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Di-Pay: Connection of Casino Payment System

Di-Pay: Connection of Casino Payment System

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Di-Pay is a popular payment service. This is one of the first European systems that has developed an exclusive set of products for Russian market participants. This company began its work in Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine and Russia in 2007, and has almost instantly earned a reputation of a respected and reliable system with an expanded set of billing services.

The main difference of this service from similar products is its specialization directly in the entertainment industry. Nowadays, the services of the  Di-Pay operator are used by more than 700 providers all over the world. More information on the benefits of this service, the nuances of work and rate plans of the system read further in the article.

Di-Pay payment system

You can always plug a payment service in Rosloto. We are ready to offer the best range of solutions for the gambling business of any format. You can not only order a ready-made set of gaming solutions but also buy a casino with an exclusive design based on your own sketches.

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Di-Pay: The Benefits of the Service

The casino payment system provides instant payment of bills, create the up-to-date statistical summary, effectively carry out administrative work and implement a huge number of transactions (more than 1 million payments per day).

Di-Pay payment processor benefits

Di-Pay service offers its partners the following set of benefits:

  • guarantee of high quality of billing operations and ensuring the smooth running of the resource;
  • the lack of commission fees for the transaction;
  • the high quality of service and personal touch;
  • operational technical support 24/7;
  • high safety standards (Di-Pay servers are located on the territory of European countries and are protected from any unauthorized actions);
  • support for Linux, Windows, Mac OS operating systems;
  • convenient and fast connection system;
  • loyalty schemes for partners;
  • easy and convenient integration of the service to any existing casino platform.

Billing Di-Pay: The Payment Method of Your Transactions

Billing is a process of financial transactions, which uses a number of technical means. In the meantime, operators have admittance to the accounts of all users that were registered and who are ready to pay for a certain set of services.

The procedure of interaction with the Di-Pay payment processor is quite easy in use and provides high speed of information processing. Before you start working with the service, you must sign in on the official site and get access to your personal account. In the meantime, to confirm the identification, only a mobile phone is required, to which is sent a text message with a unique password.

The Di-Pay account contains information about all transactions performed in the system. Clients of the service can view statistics on any payments made from personal accounts.

Di-Pay Affiliate Network

The Di-Pay partnership system is built on absolute confidence between the participants of the process and guarantees the implementation of all agreed provisions. For each company, the operator prepares individual conditions and recommends a scheme of collaboration, considering the scale of the site and the peculiarities of entrepreneurial activity.

The casino payment system offers a range of solutions and loyalty programs for representatives of medium-scale business and large corporations as well as for small companies. Di-Pay service cooperates with the major providers, which include gambling resources:

Popular affiliates of the Di-Pay casino payment system

Operator Brief information
Great Britain Online Casino The casino offers a range of entertainment solutions with unusual mathematical properties. Each product pleases with excellent quality and smooth operation. In addition to the official site, the site has two “mirrors” and a unique mobile platform
Bookmaker’s office "Mir Stavok" The service has been operating since 2006 and offers a large set of sports lines and totalizator draws. Today it is one of the leading gambling companies in the CIS market
Mapupa online casino The site is the property of the Swedish company NetEnt. The service is pleased with a large selection of entertainment content and a number of solutions with unique graphics and flexible mathematics
"Private Internet Casino" The establishment has chosen a quite racy way to attract customers: with an increase in the cash amount on the player’s account, the girl operator gradually gets rid of clothes. Besides, each game is accompanied by unexpected graphics effects — customers have a feeling of full presence

Di-Pay Safety Guarantees

Despite the fact that the operation of the gambling institutions even in the online format was legally prohibited, the Di-Pay payment system is not subject to the supervision of public authorities, as it cooperates exclusively with offshore enterprises. The service does not provide any gambling services per se and assists only in the organization of payment transactions.

A foreign brand Principal is the owner of this system and is relieved from any prohibitions on gambling activities.

An additional factor in favour of this service: for the functioning of the resource are used only high-tech and reliable tools, highly secure servers and data encryption protocols.

The Nuances of the Di-Pay System

One of the unique characteristics of this service is the absence of costs typical for traditional card systems: for the production and personalization of cards and for the development of an individual design. Also, there is no fee for identification numbers of banking institutions, printing of pin envelopes, etc.

Mobile payment system provides consumers, who do not have any bank accounts or credit cards, with access to financial services.

Di-Pay mobile payment system

Unique Characteristics of the Di-Pay Project

The status of the service allows the gambling operator to independently set the percentage of commission payments and rates for transfers within the site, regardless of the current rate grid of third-party resources.

Additional features:

  • payment for offline services via mobile gadget;
  • security guarantee for both online and offline transactions;
  • complete independence from traditional card infrastructure;
  • no physical limits (e.g. the availability of credit card).

Di-Pay: Current Offers for Online Casino Owners

Di-Pay service is ready to offer its users the following guarantees and feature set:

  • instant information processing;
  • a clear pattern of tracking and performed statistics operations;
  • personal approach to each participant of the system;
  • reliable protection against hacking;
  • round-the-clock technical support;
  • easy and convenient installation on any gaming platform;
  • interaction with any operating systems;
  • the availability of the mobile version (the app for gadgets);
  • no commission fees;
  • services of legal and accounting support.


The best portraying of Di-Pay service qualities is a huge customer base and positive feedback from partners. Over the years, the service has gained an impeccable reputation and is considered one of the most consistent and reliable electronic payment systems.

To plug Di-Pay, it is enough to leave a request to Rosloto managers. We guarantee special attention to details and the best conditions for mutually beneficial cooperation. You can become personally certain in the highest quality of our offers by downloading a free demo of the game system.

One of the main upsides of such cooperation is a guarantee of full payback of the gambling project in six months after its launch.

If you have any question, please contact our staff. We accept applications and provide counselling 24/7.

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