Casino Payment Systems

Asia Payment online casino payment systems: launch

It is easy to launch the product within 1–2 days. Some time is spent on a preliminary check of operators, setting up exchange operations, and the technical implementation of the project.

Key installation steps:

  1. Registration of the application. Entrepreneurs contact the manager and receive comprehensive information on the cost and integration formats, installation time, and other working moments.
  2. Audit of the customer. Operators must provide charter documents, bank details, copies of licences, and certificates of conformity. The data is carefully checked by managers to make sure that the gambling company is legal.
  3. Connection and testing. The vendor deals with the technical side of the issue. Business owners only need to provide temporary access to the administrative panel of the iGaming project. After the installation process, employees conduct initial testing of all operations, including acceptance and processing of payments, transfer of winnings, cryptocurrency transactions, and much more.
  4. Final installation. The money transfer system is integrated into the structure of an online casino.

The Main Things about the Connection of the Multicurrency Tool for Transactions

Asia Payment Gateway is a well-known provider of good financial products for the iGaming industry.

  • The advantages of the system include support for local payment methods, integration with international FinTech companies, interaction with more than 60 currencies, and round-the-clock technical support.
  • The solution is considered reliable due to the use of 3-D Secure, AVS service, API toolkit, and other protection methods.
  • The manufacturer provides powerful credit support for the gaming business and offers a multi-level reporting and management service.

Rosloto can help you quickly and safely install the payment software.

From us, you can buy a financial product along with the following profitable solutions:

Rosloto offers the following professional gambling services:

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