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Usio (Singular Payments) Payment System for Online Casinos: Key Features

Usio (Singular Payments) Payment System for Online Casinos: Key Features

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It is difficult to imagine the profitable operation of a gambling project (both land-based and online) without high-quality money transfer processing — fast and secure transactions with minimal commissions and maximum comfort for players and operators.

Usio (Singular Payments) payment system

The Usio product (Singular payment systems for online casinos) fully complies with the stated requirements for security, speed, availability of additional user verification services, and monetisation of transactions.

You can connect Usio (Singular Payments) online casino payment systems by turning to Rosloto. Just contact our managers and learn more about the most relevant financial solutions for the gambling industry.

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About the Supplier

Singular Payments is an internet payment system provider. The company was founded in 2009, and its headquarters is located in San Antonio, Texas, USA. In 2017, the firm merged with the Payment Data Systems hosting centre, which was followed by a change of name to Usio.

Key facts about the vendor:

  • Its software is used in more than 60 countries. These are North and Latin America, Southeast Asia, Europe, and other regions.
  • The company's financial products are extremely in-demand in e-commerce, healthcare, insurance, utilities, gambling, and other sectors of the economy.
  • The provider actively cooperates with the public sector and non-profit organisations. Thus, for example, since 2021, prepaid cards have been used by the Department of Transportation of the city of Oakland (California, USA).
  • Usio (Singular Payments) payment systems for online casinos are accredited by the NACHA association. Thanks to this, the developer legally serves customers from the USA and Canada using ACH payments (transfers that are conducted using paper and electronic checks).
  • The brand is certified according to the international standards of the PCI DSS industry of bank cards (as a supplier of financial products of the first category). The Usio payment system complies with SOC 2 industry requirements (protection against cyber fraud).
  • Michael Long is the co-founder and Chairman of the Board. The staff includes more than 100 experienced programmers, financiers, architects, managers, and other professionals.
  • The company's shares are traded on the New York stock exchange.

Benefits of the Proprietary Software

The Usio (Singular Payments) payment system for an online casino is distinguished by the following advantages:

Processing of different payment methods

The financial product is integrated with such FinTech companies as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and other industry leaders. Operators can also order the connection of local electronic systems, such as Qiwi or WeChat.

The program supports ACH transfers, contactless payments, transactions via debit and credit card and cash, as well as mobile and voucher transfers

Cryptocurrency operations

These are transfers and exchange of bitcoins, ethereums, and other popular tokens, the storage of digital assets in secure SSL wallets.

The developer provides a quick conversion of crypto and fiat currencies at a good rate. Under the Usio brand, it is possible to deposit money to virtual wallets and prepaid Mastercard debit cards

High performance

The company manages a modern and reliable infrastructure for a rapid expansion in key markets.

Payments are processed through proprietary servers and data storage, as well as using large data centres of the CardConnect B2B partner. The firm provides high speed of transactions without any technical failures

Fraud screening

Those who choose to integrate the payment systems will get access to the user authentication service. Identity verification takes place at the time of the transaction (deposition or withdrawal of funds).

The program analyses transfers for their riskiness and compliance with local legislation and anti-money laundering rules.

Special attention is paid to the control of bonuses. Honest gamblers play and get good rewards, while swindlers are not allowed even to enter the gaming site

Transparent pricing

Those entrepreneurs who have decided to connect the payment system receive a fixed rate of trade processing.

The total cost does not include transaction fees, royalties, bundle fees, fees for drawing a check, or other transaction costs. Everything is as simple and transparent as possible

Technical support

The manufacturer accompanies operators at all stages of cooperation: from the moment the placement of the order to the installation of the financial module.

The brand employs CPP specialists who will advise casino owners on all technical issues and help them to set up and debug the product

Wide Range of Useful Banking Services

Usio casino payment systems: banking services

You can connect the casino payment service by Usio (Singular Payments) with these business solutions:

  1. Credit support. An advanced iQ mechanism for the calculation and payment of short-term loans at minimal interest. The money can be spent to pay off obligations to creditors — providers of games, gambling platforms, hosting, and affiliated services. The product will increase the liquidity of the business and balance the current expenditure of entrepreneurs.
  2. Issuance of prepaid cards. The Akimbo proprietary solution is suitable for the creation, delivery, and management of pre-paid and promotional cards. They can be used to send corporate promotions, rewards, and discounts to regular customers and employees of the gambling company. The built-in manager controls the accrual of bonuses and premiums. Most of the operations are available in automatic mode.
  3. Electronic document management. Casino integration with Usio (Singular Payments) payment systems can be ordered together with the Usio Output Solutions accounting program. The system issues, prints, and sends electronic invoices, checks, and claims. The software provides instant access and safe storage of issues, notices, accounting records, newsletter templates, logos, and other documents.
  4. Program for donations. Online casino visitors and guests of land-based gambling halls can transfer part of their winnings to charity. The provider offers a universal Usio Donate module for the fast processing of non-commercial transactions. The money is transferred to a separate account of the charitable foundation, and in the operator's bank statement, tax-free write-offs are recorded.
  5. Solution for contactless payment. The Usio payment system may come with the Text to Pay program. The solution supports payments with one touch of a plastic card or by scanning a unique QR code. Visitors to land-based locations do not need to enter a card PIN or withdraw cash.

How to Connect the Casino Payment Service by Usio (Singular Payments)

Usio casino payment service: integration options

The vendor offers several ways to install the financial gateway:

Batch API Integration

The company provides a complete set of tools for commercial payments. The module supports all basic types of cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex), ACH, E-check, and EBPP via the single software interface.

The integration of the Usio solution takes place based on a single set of protocols and application services. This is a fast and safe installation method that does not require that operators bear any additional costs.

Features of the API installation:

  • quick connection regardless of the program code with the help of which a gaming site or a management system was created (it is possible to use platforms based on JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Python, C#, Android, Objective-C, and cURL);
  • automated batch registration and conclusion of contracts;
  • a large selection of financial and accounting reports, as well as tools for the creation of tables, charts, graphs, and information sheets;
  • provision of free EMV terminals for those businessmen who operate in the land-based sector;
  • round-the-clock technical support.

Payfac-in-a-Box Agent Scheme

It means the development and implementation of an exclusive financial gateway. The manufacturer provides the technical infrastructure for the creation of a unique project, consultations at all stages of cooperation, as well as technical and legal support.

There are several good reasons to buy Usio (Singular Payments) payment systems for a casino:

  1. Earnings on the monetisation of transfers. Entrepreneurs earn extra money by acting as the supplier’s financial agent. The size of the reward depends on the volume of transactions in the online casino. For gaming sites with more than 100 thousand transfers per month, it is advisable to choose a minimum percentage, while companies with a smaller turnover can set a larger amount of deductions.
  2. Comfortable market entry. The provider takes care of all the tasks related to expertise in the field of payments, compliance with PCI DSS, COS 2, and other industry requirements, creation of cash reserves, as well as the launch and testing of the Payfac-in-a-Box platform.
  3. Access to useful business tools. The integration of the payment system is carried out together with the developer's internal infrastructure. These are marketing, sales, billing, customer support, and other services.
  4. Consistent returns. Operators receive dividends from processing online casino payments 30 days after the installation of the Payfac-in-a-Box platform. Everything is as fast and transparent as possible.

The Main Things about the Acquisition of Financial Products

Usio is a provider that serves the B2B segment in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, and other regions.

  • The advantages of the system include support for various payment methods, fast cryptocurrency transactions, high performance, and instant detection of fraud. The developer guarantees transparent pricing and professional technical support.
  • The brand’s product range includes an extensive set of useful business solutions. These are the issuance of prepaid cards, short-term lending with low interest, electronic document management, support for contactless payments, and much more.
  • Operators can install the financial gateway using the flexible API toolkit or the Payfac-in-a-Box system. In the second case, casino owners act as subagents of the provider and receive extra income due to the monetisation of transfers.

Operators can buy the described payment software at Rosloto.

We offer the installation of the solution as a standalone product or together with premium casino options:

From Rosloto, you can order such services as licensing, certification, and promotion of gaming sites. We can also develop an exclusive slot machine based on cross-platform HTML5 technology.

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Updated 10.02.2023
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