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Payment System for Casinos BitGo: Connect the Software

Payment System for Casinos BitGo: Connect the Software

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The financial module is an essential structural element of any gaming platform. The project is unlikely to attract solvent user traffic without it. Rosloto recommends you to pay attention to the payment system for online casinos BitGo.

Payment system for casinos BitGo

A team of professional programmers, testers, and managers created really high-quality solutions for the iGaming business. You can order the software from us. Just leave a request on the website.

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Brief Information about the Company

BitGo is a famous American developer. Its headquarters are located in San Francisco (California, USA). The brand began its activities in 2013 when a unique program for financial asset management was created by Mike Belshe. The company's management realised in which direction to move on. Therefore, the brand's projects are somehow related to financial services.

The next stage in the provider's development took place in 2017. The manufacturer was seriously interested in digital technologies and their application in modern business. For this reason, many solutions of the brand, including the payment system for online casinos BitGo, support cryptocurrency payments.

Today, the company is engaged in the creation of high-quality payment software for such industries as electronic commerce, telecommunications services, insurance, tourism, and the gaming business. Most products are focused on online business.

Focus on Digital Technologies

The lion's share of the brand's products is associated with cryptography technology and its widespread use in modern business.

According to Mike Belshe, the head of the company, digital assets has become the most attractive investment tool during recent decades. As a result, institutional investors need reliable and time-tested services and products.

BitGo eliminates risks and enhances the transparency of payments providing secure solutions for keeping financial assets.

The developer offers to:

  • Install the BitGo casino payment system. The module is characterised by reliability and high transaction speed. Another "trick" is instant payments performed using cryptocurrency. This solution has a positive effect on solvent user traffic.
  • Manage cryptocurrency operations on behalf of customers (storage, investment management). BitGo Trust Company, the subsidiary of the brand, is the first licensed Bitcoin vault in the world.
  • Buy an electronic digital signature service. It will be useful to many companies. The application of a digital signature simplifies and speeds up the workflow. At the same time, the safety of transactions remains at the highest level.

Connection of the Casino Payment Service BitGo: The Main Advantages

Connection of the casino payment service BitGo

The integration of BitGo casino payment systems has lots of advantages. Let us consider some of them:



Multicurrency support

The payment system for online casinos BitGo supports more than 30 currencies. You can make payments in dollars, euros, Russian rubles, Chinese yuan, and other popular monetary units

Work with cryptocurrency

The installation of the casino payment system BitGo will allow you to make transactions using popular digital currencies. The module supports such cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Stellar, and Litecoin.

This service can bring a significant increase in user traffic from foreign markets. This is an incredibly beneficial prospect for operators

Instant transfers

The connection of the casino payment system BitGo is a guarantee of fast transactions (regardless of a gamer's location).

The maximum waiting time does not exceed two banking days. Such a delay may be associated exclusively with the peculiarities of local legislation.

In other cases, transfers may take from a few seconds to 30 minutes

Minimum commission fees

Players are extremely distrustful of gambling websites with high withdrawal fees.

The integration of casinos with the BitGo payment systems does not imply such a drawback. The system charges only 1% of the withdrawal amount. Moreover, the operations performed within a gambling website (for example, transfers between accounts) are exempted from commission fees


The provider ensures reliable protection for the financial assets of an operator and his or her customers.

The brand applies time-tested tools for access control, fallback recovery, and risk assessment

Extensive Opportunities of the Payment Software

Companies, having decided to connect the BitGo wallet to their casinos, should pay attention to BitGo Portfolio Professional. Its main advantage is working with both regular and digital currencies. This payment software is suitable for operators planning to open profitable Bitcoin casinos.

The main tasks of the software are as follows:

  1. Creation and signing of transactions. The installation of the casino payment system BitGo will allow you to make debit and credit card transfers, electronic wallet payments, Bitcoin operations, and perform financial procedures with other payment systems.
  2. Secure user authentication. It helps operators protect gambling portals from unauthorised access by third parties.
  3. Monitoring of transactions. In case of non-compliance, an administrator will receive a notification. At the same time, a payment will be sent for a thorough review.
  4. Determination of payment policy and spending limits. An operator has the right to establish restrictions on deposits and withdrawals, as well as use other settings for effective management of his or her resource.
  5. Formation of analytics for given requests. You can see the balance of a particular wallet or a list of all transactions performed per day, week, or month. Different filters will help you in creating detailed reports on the financial condition of your casino.
  6. Regulation of commission fees. The connection of the casino payment systems BitGo provides a minimum percentage of deductions to the intermediary (1%) by default. This indicator can be reduced or increased by an operator.
  7. The creation of multi-signature wallets. These special wallets can be managed using an electronic digital signature. It is believed that they are well-protected due to the use of cryptographic encryption technologies.
  8. Multi-user workflows for corporate clients. The module can be activated in several online casinos belonging to the same owner at the same time.

How to Connect BitGo Wallet to Your Casino in the Shortest Possible Time

BitGo wallet for a casino

The solution is suitable for both working gambling websites and new gambling projects. It is essential not to make a mistake at this stage and find a really good payment system. The growth of user traffic and customer retention depend on its correct operation directly.

The connection of the BitGo casino payment service is a very simple process. The developer has provided a seamless API integration in the script structure. Thanks to this, the module can be installed very quickly without interrupting the operation of the basic program code. This approach is beneficial for owners of well-known online casinos willing to improve their functionality using BitGo products.

Interesting Options for Your Business

The manufacturer offers a wide assortment of additional tools for gambling companies:

  • BitGo Tax. The module supports accounting and audit processes, checks the balance inconsistencies according to all positions and financial relationships of a company. The solution simplifies tax reporting, especially when operators are working in the international legal field.
  • BitGo Security Token. The program is based on cold storage technology in the third class banking systems. The service will be interesting to online casinos preferring to use digital currencies.
  • Insurance Options. This tool includes insurance of gambling projects against hacking, copying, or theft of confidential data, dishonest actions of insiders, users or employees of online casinos. The brand collaborates with the renowned company Woodruff Sawyer to offer the best conditions for insuring assets to its customers.


  • BitGo is engaged in the development of smart payment services for gambling resources. All solutions are based on cryptography and modern digital technologies.
  • The connection of the BitGo casino wallet is suitable for operators appreciating instant cryptocurrency payments.
  • The multicurrency system is incredibly flexible and customisable.
  • Such additional features as insurance or the tax module can simplify the interaction with a resource greatly.

To order promising solutions from BitGo, just contact Rosloto managers. We offer a loyal pricing policy and lots of interesting services for the iGaming industry, including the development of turnkey online casinos.

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