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Internet Casino Fraud Protection Accertify: An In-Depth Overview

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This is a well-known B2B organisation. Accertify Inc. was founded in 2007 in Itasca (Illinois, USA). In 2019, the shares of the provider were bought by American Express Co. The specifics of the firm’s activities — the prevention of online fraud — remained unchanged.

Internet casino fraud protection Accertify: overview

The key solution in the manufacturer's portfolio is the safety software for casino start-ups. The product can also be successfully used for lottery sites, online bookmaker resources, and poker rooms.

In addition to the iGaming sphere, the vendor's security programs are in great demand in the public sector, telecommunications, and other fields.

The well-known European low-cost airline Ryanair is a permanent partner of this company. The list of the provider's clients includes Southwest, StubHub, Vivid Seats, AutoTrader, and other reputable firms.

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The Catalogue of the Brand’s Offerings

The firm applies an overarching approach to protect online services from various threats and intrusions. Its catalogue consists of several structural modules that can prevent online fraud and targeted attacks.

Operators can connect Accertify’s software to protect their casinos as a single package or buy separate program components:

Chargeback Management

This complex module controls all stages of the chargeback management process, ranging from review and analysis to reporting.

The platform uses the latest technologies to save an operator’s time, reduce staff effort and increase revenues

Fraud Management

The solution consolidates data on transactions, providing comprehensive information on all collocated risks.

It is based on an efficient fraud assessment mechanism. The solution checks transactions in milliseconds and turns large volumes of scattered data into structured analytics

Decision Sciences Services

The supplier applied user statistical models to increase operational activity and reduce the risk of scam.

This program selection includes Fraud Management and Decision Sciences Services.

The ready-made security system will work clearly and smoothly, guaranteeing good protection

Financial Gateway

It provides electronic routing of payment transactions using processors located in the US, the UK, Australia, Mexico, and other countries.

The producer ensures consolidated reporting on the volume of transfer processing, identified abuses, and suspicious payments

Why Is It Advantageous to Connect the Verification Accertify for Casino Owners?

Verification Accertify for casinos: connection

The company's software line contains sophisticated identification tools, which help operators to combat 99% of possible attacks.

The Accertify casino security is built on three basic authentication mechanisms: user check, the authentication of personal devices, and the search for trusted persons.

Profile Builder

The ID check provides complete information about each user, a group of gamers or an event (login, registration, account replenishment).

A gambler's profile data is collected, securely stored and aggregated following an operator's current requests.

Here are possible variants of using the information:

  • instant detection of a user during each next visit to the site;
  • avoidance of account hijacking;
  • monitoring of objects;
  • growth of customer loyalty;
  • protection against fraud with electronic money and prepaid bank cards;
  • compliance with security policy;
  • customer demographic research, etc.

Accertify Digital Identity

The ID Accertify verification for casinos is used to identify reliable customers and provide them with a comfortable gaming environment.

Digital identification detects trusted and reliable users without putting their transactions at risk due to constant account checks and multi-level verification of transfers.

The system helps in solving lots of issues:

  • it remembers the device used by a gambler to play games and place bets;
  • determines the method of connecting a personal gadget based on the metadata of the internet provider and a unique IP address;
  • analyses location by GPS and based on HTML5 device;
  • learns hundreds of behavioural traits (session initiation, interaction with fields, time spent on a page, and other parameters);
  • uses network data to assess the history, consistency, and overall reputation of a specific player or group of users (for tournaments, major promotions, etc.).

Device Intelligence (SDK)

It is possible to connect the verification Accertify for casinos not only for a gambling platform’s clients but also for their devices. The vendor has implemented a flexible SDK system applicable for both mobile applications (the InMobile module) and desktop browsers (the InBrowser tab).

The solution is based on the program code from the InAuth company. It is a permanent partner of the developer. It is also part of the American Express Co.

The verification mechanism collects and analyses over 100 device and operating system attributes, creating a permanent identifier for a gadget being used.

The finished product is resistant to hacking, uninstalling/reinstalling the application and updating the OS. It is possible to configure secure messaging or implement an additional safety architecture Trusted Path.

Payment Security of Projects

Accertify casino software: payment security

A set of tools is used for improving the payment discipline of a gaming platform, preventing money theft and illegal interference in monetary operations.

The company proposes such services:

  1. Full-scale protection corresponding to international standards. The firm is a certificated payment provider working following the generally accepted PCI DSS directive. In addition, the Accertify casino security software meets the requirements of ISO 27001. This is a set of methods that regulate the collection, storage and processing of personal data. The programs provide a thorough check of payments of any complicatedness and purpose, including SWIFT and IBAN transfers.
  2. Multiple-currency environment. The software works with 120 world currencies and includes a wide range of extra services for multicurrency transfers in the main gambling markets: Europe, Asia, South America, and North America (for online bets).
  3. Prompt system updates. The vendor is closely monitoring emerging security threats in the iGaming industry to supply operators with the actual security product. Most updates are automatic. Besides, the firm sends its clients notification about new functions (applications, programs) and the rules for working with them.
  4. Interactive management and detailed reporting. The information is presented in reports, which help customers to see the overall picture of transaction security, chargebacks, and protection against bank card online fraud. Finished summaries (tables, graphs, charts) can be exported in PDF and Excel formats.
  5. Tokenization services. This is a good choice for operators cooperating with many payment suppliers (Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, and others). The tokenization (card scheme and gateway tokens) significantly reduces the cost of PCI compliance, provides flexibility and security of transfers, and allows business owners to change acquirers without losing the transaction history.
  6. Additional options. The casino protection software Accertify contains verification of transactions using the 3D-Secure tool, payment through multiple hosts, and various deposit options. Integrated solutions guarantee extra protection for cardholders’ information and reduce PCI compliance costs.

The Control System Interceptas

This service enhances the efficiency of fraud prevention processes and reduces the expenses of entrepreneurs.

It is advisable to use Interceptas when:

  • entering a new geographic region;
  • launching additional services (sportsbook, online poker, lottery draws);
  • during a seasonal increase in the volume of transactions (for example, a sharp growth in the number of users in the online sector was observed at the beginning of 2020 due to quarantine restrictions in most countries).

Accertify’s casino fraud protection mechanism is focused on combating confidential information theft, increasing the efficiency of payment transactions, and reducing the number of chargebacks.

The product minimises the volume of monetary operations requiring authentication and the total number of failures. It allows an operator to spend more time on important projects.

The Main Things about the Defence Instruments

The outstanding US-based developer supplies security solutions for B2B iGaming companies around the world.

The manufacturer specialises in full-scale protection of slot machine sites, spending a lot of time identifying new scammer schemes and preventing information leaks during monetary operations.

  • The product line is diverse. It includes a powerful payment gateway, an application for return transaction management, and a multi-factor identification system. Operators can connect all products as a single package or integrate individual components.
  • The verification service implies the authentication of users and their devices (the InMobile and InBrowser solutions). The Device Intelligence System (SDK) helps site owners identify trusted gamers. This approach minimises the inconvenience of multiple translation validation and provides users with a better playing experience.
  • The payment solutions are ISO 27001 and PCI DSS compliant. The company ensures full protection for all transfers, a multi-currency environment, tokenization functions, and detailed records on all transactions.
  • The controlling system is suitable in the case of a sharp increase in the volume of processed transactions. It may happen due to a seasonal factor, the entry into the international market, and the addition of new iGaming options.

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Updated 10.02.2023
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