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Сasino business in South America
Enlist the support of the Rosloto team to start working in the incredibly auspicious South American online market. Learn the nuances of the local gambling industry and launch a successful iGaming project aimed at high-income customers
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The Benefits of Working in the South American Market
Loyal Legislation
Take the opportunity to provide online gaming services and attract new users without hindrance in the South American region due to the loyal gambling laws of most countries
Good Tax Conditions
Choose a decent offshore jurisdiction for obtaining a gaming permit to ensure the best tax rates for your business and get simple access to the international online market
Cross-Platform Trends
Offer your customers from South America convenient and easy-to-use online gaming solutions that can be run on any operating system and device — from PC to smartphone
Variety of Games
Present a huge selection of online slots, traditional card games, live, AR and VR entertainments, as well as other solutions from the Rosloto catalogue to your clients
Stable Profits
Earn worthy profits due to the gradual stabilisation of the economic situation in the South American region and high incomes of your online gaming resource’s potential users
Quick Payback
Start receiving significant revenues after several months of active operation in the region thanks to an effective strategy and the well-coordinated work of specialists
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When an operator wants to open gambling in South America, he has to be aware of the industry peculiarities on the continent. The situation with entertainment differs within countries. In order to launch a South American gambling website, an inexperienced operator needs professional guidance to ensure no mistakes are made and maximum profit is achieved.

The Rosloto company offers good casino solutions to all entrepreneurs who are eager to set up their business in the region. We monitor South American gambling laws and are aware of the slightest amendments. Our professional software support is backed up by knowledgeable developers, working on particular markets and adjusting their products for each audience.

Online gambling business in South America

Order a turnkey casino in South America and make your own gambling establishment a popular destination for players in the chosen country.

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Gambling Law in South America

The continent contributes a lot to the international well-being of the gaming industry. South American gambling laws are yet obsolete and address the internet sphere in regulated and unregulated countries differently. In general, the market is flourishing as for the end of 2020.

Brazil, for instance, has just endeavoured to sanction the fundamental guidelines of the gambling business in South America (the dismissed SB 186/2014 paper in particular). Other nations aim at introducing important control in the closest future.

Rosloto decided to research the state of the South America casino licence possibilities among the biggest markets:


The gaming regulations here are managed on a regional level instead of state-wise. The local authorities are attempting to move the orientation to the federal governance and introduce web-based gambling supervision


The country’s authorities have attempted to manage the gambling market in this South American region since 2016 when the main endeavour to endorse the SB 186/2014 paper was dismissed. Yet, the law is approaching and will, at last, be embraced


Internet gambling got lawful here in 2016. From that point, Colombian controller Coljuegos blocks unapproved gaming sites and issues gambling operational permits only to those entrepreneurs who comply with their regulations


Gambling business in South America differs from one country to another. The 2011 Ecuadorian referendum made all foundations of this type shut down with no likelihood to get any web-based gaming permit from the public authority. So, operators who want to target local players obtain licences from abroad and enter the regional market


The country is open for operators who want to start a casino in South America. The local gaming commission follows somewhat outdated regulations that can vary from other countries on the continent

The possibility to set up legal online betting in South America or build a virtual casino empire here with the help of remote access motivates a lot of operators. Rosloto understands their aspiration and gladly offers the best gaming solutions for the region. Buy a casino in South America on a turnkey basis at our company and become a recognisable participant of the business.

Reasons to Enter the Gambling Market in South America

Gambling business in South America: benefits

The casino law in South America appeals to new operators that want to set up their projects here. The process of becoming a representative of the local gaming market with an offshore permit is effortless and bears several advantages for entrepreneurs:

  1. Increased interest. Platform owners enter the market with legitimate offshore operational permits, tackling the outdated casino law in South America. Taking into account that the individuals from Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and other large states cannot approach gaming portals inside the region, they search for the best proposals and discover your site.
  2. Respectable credit. Numerous suppliers of casino software in South America help out the business people who pick especially this area. It implies that such world-eminent producers as Slotegrator, Igrosoft, Gaminator, Playtech, and others will guarantee that your customers will get top-notch amusement.
  3. Free road to a global operation. When entrepreneurs open gambling in South America, they promptly become members of the worldwide market. It opens great prospects later on and permits them to develop in different ways. Lawful gambling business in South America is a direct path to a lucrative long-term business.
  4. New gambling entertainments. Internet casino software in South America is ready to dazzle local players incredibly well. Such popular technologies as augmented reality club games, live poker, TV wagers, and other latest play tools create expanded interest in amusement.
  5. Decent competition. Taking into considering the upcoming changes in the internet gambling law in South America 2020, unlicensed portals have no reason for getting to the market. It implies that casino managers have a solid regulation background and can make their proposals as alluring (yet money-making) to local people as could reasonably be expected.

The realities from starting a good online gambling business in South America exceed all expectations. New and experienced operators should seek opportunities to launch gaming portals in the region due to the mentioned advantages. Rosloto experts are always eager to provide their high-quality assistance. Buy a casino in South America at our company and enjoy the benefits of the endless opportunities at the local market.

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Possibilities of a Rosloto Turnkey Casino in South America

Considering the necessary level of preparation for such a business opportunity, young operators might experience difficulties opening gambling in South America. Luckily, the Rosloto company has been individually serving clients for more than 10 years.

Our turnkey casino in South America is a multilevel solution that implies:

  • round-the-clock assistance from our experts regarding any malfunctions or additional information on the operational process;
  • the possibility to work with the top providers of casino software in South America and receive playing tools from Microgaming, Gaminator, EGT, and other renown brands;
  • detailed discussions of the gambling law in South America 2020 to avoid any possible misunderstandings with the local authorities;
  • personal solutions for advertising campaigns with the consideration of target audience, business aims, and initial capital for maximising acquisition and retention rates;
  • official operation permit for your own online gaming establishment for efficient and legal work on the gambling market in South America;
  • individual approach to the development of the website design that supports the upcoming popular aspects of life in the region;
  • integration of transaction casino software in South America with a particular focus on local payment systems such as MercadoLibre, Elo, Boleto.

Rosloto provides efficient turnkey casinos in South America, and dozens of satisfied clients are a great example of this. You can join their affluent operation and become a recognisable identity in one of the countries. Order Rosloto ready-made casino development and let our experts take all organisational responsibility on themselves.

The Main Things about Starting Online Gambling in South America

Online casino in South America: launch

Profound knowledge about the situation with legislation as well as theoretical background about the gambling market in South America will help a new operator. But the lack of real experience can become an obstacle on the way to a successful business.

The Rosloto experts are ready to provide our clients with high-quality assistance that includes:

  • the selection of the destination country for launching South American gambling platform that will correspond the best with your business goals as well as the starting budget;
  • main reasons for the profitability to start a casino in South America, for example, increased public interest, global recognition, innovative entertainment methods, decent competition, etc.;
  • advantages of a turnkey casino in South America from Rosloto that embraces a wide range of convenient solutions with an individual approach to all clients and their projects.

Is gambling legal in South America? The possibility to open an internet casino here speaks volumes, but it is still essential to keep in mind a lot of peculiarities of the local market. The specialists at Rosloto will ensure that you have no troubles with legislation and organisation of the gaming project. Order our best services and start online gambling in South America with professional support.

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