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Rival Gaming Casino: Choose the Best Product on the Market

Rival Gaming Casino: Choose the Best Product on the Market

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Many people appreciate this product for the variety of the presented topics, and operators — for its quick payback and high profitability. The manufacturer released its first IT games in 2006, and over the years, the brand has achieved huge success: its solutions have been certified in more than 50 countries.

The company mission is described in the following statement:

Our philosophy is simple. We create games that users like to play, and we offer support and complementary services to those operators who want to successfully enter the market.

All products of this developer are adapted to both desktop devices and mobile gadgets.

To order the gambling software by Rival, please contact Rosloto. Our manager will answer all your questions and take care of the integration process.

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Product Range of the Supplier

Casino software from the Rival Gaming provider

The brand’s catalogue includes 2 types of the casino software from Rival, good prizes, and many other interesting features.

Users get access to:

Entertainment for Casinos

It includes:

  • slot machines with 3, 5, 6 reels;
  • releases with progressive jackpots;
  • board and card games.

The turnkey casino from Rival has been supplemented with 4 thousand solutions from other brands, which significantly expands the website's product range.

Features of content:

  1. Cross-browser interface. All solutions are instantly launched on desktop and mobile gadgets. Users can also download their favourite slot machine and do not overload the memory of their smartphones with unnecessary programs.
  2. Bonus options. These are symbols with extended functionality, multipliers, free spins, additional locations, and 4 progressive jackpots. The gambling software by the Rival vendor increases the duration of an average game session and fattens the profit of entrepreneurs.
  3. Convenient user interface and flexible settings. Users can independently change the speed of rounds and the size of the panel. All data on previous bets is saved, and players can evaluate the results at any moment.
  4. 2 formats of the game: for virtual and real money. Besides, gamblers have access to demo modes of all products. The test version allows them to learn the rules, think over a strategy, and understand the settings. The ability to play without any risks is the best advertisement for a new game.
  5. Presence of a section with rules and availability of customer support. Beginning gamblers often have questions, even if the control panel is extremely simple and understandable. The online casino provider Rival made sure that each client could find answers in a special section or chat with the support team.

With the help of progressive API tools, the connection of the brand’s products takes a minimum of time. By ordering the Rival turnkey casino from Rosloto, you get the content that will quickly pay off and start bringing profit, in a matter of hours.

Casino Controller Back Office

The administration software has direct access to the provider's vast database. The most important information can be received just with the click of a button.

Casino Controller modules

Data mining tools

The casino software from Rival can track the behaviour of users and categorise them.

It collects and analyses information on the visitors to the website. This data can be used to develop effective marketing campaigns

Call centre management system

Its task is to provide a convenient organisation of the work of customer support

Rival In-Touch

It sends important reports to the mobile device of a casino owner

Security system

This service automatically detects suspicious accounts and prevents fraud

Convenient financial module

The casino software Rival guarantees quick verification and processing of money transfers.

The module thwarts attempts to withdraw funds from dubious accounts and redirects requests for the manual verification

The company provides its partners with training materials that can help them to understand the platform’s functionality and maximise its opportunities.

Partner Program

Another useful element, which allows managers to control affiliates and promote the gaming sites.

Features of the marketing tool:

  1. Various programs for calculating commissions. The developer has made sure that project owners can adjust time settings and choose the size of rewards for people who participate in certain types of games.
  2. Multilevel reporting. The casino software Rival collects information thanks to which you can easily calculate commissions for customer acquisition.
  3. Accurate analytics. The software collects data on every action taken by players (logins, an average time of the game session, etc.) that can help you to customise marketing campaigns focused on specific categories of users.

Software for the Live Chat

In 2014, the brand’s catalogue was replenished with proprietary live chat software. It is a powerful system that allows you to process thousands of messages simultaneously without overloading the platform.

Thanks to this system, customer support can instantly determine which slot machine the user is playing and help him in real-time.

Why Operators Should Launch Casinos by Rival Gaming

Rival Gaming casino: reasons to launch a business

Offers of the firm can be distinguished by several strong points:

  1. An extensive set of games (over 4 thousand titles). In addition to more than 200 branded products, the provider offers slots from partner developers.
  2. Cross-platform interface. All products are compatible with any browser and operating system.
  3. Convenient control system. Despite the large selection of offers, users will not be confused by the number of options thanks to the well-thought-out interface of programs.
  4. Compatibility with products of third party providers. Even if an operator orders games from another brand, the integration process will take place quickly and without any problems.

From Rosloto, you can buy both proprietary developments of the vendor and a full-fledged online casino with gaming, administrative, marketing, and live chat software.

We will take care of installation, further maintenance of programs and offer:

We also offer ready-made end-to-end solutions for launching online casinos and bookmaker’s offices: gaming sites on a turnkey basis, scripts, and cooperation under the White Label program.

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The Main Things About the Vendor’s Software

Rival gambling software: key advantages

  • Besides creating iGaming releases, this brand works with many other suppliers.
  • Clients who launch casinos by the Rival provider also get an opportunity to work in 50 countries where this solution is licensed. It can also be customised to satisfy the requirements of a specific regulator.
  • Administrative and marketing modules allow you to automate business operations. You will not have to spend money on additional personnel and overload operators of the support service with work.
  • The live chat software speeds up the processing of user requests. It will be possible to organise the support service so that each client feels his importance to the casino. This is the best way to gain the confidence and loyalty of players.

The Rosloto team will gladly help you to launch the casino by the provider Rival, legalise, and promote a gambling start-up.

A successful business is real if you have such a reliable partner as Rosloto on your side!

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Be careful! Our team is not responsible for the activities of persons using similar contact details.

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