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Integration of payment systems
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Casino Payment Systems
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All financial operations in the iGaming industry are performed in an online format. Therefore, the connection of payment systems in a casino is a mandatory step in creating a virtual start-up. Unfortunately, the choice of relevant financial services is still a problem for both beginners and experienced businessmen.

Rosloto experts learned all the subtleties and nuances of virtual payment platforms. We will tell you what aspects you should pay attention to when making a purchase. Find out how to connect payment tools for casinos. Learn what criteria an efficient service should meet.

Virtual payment platforms

You can order a turnkey complex solution with relevant financial instruments from us.

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Installation of a Casino Payment System: Characteristics of a Financial Platform

The payment system for an online casino is a means of interaction between the player and the owner of the gambling platform. This service is a combination of specialized procedures and a technical base that provides cash flows from one entity to another.

Such an additional link as a bank often appears between the operator and the user. In such cases, the withdrawal (or deposit) procedure takes more time and is subject to the commission fee.

Compared to using banking services, installing a payment system for a casino has several advantages:

  1. The speed of transactions. The electronic platform can process external requests within a few minutes. At the same time, a bank transfer can take several days.
  2. Ease of use. An effective payment system for online casinos is a combination of a user-friendly interface, convenient navigation, and a decent assortment of personal settings. Users are not required to have special knowledge and skills to perform operations. As a rule, the procedure is carried out in a few clicks.
  3. Accessibility. Opening a personal electronic account is a simple and quick operation. Moreover, you can register your accounts in several systems at the same time.
  4. Remote control. Online transactions exclude the need to visit a physical office and wait in line. Any manipulations can be carried out remotely, from a comfortable place.
  5. Account management. The system saves the transaction history automatically. The user can track all operations in his or her account at any time.

Brief Historical Overview

The concept of a virtual financial platform first appeared in 1985. Three banking institutions have launched a specialized project that worked in real-time mode. Later, some state and commercial organizations joined them. Ninety participants have entered the system at the beginning of the 21st century.

About 99 per cent of physical banks around the world use real-time transactions (RTGS) today. The presence of this option has become a significant factor for obtaining commercial loans from national central banks.

Peculiarities of Casino Payment System Integration

Casino payment system integration

Connection of a casino payment system consists of the following steps:

  1. Choosing a supplier. Do not get hung up on a particular brand. Connect several aggregators at once.
  2. The contract. Documentation must be collected depending on the requirements of a particular supplier. As a rule, to buy a payment system for a casino, the operator must provide information on the enterprise registration, license, identity documents, etc. (you can get a detailed list from Rosloto managers).
  3. Gaming website verification. Before connecting a casino payment service, the business owner must pass the moderation of the resource (the instruction is sent by the provider of the financial platform).
  4. Technical integration of payment instruments into casino websites. This operation must be performed by the financial operator’s employees. The API and FTP protocols are used for conducting the procedure.

Given the complexity and laboriousness of this process, we decided to offer an excellent alternative. This is the integration of casinos with payment systems. The client receives a ready-made product with built-in modules, supporting any formats of transactions. Moreover, the user will be able to replenish the list of available options with new services in the future.

How to Select a Payment System for a Casino

A whole set of unique features is included in payment systems for online casinos. For example, some suppliers can offer an expanded range of services for VIP customers or users from specific regions.

Before ordering the connection of casino payment systems, it is worth exploring some aspects:

Integration of payment systems: Platform selection criteria

Characteristic of the service

Short description


Preference should be given to systems that guarantee the maximum speed of request processing and execution, regardless of the volume of external queries

The geographical spread of the service

You need to install a casino payment system that is relevant for the service distribution region (for example, platforms for working with Asian gamblers will not be popular on gambling platforms aimed at American players)

User-friendly interface

It is better to connect a casino payment system with the simplest and the most convenient interface. Platforms for performing fast transactions (in a few clicks) are considered the most popular ones

Multicurrency support

The greater the choice of monetary units, the wider the audience of the slot machine website

Commission percentage

The amount of the fee has a direct impact on the activity and loyalty of gamblers

Reliability of money transfers

The client must be sure that the operation will be performed completely and at the agreed time

Brand recognition

Connection of casino payment systems with a good reputation increases the trust and loyalty of the audience on a subconscious level

Withdrawal conditions

The platform should guarantee hassle-free withdrawals. Delays in the translation process (requests for additional data, several levels of identification, technical failures, etc.) will lead to a massive outflow of customers and significant financial losses

Security guarantees

Financial instruments for gambling projects should be protected from hacking as much as possible. Besides, they should guarantee absolute confidentiality to users

The Process of Connecting a Payment System

Connecting a casino payment system

The modern market is filled with different financial services, but not all of them are reliable enough. Our team offers to buy a payment system for a casino that managed to gain user trust:

Visa / MasterCard

The brand has achieved worldwide fame. It operates in 200 countries today. To get a card, the user just needs to contact any banking institution. All subsequent operations can be performed remotely.

The benefits of the service:

  • speed of work;
  • security;
  • simple operation;
  • mass accessibility and brand recognition.


This Russian electronic product allows users to operate with financial flows through a web resource or application. The service is aimed at the audience of the Russian Federation. However, in 2019 several multicurrency accounts (10 monetary units) were added to the platform.

Characteristics of the solution:

  • minimum commission fees;
  • bonus programs for clients;
  • high level of transaction security;
  • simple and quick registration procedure.


The service has been known in many counties since 1998. The platform supports multiple wallets (a separate product for each currency).

The brand has introduced a unique WebMoney Transfer identification system that provides maximum security and privacy of transactions. The service involves three options for verifying the identity and two formats for confirming payments.

Integration of Financial Modules from Rosloto

An independent search for a provider and connection of financial instruments is a painstaking and lengthy process that requires highly specialized skills. We offer you to save your time and money by ordering a gaming project with built-in financial modules.

One-click buy!

The integration of casinos with Rosloto payment systems is a guarantee of an individual approach (an exclusive cooperation program is developed for regular customers), qualified technical support, personal manager services, absolute privacy, and legality.


A casino payment system is an indispensable element of a gambling website. The reputation and profit of the entire project depend on its effectiveness.

  • Installation of a payment system for a casino consists of the following steps: the search for a supplier, the contract execution, checking the compliance of a gaming website, technical work.
  • Before connecting a payment service for a casino, you need to pay attention to the following parameters: speed of operation, user-friendly interface, security guarantees, and geographical spread of the service.
  • Independent integration can result in time and financial losses. Cooperation with Rosloto and the purchase of a turnkey gaming platform is the most convenient and profitable alternative here.

We can join the work on the project at any stage of its implementation, from the preparation of a business plan to the optimization and promotion of existing start-ups.

Our assortment includes solutions from top suppliers and a wide selection of exclusive developments. All products are certified. The software components have been tested in independent iGaming laboratories.

To order a service in just a couple of clicks, just leave a request to our manager and describe your wishes in detail.

Do you still have some questions? The Rosloto team always stay in touch:

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Fraudsters can use contacts that look like ours to scam customers. Therefore, we ask you to enter only the addresses that are indicated on our official website.

Be careful! Our team is not responsible for the activities of persons using similar contact details.

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