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Bingo Bet Gaming System: An Innovative Solution for Betting Shops

Bingo Bet Gaming System: An Innovative Solution for Betting Shops

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The Bingo Bet product is a fully automated system based on the popular Bingo game. The main options of the service: accepting, unified accounting and processing of bets, analysis of results and payments. An interesting twist of this game device is a carefully well-designed visualization of the procedure for making a money bet.

Bingo Bet: an innovative solution for betting shops

Rosloto company offers the most attractive conditions for the purchase of Bingo Bet system. Our experts will always recommend the optimal set of software and offer profitable solutions for the development of your gambling project.

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Bingo Bet: Basic Information About the System

The basic component of Bingo Bet is the advanced Saturn lotto. It is a unique development of the Japanese brand KONAMI. The device is used as a generator of so-called events, on which money is bet. The results of the drawings are automatically transferred to the processing centre. All the stages take place in real time.

The client interface is represented by a convenient, easy-to-use panel and an option of viewing the progress of the draw. The screen reflects the lotto and the process of falling balls.

These characteristics are available to the participants of this system: purchase/registration of vouchers, registration of bets (the amount varies from 10 to 1000 roubles), the choice of numerical combinations and cards. For additional convenience, you can use the section with tables of winning and unsuccessful numbers and also summaries of individual game stages.

Bingo Bet system provides a range of six gaming offers:

  1. Bingo Fast;
  2. Bingo New;
  3. Bingo Bet;
  4. Bingo 5/36;
  5. Bingo 6/42;
  6. Bingo 7/49.

The main purpose of this program is making bets on the potential outcome of the event.

The draw in the Bingo Bet game system is based on a generation of 70 consecutively dropped figures (the total amount of played numbers is 90). Numerical elements are formed randomly in a completely automatic mode. A successful event takes place when the match of the appeared numbers with the combinations that are displayed on the electronic map.

Upsides of Bingo Bet

The unique hardware and software system has the next benefits:

  • Transparency of operations. The system uses the betting principle of formation of the prize fund. The influence of the human factor is completely excluded.
  • Large selection of user settings (more on this issue further in the article).
  • The electronic format of the game process without the support of game cards in the hard copy. The online system allows saving on the game elements production, recruitment and logistics processes.
  • The prize amount is determined solely by the number of cash combinations. The number of participants and winners does not affect the number of payments.
  • Automatic registration of completed events and cash algorithms. Stakeholders may not remain closely involved in the game.

The detailed information on the technical aspect and the peculiarities of carrying the events through the Bingo Bet system can be found in the Rosloto company. Our experts are ready to provide a minute description of the resource and offer the most convenient conditions of the purchase and integration of software.

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Bingo Bet Service: User Settings Peculiarities

The interface is equipped with the following set of options: the choice of current variants for drawing, numerical schemes on the electronic voucher, making bet, registration from one to six cards for the current game.

An interesting feature is that the combinations of used cards are known before the start of the gambling event.

The total prize value is funded through the operator’s reserves. The frequency of events is less than three minutes (considering the time for the registration procedure).

Functional Content of Bingo Bet Resource

The service customers are provided with the following range of products:

The draw processing system and reporting the results

The main resource allocation is accepting and information data analytics provided by various sources.

Betting server and calculation of the prize value

As mentioned above, each player has the right to register up to six cards, and the number of bets varies from 100 to 1000 roubles.

Registration of participants of the event and the centre of financial calculations

This service supports any payment systems and interacts with automated terminals and cash registers.

Video and audio content broadcasting program

The process of visualization is thought out at a high level. Users can monitor the progress of the draw in real time, personally watching the numbers of the balls.

The central module and the statistical data processing server

The Bingo Bet system supports real-time mode and guarantees the highest level of safety of each participant of the program.

Bingo Bet: Simple System Integration with Rosloto

How to install Bingo Bet gaming system with Rosloto

Rosloto is a diversified company that is ready to provide a full range of tools and software solutions for your gambling project.

We offer different services for the development of online casinos, entertainment and lottery clubs on a turnkey basis. Its collection includes a large selection of gaming content and software products from famous providers. We cooperate only with reliable providers who have proved their reputation of the most popular and demanded developers in the modern market of gambling entertainments.

Cooperating with us, you will always be aware of the latest innovations of the gambling industry and are guaranteed to receive full legal and comprehensive technical support. Rosloto means an optimal set of solutions and services for the start and development of a new gambling establishment.

We will reply to any of your questions about joint activities.

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Be careful! Our team is not responsible for the activities of persons using similar contact details.

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