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The Rosloto company offers its clients to buy an online casino with the license of the Belgian jurisdiction. It is a profitable and promising investment, which is distinguished by its high capitalisation and the ability to rapidly take the business to a whole new level.

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Features of the Legal Framework

Online casino business in Belgium

Belgium is one of the few countries in Europe where gambling is authorised. The industry has started working in 1999, and a fundamental renewal of the legislation took place in 2002.

Today, it is a very prestigious jurisdiction in the world community. There is a stable economic and political situation, the understandable legal system, and excellent prospects for international expansion.

It is easy to obtain a local license. The main thing is to adhere to the established rules, take a fundamental approach and understand the specifics of the market.

To Buy an Online Casino License in Belgium: Advantages

The pursuit of the activity in the Belgian jurisdiction has several undeniable advantages:

  1. Perfect reputation. The Belgium casino license enhances brand recognition and its prestige. In this jurisdiction, the activity of businessmen has always received positive feedback from regulatory authorities, business partners, and end-users of gambling services.
  2. The validity term of the license is long. License agreements are valid from 9 to 15 years, which is considered a good indicator in the modern world.
  3. Stable legislation. The legal framework is protected from changes for the next 10 years. Those investors who are considering a long-term investment in the country's economy take it as a positive sign.
  4. Developed infrastructure. The territory of the country is covered by a 5G widescreen network. There are also many developers of software and the game content here, and you can easily buy the latest server hardware and casino equipment in Belgium.
  5. Quick obtaining of a permit. A license can be obtained already in 3 months after the application filing, which is considered a relatively short period in the European practice. The main thing is to correctly prepare the package of documents. To do this, it is better to turn to professionals.
  6. Connection to international payments. Companies can make transactions in the international SWIFT and IBAN systems.
  7. Access to the European markets. Licensees have the right to work in almost all EU countries ― no additional agreements are provided here.

The Belgian Gambling Regulator

All issues related to the issuance of official gambling permits are handled by the Gaming Commission of Belgium. The regulator also performs the function of controlling and supervising the casino business in the country and considers complaints and applications from users.

In its work, the commission is guided by the following regulations:

  • The Gambling Law (1999);
  • The legalisation of the iGaming sphere Act (2002).

It is worth noting that the industry is closely monitored by law enforcement authorities and the Gaming Commission. The country has administrative and criminal liability for those license holders who do not keep their engagements.

There are sanctions for allowing minors to visit a Belgium gaming site or a land-based casino. A similar approach is used for those enterprise entities that did not renew their license on time or exceeded the limits for bets. For these and many other violations, it will be necessary to pay fines in the range from 25 thousand to 100 thousand euros.

Types of Licensing

Obtain a gambling license in Belgium

The Gaming Commission operates with the following categories of permits:

Type of the license

The regulated sphere


Land-based casinos


Online casinos


Land-based gambling halls with “one-armed bandits”


Virtual platforms with slot machines


Bars with slot terminals


The personnel working in land-based casinos (croupiers, dealers)


Business in the B2B sphere (services for casinos and gambling websites)


Bookmaker’s offices and betting shops


Online sweepstakes


Organisers of gambling on the TV (for example, lotteries)

Thus, Belgium offers several types of permits, which are ranked depending on the sphere of use.

Licenses with the prefix "+" are provided for the online segment. In this case, you will first need to get a “simple” permit, and then you can apply for the iGaming license.

In other words, online casino operators will not have access to the local online market until they draw up a license agreement. However, there is another way: to become an official partner of a successfully operating land-based casino.

How to Obtain a Permit?

An online casino license in Belgium is available for the long term (from 9 to 15 years depending on the category). To obtain a new permit, it is necessary to prepare a complete package of documents and form an insurance reserve.

A Package of Documents

Entrepreneurs send an application in an electronic form to the commission together with a complete package of documents that confirm the registration, legitimacy, and financial assurance of the business.

The company also needs to prepare information on all the founders, shareholders, beneficiaries, and people who are holding management positions. Be sure to provide non-conviction certificates of all people who are financially interested in the company’s activity.

Also, it will be necessary to send a certified questionnaire that confirms that the applicant respects the political and civil rights of Belgium and an extract from the state registry. A separate package includes tax declarations filed by the company over the past 3 years.

Safety Capital

One of the specific requirements of the Belgian jurisdiction is the formation of a financial guarantee. Money is accumulated in a separate bank account and is used only in case of bankruptcy of a casino ― to pay all debts to contractors (tax service, state funds, suppliers and contractors, customers, and employees).

The size of the guarantee depends on the activity area of the company:

  1. The most expensive will be the launch of a casino: a deposit of 250 thousand euros is required.
  2. Work with land-based “one-armed bandits” and their analogues on the Web will cost 75 thousand euros.
  3. A relatively democratic size of the deposit is set for land-based betting shops (10 thousand euros), while Internet sweepstakes will have to provide the financial equities of 75 thousand euros.


High insurance reserves are offset by relatively small fees for the registration, which are paid once. For example, the registration of the permit A will cost 13 thousand euros, and to pay for the local server, operators will need another 12 thousand euros.

As for taxation, Belgium has a high rate of taxes. All companies that operate in this country give 33% of the net profit. In some cases, an additional tax of 15% is paid. Recently, the government has introduced 21% VAT for all video slots, which are offered in virtual casinos.

The demanding tax policy is partially offset by the period of validity of a licence. In the long run, operators will still be in a winning position, receiving a comfortable income from gambling activities.

Where to Order the License?

Obtain an online casino license in Belgium

The Belgium casino license is an opportunity to work in a promising business area that will bring a high profit and raise the profile of your company. You can purchase a casino with the Belgian permit from Rosloto.

We offer a product that can be immediately launched, as well as the package that consists of the high-quality software, an impressive catalogue of the game content, and a secure payment module. Rosloto provides its customers with the original licensed platforms, which directly affects the prompt launch of a casino.

From us, you can also order the development of original HTML5 games, affiliate programs, and other effective components for your gambling business.

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Clara Hazel
Author: Clara Hazel
iGaming business expert
Updated 30.06.2023
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