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The Rosloto company offers its customers to purchase a Kahnawake casino license and launch their own gambling project. This jurisdiction can be characterised by low tax rates, transparent legislation, and a large selection of related services. Here, you can also obtain a license for all types of iGaming at once, thus optimising the budget of the enterprise.

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Features of the Legal Boundaries

Kahnawake is an Indian reservation located in the Canadian province of Quebec. Here, unlike Canada itself, gambling is permitted, and revenues from casino licensing are the lion's share of GDP.

The first permits were issued back in 1996, and since then, the territory has steadily increased its gambling potential. More than 250 gambling platforms operate under the patronage of this jurisdiction, and all of them are aimed at foreign clients.

In a short while, the government of the reservation is planning to renew some laws in order to create an even more favourable business environment.

The Kahnawake Casino License: Advantages

Obtain a Kahnawake casino license

There are several advantages of working within these legal boundaries:

  1. International brand image. Any Kahnawake licensed casino is considered to be one of the most reliable and prestigious in the world.
  2. The speed of a launch. On average, the period for obtaining a permit takes no more than 8 weeks. The main thing is to correctly pass all the preparatory stages and provide a complete package of documents.
  3. Loyal taxation policy. There is no gambling tax, corporate tax, property tax or other deductions to the local and federal budgets. Many companies can take advantage of tax holidays and receive a zero tax rate.
  4. There is no such requirement as to register a company in the jurisdiction. Kahnawake is one of the few gambling jurisdictions where there is a relaxation of the rules. This approach helps to reduce registration costs.
  5. Flexible legislation. The government takes into account the wishes of businessmen and investors, and for this reason, it is actively working towards the liberalisation of the regulatory framework.
  6. Multicurrency. In Kahnawake, casinos are using several different currencies. That is why there is a steady increase in foreign customers.
  7. Low cost. The Kahnawake casino license is characterised by an optimal quality-price ratio of the service. In case of the refusal to issue a license, the full price is returned to the client.

Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC)

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is an authorised body that regulates gambling processes in the Canadian province of Quebec. It was established in June 1996 in accordance with the MCR Act No. 26.

Currently, the commission fulfils the following functions:

  1. Issuance of permits for the land-based gambling business and the iGaming online segment.
  2. Quality control of systems and software.
  3. Inspection of the company’s activity, the aim of which is to check whether there are fraudulent activities or other suspicious actions.
  4. Analysis of appeals and complaints from players and partners.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission has three members, and they are re-elected biennially.

Affiliate Agreements

The regulator actively cooperates with other gambling jurisdictions and several non-profit-making organisations. A long-standing partner of KGC is National Fraud Center. This is an independent agency that specialises in the investigation of fraud and ill practice of licensees. The agency assists KGC in verifying the information received from applicants.

The regulator has also signed several affiliate agreements with such jurisdictions as the Channel Islands, Alderney, and Malta. The main goal is to develop the unified rules and recommendations for organising and controlling the industry.

Since 1998, the commission has owned the Mohawk Internet Technologies (MIT) centre. The company operates with many servers, on which the software of gaming sites with the Kahnawake casino license is placed. There is also a website of the same name where you can find all the information on the holders of permits.

Types of Licensing

Types of gambling licensing in Kahnawake

The commission deals with several categories of licenses.



Interactive Gaming License

The document for receiving the Kahnawake casino hosting. If you are planning to use two hosting services for your business, then it will be necessary to obtain two licenses

Client Provider Authorisation

It allows you to work in the iGaming field (online casinos, lotteries, bingo, sportsbooks, and other virtual platforms)

Secondary CPA

It is designed for those companies, which already have permits of other jurisdictions. Most often, such companies want to branch out and enter new markets

Key Person License

This permit can be obtained by consulting corporations that undertake management functions towards operators with the second type of a license

Poker Room License

It allows you to organise online poker tournaments

Thus, the jurisdiction offers several types of documents, and they cover the whole range of services of the gambling industry. Both B2C participants (who are focused on users) and business representatives in the B2B segment (who deal with consulting and servicing game operators) are subject to licensing.

How to Purchase Client Provider Authorisation?

As practice shows, potential operators are more interested in the second type of permission ― a CPA license. The document opens up great opportunities for businessmen, allowing them to work with all the main directions of iGaming.

The Kahnawake casino license is initially issued for 6 months, and then, it can be extended for 2 years. The usual response time depends on the features of the company but, as a rule, it is no longer than 8 weeks.

Documentation Package

Businessmen who want to launch the Kahnawake casino should send a documentation package to KGC. It should be comprehensive information on the registration, legitimacy, and financial standing of the company.

It will also be necessary to provide a report on the management system that is used, an annual business plan (with the expected sources of income and expense items), and a bank statement that confirms the opening of a commercial account.

Video slots that will be offered in a Kahnawake licensed casino should be described in detail, as well as characteristics of the integrated payment systems.

The preparation and collection of documents is a rather costly and time-consuming process, so it is better to entrust it to professionals.

Requirements for the Applicants

Companies that filed an application to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission should meet the following requirements:

  1. Successful passage of an audit examination.
  2. The presence of at least two bank accounts. One is needed for current operational transactions, and the second one is for the accumulation of funds as guaranteed payments to players.
  3. The use of protection mechanisms and restrictions for people with ludomania, as well as for minors.
  4. The presence of technical support and feedback in the functionality of the gaming site.
  5. Guaranteed confidentiality of the personal data of users.
  6. Reliability and security of software.

The Cost of Casino Licensing

As we have already mentioned, the jurisdiction is characterised by affordable prices for the issuance and renewal of licenses.

The list of approximate expenses looks like this:

  • The CPA application filing ― 25 thousand dollars.
  • Sending of an application for Interactive Gaming Licences ― 5 thousand dollars for each used hosting.
  • Functional checkout of the platform (security, reliability, responsiveness, payment systems, and other parameters) ― 15 thousand dollars.
  • Opening of a bank account ― 1.5 thousand dollars.
  • Each renewal of the license will cost 10 thousand dollars.

Where to Order the Kahnawake Casino?

The Rosloto company makes a speciality out of launching gambling projects in popular international jurisdictions. If you want to open a casino in Kahnawake, you will just be not able to do it without the help of our experts.

Rosloto offers turnkey solutions, including turnkey online casinos. Such platforms have built-in payment modules, an original range of games, and good software.

The main advantage of our products is that they have a license, which will greatly simplify business administration in the future.

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Updated 21.02.2024
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