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Casino Software Betsolutions: Buy a High-Quality Solution

Casino Software Betsolutions: Buy a High-Quality Solution

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The brand supplies innovative developments, such as crash machines, 3D slots, board games, etc.

Betsolutions casino software: general info

It is possible to order the manufacturer’s content from the Rosloto studio. For more details, please contact our manager.

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About the Firm

The history of the online casino provider Betsolutions began in 2015 in Nicosia, Cyprus. The brand is part of the Byterivers Limited IT concern.

  • Initially, the enterprise was engaged in supplying software from other vendors.
  • In 2015, the manufacturer launched the website, which subsequently became the largest iGaming portal in Turkey.
  • In 2018, 10 projects based on the Betsolutions gambling software were operating in Europe.
  • 2019 was a turning point in the history of the provider. That year, the firm released several traditional 5-reel slots, as well as its flagship game called Zeppelin.

The company’s product range consists of more than 50 items. The solutions are well known to European and Asian users due to the conclusion of favourable partnership agreements. Provider of the casino software Betsolutions cooperates with NuxGame, Gamingtec, and other well-known brands.

Guram Rukhadze, co-founder of the enterprise, noted:

We are working to make our content available to thousands of players. To do this, we cooperate with the best entertainment distributors, release first-class options, and implement modern tools.

The casino software Betsolutions was licenced in:

  • the United Kingdom;
  • Malta;
  • Italy.

Its content has also been approved by local regulators in Romania, Spain, Denmark, and other neighbouring countries. This makes it easier to enter and conquer the prestigious EU market.

Commitment to the Creation of iGaming Options

Betsolutions gambling software provider was the first to develop crash content.

Their main characteristics are:

  • excellent visualisation;
  • improved gameplay;
  • increased winning potential.

The firm became well-known thanks to its line of Provably Fair games. The Zeppelin product became a sensation in the market and brought the studio worldwide recognition.

During his speech about how to launch Betsolutions casino, Sapar Karyagdyyev, commercial director of the enterprise, stated:

Zeppelin is really fun and interesting entertainment. It sets the trends for the next 10 years.

Features of Branded Offerings

Let us consider how the gambling software by Betsolutions differs from the offerings of competitors:

  1. Simple and fast gameplay. The outcome of the sessions is determined instantly, after which users can immediately cash out their prizes.
  2. Cryptocurrency support. It is possible to place bets in Bitcoins, Litecoins, Ethereums, and other promising tokens.
  3. Multiplayer mode. An unlimited number of clients can take part in one round. The more bids were made, the more profit operators would ultimately receive.
  4. Effective social functions. This includes an interactive leaderboard, sharing, online chat, drawings of additional odds, the history of wagers, and much more.
  5. Honesty of the results. In Betsolutions casino slots for sale, the outcome is pre-encrypted using cryptography. The special system guarantees a completely transparent monitoring process: users can always track the gameplay.

Provably Fair Entertainment

Let us consider the company's best products:

  1. Zeppelin. It has unlimited winning potential. A coefficient of x1,000 or more is applied to the basic cost of a move. Turnkey Betsolutions casino visitors watch the flight of the airship, place wagers, and communicate in the special chat.
  2. High Low. The game has simple rules. Customers need to guess whether the next card will be higher, lower, or of the same value as the one on the table.
  3. Dice. It belongs to the more/less category of games. Users should make a bid and try to guess whether the result of the round will be higher than the number they have chosen.
  4. Mines. Jewels, generous multipliers, and mines are hidden on the 5x5 panel. Players take turns opening cells, receiving prizes, and monitoring the actions of their opponents.
  5. Plinko. Those who decide to launch casino by Betsolutions provider should definitely install this product. To win, it is necessary to hit one of the sectors with the indicated odds with a disk. The maximum multiplier is x14,660, and the RTP indicator is set at 97%.

The Range of Traditional Options

Betsolutions casino games: traditional entertainment

The firm produces 3D and table entertainment.

Set of Premium Video Slots

Most devices have a traditional 3x5 panel and flexible RTP indicator (96–98%).

The content is created in the HTML5 format, so it is possible to launch Betsolutions casino on all types of devices. It is also compatible with desktop PCs, gadgets, and consoles. The mobile version includes several additional options, for example, support for portrait and landscape modes, game controls via touch keys on a smartphone, etc.

The turnkey Betsolutions casino provider pleases customers with a large selection of topics. The catalogue contains entertainment about animals, holidays, as well as heroes of ancient and Scandinavian myths.

All the details of slot machines are characterised by the extremely high quality that gives the impression of gaming on a Sony Playstation of the latest generation.

Popular 3D slots from the vendor:

  1. Captain of Pirates. This is an interesting story about the adventures of pirates. They hunt for ancient treasures, rob merchant ships, and lead a cheerful and relaxed life. The entertainment is complemented by free spins and a bonus round with 4 wild symbols.
  2. Mystery of Faberge. The task of turnkey Betsolutions casino visitors is to collect as many multi-coloured crystals as possible, which form winning lines. The highest payouts are provided in the risk game. The product is translated into more than 20 languages and supports the acceptance of bets in 25 currencies.
  3. Drunk Santa. The slot is dedicated to Christmas and has unique music accompaniment, beautiful symbols, and amazing gameplay. In the extra round, people have to open boxes with different prizes. The solution includes 2 jokers and a multiplier system.

Board Entertainment

The developer of gambling software by Betsolutions took traditional Middle Eastern experience as a basis and supplemented it with new features and improved 3D graphics.

Popular positions in this category are:

  1. Backgammon. It is one of the oldest games in the world, which first appeared in ancient Mesopotamia. The company offers a classic version of the game with a convenient user interface and a pop-up hint system.
  2. Okay. The national Turkish pastime has 106 tiles numbered from 1 to 13. The customers’ task is to form a combination of 4 objects of the same colour faster than the dealer.
  3. Seka. This is a simplified version of Texas Hold'em. The game has the mechanics of poker and several additional features.

Launch Betsolutions Casino: Professional iGaming Options

Betsolutions casino platform: key features

The developer of Betsolutions gambling software supplies cross-platform products for casinos, bookmakers, as well as poker rooms.

Casino Website

It has a unified backend with a huge list of settings, including:

  • transaction processing;
  • risk management and monitoring;
  • control of user accounts;
  • changing the system’s configuration;
  • installation of new currencies and languages.

Casino software Betsolutions comes with:

  • about 3,500 cross-platform games;
  • more than 40 payment services;
  • content from 110 licensed vendors.

The product has a built-in CRM system with dozens of reports, graphs, charts, cross-tabs, and analytical reports. Those distributors who decide to launch casino by Betsolutions provider receive comprehensive information about the main KPIs of digital casinos, traffic, profitability, and other important parameters.

Digital Betting Shop

It supports several kinds of bids:

  • pre-match;
  • live;
  • eSports.

The event line contains more than 600 unique wagering options and generates 570 thousand sets of odds per year. Professional analysts, traders, managers, and other specialists associated with the sportsbook niche took part in the platform’s creation.

This type of casino software Betsolutions includes:

  • automatic and manual risk administration systems;
  • flexible tools for managing events, markets, groups of users, and odds;
  • detailed statistics and reporting on sports disciplines, leagues, tickets, etc.

Products for the VR Resource

The portal supports virtual reality. Such content has detailed graphics, surround sound and a well-thought-out plot. It is as if gamblers find themselves in a new, previously unexplored space with unique gameplay and huge payouts.

Characteristics of the VR platform:

  • real-time multiplayer;
  • support for games with several participants;
  • social functions (chats, leaderboards, and sweepstakes).

The Main Things about the European Vendor

Betsolutions creates content for digital casinos and bookmakers’ offices.

  • The company is known for its collection of branded crash entertainment. It is characterised by unlimited winning potential and instant results, as well as support for multiplayer mode and effective social functions.
  • Among traditional offerings, there are 3D slots and table games. The brand carefully approaches the design of all solutions, choice of topics, and musical accompaniment. The content has a large selection of features. These are free spins, multipliers, wild symbols, and bonus rounds.
  • The manufacturer offers ready-made gambling and betting platforms. They are distinguished by a flexible control system and excellent equipment, such as entertainment from top developers, multi-currency payment gateways, and advanced security systems.

Betsolutions casino slots for sale can be bought from the Rosloto studio. Experienced specialists will provide quick installation of the licensed software.

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Author: Clara Hazel
iGaming business expert
Updated 17.10.2023
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