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A Unique Flagman Gambling System

A Unique Flagman Gambling System

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What is the difference between gaming programs?

Some of them can be used only in gambling establishments, and Flagman gambling system is one of them.

Flagman gambling system

It has two big advantages:

  1. Flagman is focused on the mentality of the local residents of Eastern Europe and Russia.
  2. This system is not a fully used gaming program.

So, are you interested? Today, it is possible to purchase the Flagman gambling platform from only a few suppliers. Rosloto is one of them. We have only one program, and it can order the installation.

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Features of the Flagman Gambling Platform

The main hallmark of the system is its principle of operation: Flagman does not contain games. It means that no video slots will be installed in a gambling hall.

Flagman is downloading games without the necessity for installation and launch in any browser. Of course, it is not the only advantage of the program created on the basis of the software from the world’s leading manufacturer Amatic.

Advantages of the Flagman gambling system:

  • The whole gameplay takes place on a remote server, and the data is transmitted via secure protocols. The Flagman software guarantees the security of personal information of gamblers.
  • Availability of round-the-clock customer support. Any problems that casino owners, staff or players may have will be solved as quickly as possible.
  • Flagman gambling platform is characterised by the excellent design: graphics are amazing and the sound is close to real. The interface itself is available in several languages.
  • The installation of the system, its debugging or modification (if necessary) can be entrusted to specialists from the Rosloto company.

Another important moment is that according to statistics, the land-based gambling hall, which is organised on the basis of the Flagman software, pays off in three or four months.

Games in the Flagman Gambling System

Together with the platform, a basic collection of games is installed so that you can begin to work and provide high-quality customer service immediately. The set of slots contains only of the most popular, familiar, and in-demand ones.

Slot machines are made according to those mechanics and themes that are traditional for the gambling business. Sevens, colourful fruits are the most common symbols, and mythical or fairytale themes are also often used in games.

Some of the most popular ones are Hot Scatter, Book of Fortune, Blue Dolphin, Cool Diamonds, Hot Seven and many others. These slots will definitely bring you interested customers.

The advantages of Flagman video slots:

  • different storylines, mechanics, and ideas;
  • user-friendly interface in all games, which makes them simple and pleasant;
  • the well-thought-out internal algorithm of the appearance of a jackpot;
  • stable operation without freezes and technical errors.

Requirements for the Installation of the Flagman Gambling System

For being able to use the Flagman software, you will need a machine with a processor, the power of which is from 1.6 GHz to 2 GHz and 2 GB of RAM. A stable connection with the Network is also required, and its speed has to be 512 Kb/sec. It is important for you to remember that you should not use the mobile Internet.

The operating system can be almost any of the existing ones.

You can find out about more detailed technical requirements from a manager from Rosloto during the personal consultation.

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How to Install the Flagman System?

Flagman online gambling system installation

The installation is a short process but it requires technical skills and understanding of the specifics of the gambling software. Rosloto, together with the Flagman gambling system, provides the installation, configuration, and testing services as well. In the future, when you will want to expand the range of games, we will be glad to help you.

Rosloto has been on the gambling market for many years and is well aware of the importance of having a reliable software vendor. Therefore, you can order from us any gambling platform, payment system or connect the support chat.

As for the beginners in the gambling sphere, we provide them with a unique opportunity: the connection of a demo version of a casino. You have a great chance to approve yourself as a casino owner and feel how profitable this business is.

Take the first step to the business of your dreams and contact us right now. 

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Clara Hazel
Author: Clara Hazel
iGaming business expert
Updated 10.02.2023
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