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Land-based and virtual casinos are often faced with fraudulent and hacker attacks in our time. Therefore, it is essential to buy a reliable protection system. Rosloto specialists have prepared the best software products from leading manufacturers to ensure the security of your project
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Casino Fraud Protection
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Casino security is an important task that operators must perform when launching their gambling projects. The website must be protected from fraudsters and dishonest gamblers. This is the only way to earn the trust of players, partners, and competitors.

Casino fraud protection software

It is possible to order the casino fraud protection software from Rosloto. We offer solutions from the best developers in the world.

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Why the Gambling Security is Important

The gambling industry is one of the most profitable ones, and therefore, it attracts an intense interest of cybercriminals:

  • Hackers and fraudulent organizations want to steal money so operators need to protect the casino from their attacks.
  • Personal data, numbers of bank cards, accounts in social networks — all this can be used by fraudsters for the illegal advertising or extortion of money.
  • Reverse engineering is also possible. This is the reverse study of the program code. Operators should connect software to protect the casino if the unique developments and exclusive solutions were used in the process of creation of scripts. Otherwise, the technologies will be stolen and used by competitors.

In large gambling establishments, security problems are solved by their own security services and monitoring, which is done by professional staff. Moreover, casino owners use security software. As for online gambling projects, it is recommended to connect software to protect the casino.

The Operation Concept of the Casino Security Software

Online casino security consists of 3 basic components:

Protection of the software code

The reliability of casino scripts means the absence of security vulnerability (the so-called “holes”) in the code structure. Fraudsters will not be able to access databases, bank account details, the file system of the project or admin panel.

Unfortunately, even in a well-thought-out code, vulnerabilities appear sooner or later. In this case, you will need a comprehensive protection of the casino against fraud, which is provided by the security software

Protection of the server

Hosting is the server hardware that stores software. It can be common or private.

In the case of shared hosting, the casino security must be ensured by the company that provides the server for a gaming site. Operators can play it safe by using additional mechanisms of protection when transferring data from the server to the website and vice versa.

In private servers, casino fraud protection is the responsibility of operators of gambling resources. Their tasks are:

  • to organize a system for monitoring the integrity of the library of files;

  • to use tools for backup;

  • set up the logging servers

Staff training

It is necessary to train the employees of your online casino how to work with software components of the gaming site and confidential data

The Main Tasks of the Casino Security Software

Casino security software: the main task

Reliable gambling software should perform the following functions:

  • protect against the reverse studying of the program script;
  • prevent hacker attacks, phishing, the introduction of the SQL injection, and XSS cross-site scripting;
  • protect passwords of FTP, hosting account, and admin panel from hacking;
  • detect and block unsafe configurations, direct links to objects, unauthorized redirections, invisible elements;
  • protect against the leakage of confidential data, its corruption and deletion;
  • fight against multi-accounting and unfair distribution of bonuses;
  • prevent inappropriate actions of the casino staff;
  • verify users and restrict access to the website for minors.

This is not a complete list of tasks that the high-quality casino security software should perform. It is also important that the software is as adaptive as possible. It should take into account the goals of each particular customer and the specifics of operation in target markets. This is the only way to effectively protect casinos from hacking, without any risks for the business.

Risk Management Services

It is difficult to imagine the casino software without a special module for the protection of payments. Usually, it is included in the package of security solutions from manufacturers.

The software provides the detailed casino id verification of every transaction. To play their favourite slot machine, gamblers use various payment gateways and bank cards. The task of risk management is to evaluate each external transfer, identify unsafe connections, and eliminate or block them.

Professional casino security software is certified according to the PCI DSS protocol. It is the international security standard for the industry of bank cards. Banking organizations, as well as the developers of payment software, are guided by it. If the manufacturer of security software has such a document, it will be good evidence of the fact that the solution can be trusted.

What is the ID Verification for a Casino

ID verification for a casino

Casino security depends largely on user authentication services in the structure of security products. They identify all clients of the gambling platform in order to verify their identity and identify potential fraudsters.

Operators can connect verification for a casino in several ways:

  1. A basic check of a gambler. It requires the account name, password, and one-time verification code.
  2. More complex check. These are KYC methods, where, apart from typical queries, additional knowledge-based verification is used.
  3. Complex check. A casino id verification system is based on innovative tools. Such methods as automatic face recognition, artificial intelligence, fingerprint-based authentication, and other high-tech solutions are used. This approach is considered to be the most reliable since it makes it impossible to steal passwords or illegally access a gaming site under a false identity.

Entrepreneurs can use all these casino id verification methods or connect verification for a casino in one way. It is important that the chosen approach provides a thorough check of the age of gamblers.

It is an essential part of working in any respectable jurisdiction. Noncompliance with this form is punishable by a fine, and, in some cases, can make operators lose their licenses.

Tools for the Protection of Gambling Projects

Casino security is a complex of innovative tools and sophisticated IT technologies. Any developer must be ahead of the curve and surpass the attackers in intelligence to ensure that the gambling resource is 100% secure.

In the process of creation of the security software, the following tools are used:

Filters of processing centres

The software analyzes the flows of incoming and outgoing information depending on the specified parameters.

There are the following types of filters:

  • geographic (it checks the incoming IP address);

  • authorization limits (it analyses the number of login attempts from one IP or with the use of identical bank account details);

  • compliance of parameters (comparison of previously declared characteristics, for example, IP and the country of the bank card through which a person is trying to make a transaction in the casino)

Encryption tools

128-bit encryption of the streaming data via special cryptographic keys.

Codes allow you to instantly transfer confidential data without the risk that information may be lost or destroyed

Anti-fraud systems

Special banking services are used in the process of creation of software for the risk evaluation during casino payments. This is a complex of measures and procedures that help operators to guarantee the online casino safety and the security of money transactions

Reliable Providers of Casino Security Software

Casino security software: reliable providers

Casino security software can be purchased from the Rosloto company.

One-click buy!

We offer a shortlist of providers whose solutions deserve special attention of casino operators:

  1. Afimac. The cross-platform software with technical support for the beginning entrepreneurs. This software is compatible with a forecasting system that detects and blocks potential cyberattacks. There is also a special module inside the system for the audit of the security of a gaming site.
  2. Arxan. Software with a free demo version for 30 days, which allows you to get acquainted with the capabilities and advantages of the solution. The product is based on innovative technologies. For example, a company uses the obfuscation of a code, special components, and multitasking threat detect sensors.
  3. Yoti. Universal id verification for a casino with multi-factor authentication. The company offers software that was certified by international laboratories and that supports land-based gambling equipment (terminals, bingo halls, and “one-armed bandits”).

The Main Things About the Casino Fraud Protection Software

Protection of a casino is a high-priority task for any operator who is familiar with the realities of the modern gambling industry.

  • High-quality security software prevents hacker attacks, theft of intellectual property, and data leakage. It also makes money laundering impossible, as well the access to the website for minors.
  • Any gambling resource requires the protection of both the source code and website hosting. The competence of the personnel of online casinos who works with confidential information is also important.
  • The casino verification system and such service as the analysis of risks connected with the payments that were made shows that the security software is reliable.

From Rosloto, you can buy software from Afimac, Arxan, Yoti, and other world-famous providers.

We offer online casino scripts and games from well-known developers (AmaticMicrogaming, Gaminator3, XPro Gaming, Ezugi, Vivo Gaming, Betgames.TV).

It is also possible to purchase online poker, betting software, and turnkey solutions, and order legal services for your projects.

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